Congressional Democrats probe group that revealed Planned Parenthood videos

by Cheryl Wetzstein and Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times  |  published on August 21, 2015

Congressional Democrats have opened their own investigation into the Planned Parenthood videos — but into the group that took the footage in which officials haggle over the prices of organs and discuss keeping a baby alive so his brain can be harvested.

The Center for Medical Progress may have broken federal laws in setting up a false-front company to secretly record Planned Parenthood employees talking about these and other practices, the Democrats say.

  • Ben

    Nothing like trying to kill the messenger.Time for Dems to return all PP money donations.Lets all remember which politicians were assisting the murderers for money.

  • 1775concord

    So the left wing Democrats pursue their political abortion objective, and use taxpayers’ money to assist PP in their defense.

  • Webb

    Defund PPH and Obamacare…
    The lawsuit alleges that Obama’s top aides quietly claimed the power to spend $178 billion over the next decade to reimburse health insurers for covering the cost of co-payments for low-income people who buy subsidized insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
    $500 Million Dollars per year of Tax Payers Money to Abort Living Beings, Stop The Funds to PPH and Repeal Obamacare…

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