Clinton Aide Declines To Answer Questions About Email Server Setup

June 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff discussed the Democratic hopeful’s secret email server with the IT aide who set the system up, but can’t talk about it because she’s now Clinton’s lawyer.

Aide-turned-attorney Cheryl Mills testified for five hours on Friday as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit launched by the conservative group Judicial Watch, which has been trying to get access to Clinton’s emails during her tenure as secretary of state.

But Mills’ attorney Beth Wilkinson shut lines of questioning down from Judicial Watch’s lawyer Ramona Cotca arguing that something the former chief of staff learned after the fact as an attorney is not in the legal case’s scope.

In her testimony, Mills talked about serving in the Clinton White House and then leaving Washington, D.C. for New York to work for the Oxygen Network and then New York University.

  • itsfun

    Another pile of crap from the Clinton anti-American campaign. These people trample the system of laws we have and the Constitution, then hide behind the Constitution when we find out just how corrupt they are.



  • democrat CockRoach

    The whore taught her well.

  • democrat CockRoach

    How can a soon to be felon be the lawyer of a felon?

  • champion2211

    It is no wonder our country is in the commode. With people like this we dont need any enemys along with Obama and Hillary. And of course Bill. We have people in places like government offices that just do criminal acts everyday and think it is normal. Even Hillary and wants to turn the country into a 3rd world country. she wants to be the first woman president. It would be like the Obama regime in tearing the country down to the bottom. We right now can see the sewer so it is getting close. I just can’;t comprehend that there is so many that believe in Hillary, even though they can see just where the country is going but don’t seem to care. I assume they think I am a Democrat and she is one also and I have to vote Democrat. I don’t care that she is a criminal or not or whether she wants to just line people up and shoot them or not. I have to vote Dumbcrat. Well now that is totally stupid but we can’t expect anything else from a Dumbcrat. from left field.No one can think for themselves and that’s what Hillary is counting on. Go ahead and be dumb and help ruin the country. God help us.

  • Robert M Stach Sr


  • justinwachin

    Once again we see how the Clintons operate. Attorney/client privilege can protect a lot of information from ever being disclosed. If Hillary becomes president this is the kind of techniques we will see used daily. Hillary and Bill are two common hustlers. The best thing we can do is make sure neither ever gets back into the White House.

  • The Redhawk

    Mill shows up with SEVEN/ELEVEN lawyers, some from the State DEPT paid by TAX PAYERS…..What is she HIDING????

  • Phannesa

    Get the witch!!

  • Phannesa

    Can she be compelled to testify by prosecutors? Any lawyer? can you explained to us? Is she raking the 5th?

  • AmericanBelle

    Now she’s Hillary’s attorney? This is BS!! Which part of coverup does the investigatory panel as well as the rest of Congress too blind to see? Hillary’s got a massive team of attorneys and doesn’t need another. This is Hillary trickery at its best and Congress is falling for it, hook, line and sinker. No wonder they’re terrified of Trump!

    • Phannesa

      They are crooked as they come!!

  • Rodney Steward

    No wonder our school systems have gone to he$$, all the garbage that leaves politics, goes to the school systems to continue their destruction!

    • The Redhawk

      and were CREATED by FAILED SCHOOL SYSTEM so it makes sense that Garbage returns to the Garbage pile to create More anarchist Garbage, otherwise we’d see the end of Anarchist GARBAGE creation….

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      Yup, you are right.
      So then the Hilda-Beast hires this bimbo as her attorney, just so she can invoke lawyer client privilege. Interesting isn’t it. Any judge could see through that ruse, if it were challenged, it could be revoked.
      This is like a Mafia guy, about to be busted, he knows this in advance, so he transfers all his assets into some-one else’s name.
      Or a person who is about to be sued, transfers everything he owns to some-one else.
      Or some-one who is about to declare bankruptcy, transfers all his holdings to some-one else.
      Not one of those three examples would hold up in a court room, all would be revoked.
      So, why isn’t this ruse being challenged? I think we all know the answer[s] to that.

      • Rodney Steward

        You know as well as I do, they’re just going through the motions to make the American people feel better about the system, but we know nothing will be done to her!

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          Totally agree.
          I sort of hope nothing does happen to her prior to the election in November. Trump will make minced meat out of her. Then, if Trump sticks to his word, he will go after her and others when he is president.
          This way Obama can not protect her, and neither can the media, it all comes out.

          • Rodney Steward

            I hope you’re right, it would be great, but I’m so afraid the WHOLE system, the party of ONE wants Hellary! They are getting worried about the people waking up to their BS, and with her they’re guaranteed BIG Gov., and they can continue their money making deals and scams! They love their easy money jobs and they’ll do what ever it takes to keep it! This is why the third party talk is going around, this will put Hellary in the big house!

        • Gary Smith

          Well said

    • itsfun

      The school system is doing exactly what the left wing socialists want it to do. Have you talked to a young person lately. You would not believe the crap they are being taught about our system of government, and how much the whole world hates us because of the terrible things we have done. They don’t get taught about the millions of dollars and thousands of people that go to other countries to save their asses when there is a disaster. They don’t get taught how thousands of our young people have died in wars fighting to preserve their right to teach crap. The Socialists are doing exactly want they want and brain washing our young people to be Socialist. Just look at how many young people want Bernie. They have been taught everything should be free and nothing should be earned.

      • Elaine

        Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission
        belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the
        Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in
        textbooks. – See more at:


    TRUMP 2016


    This is all part of just another Clinton Scam…Hire her to shut her up. FBI do your job and shut down this on going Clinton deception

  • Webb

    Aide-turned-attorney Cheryl Mills testified for five hours on Friday…
    And said, Nothing!
    She had eleven lawyers when she appeared to give her statement…??
    The FBI needs to Turn this Over Now to the DOJ and Lets see Lynch, either reject or go forward, then we will know!!

    • Rodney Steward

      U know the answer to that, the injustice dept. did donate to her campaign and Obama is not going to let anything happen to her, and the DOJ has already said to let it go! The DOB is in Obama’s pocket!

    • Phannesa

      You know who paid for those 11 attorneys, crooked hellary!

      • rc

        Why do you think Hillary made her co-council…to protect her from either implicating Hillary or entangling herself. This was the only way, besides the awkward pleading of the 5th, to stop the criminal truth from going on the record. HRC should be behind bars.

  • Robert Trusty

    This is all part of her deception but the FBI should blow right thru that

    • ABO

      ‘Should’ being the key word, Robert.

    • Jerry

      Just another smoke screen, throw there ass in jail for obstruction and see how fast their dumb asses sing, that’s what you or I would be charged with why not them? I think this needs to be put in the hands of a special prosecutor and taken out of the DOJ’s hands, out of obama’s grasp after all he is part of this investigation


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