Conservative groups offer alternative to new wave of political correctness on campuses

by Joseph Weber |  |  published on July 26, 2015

A new wave of progressivism and political correctness in U.S. schools — highlighted by “trigger warnings” and “safe zones” — has conservative groups fighting back on campuses across the country, saying “students need to get both sides of the story.”

The Young America’s Foundation and the Foundation for Economic Education co-published and released a book last week titled “Excuse Me, Professor: Challenging the Myths of Progressivism.” It is among the most recent efforts to shed light on what the groups consider liberal bias in U.S. colleges and high schools.

“Professors are teaching bias disguised as fact,” YAF spokeswoman Emily Jashinsky said ahead the 37th annual National Conservative Student Conference, starting Monday at George Washington University. “College campuses are insulated bubbles for far-left ideology.”

  • KDC

    This PC stuff is an attack on our first amendment rights. Don’t let them, gov.t, get away with this attack on your right to say anything.. Reserve your right to FREE SPEECH!

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