1776 Coalition :: Democrats to Kick-Off ‘Resistance Summer’ with ‘House Parties’ Featuring Keith Ellison

Democrats to Kick-Off ‘Resistance Summer’ with ‘House Parties’ Featuring Keith Ellison

May 30, 2017

On the unofficial first day of summer, while most Americans are planning their barbecues and trips to the beach, the Democrats have only one thing in mind — ramping up their efforts to stop President Trump from enacting his agenda.

Less than a year after Democrats were still complaining about “Republican obstructionism,” the Democratic National Committee is now hyping events for what it is calling “Resistance Summer,” featuring “house parties” with DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison.

“This summer, we’re investing in all 50 states and connecting with every single voter in real life on the issues that matter to them — from health care to education to jobs and economic opportunity,” an email to supporters says.

It is the first major event by the Democrats since the election of Tom Perez to the role of DNC Chair. Perez called the summer “the starting point” for the Democrats plan to obstruct Trump’s agenda.

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  • Bob says:

    The Democratic Party should become the Party of NO. The Republicons enjoyed being obstructionists, now its time for the Dems to fight fire with fire and do the same, only worse, if possible. Kick A$$ and take no prisoners – squeeze em until it hurts – then squeeze some more!!!

  • scott forman says:

    Keith Ellison, the dumocrats pet muslim monkey, will not change any minds in the mid-west. What a waste of resources.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    And the Dems. wonder what’s wrong with their party, Keith Ellison is another Radical muslim, just another trouble maker, like their counter parts, the BLM, Antifa., CAIR (MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD)! So look for a lot of trouble before long, they’re following Hitler’s play book!

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    well we seen what obomas arrab spring did to the middle east and now they are going to try and have an american spring , and get the same results, all i can say is when the riots start they better start shooting them , because if they come to my neighborhood i will

  • nokabosh says:

    The current democrat party heads are the nation’s worst enemy.

  • nokabosh says:

    How stupid of the dem party heads. They want Trump and the country to fail. The American people elected Trump to fix the mess Obama made. This
    “resistance” nonsense will only get more repubs elected provided Ryan and O’Connell show some backbone.

  • Webb says:

    ‘Resistance Summer’ …
    make that next summer in 2018…and Vote Republican again!!

  • PBHayes says:

    The Democrats and their policies are the problem not Trump.

  • Jose says:

    Us “deplorables” need to continue to support President Trump and his agenda of draining the swamp to include any left over obama puppets.

  • otoman says:

    Insanity ensues America. The disease that invades is called liberalism.

  • Humble Servant says:

    Doesn’t our legal system make the person that is the instigator and a financial backer of illegal deeds just as guilty as the persons doing the illegal deeds? Why then are the DNC people that are telling us what they are going to be doing not going to jail with the perpetrators of these crime? Is there a double standard here? I think Trump should call these swamp dwellers to the carpet and prosecute them for their crimes. If we do not start putting these people in jail for their bad judgement we will start spawning more of them. Nip this while we still have some resemblance of control.

  • Dan says:

    At what point do we consider this behavior criminal?

  • regulus30 says:

    poor sorry mental cases;; they are rabid dogs;;choot-em.

  • hardtimer says:

    Democrats, poor losers. No class. Lucky for them the Republicans didn’t do this to their president, even though America had not SEEN a birth certificate and knew he went to college on a foreign scholarship, though he blocked all transcripts from college and his teaching job. Lucky for them ALL news media are corrupt liberals, except OANN and Fox news and when ONE journalist, James Rosen, chose to dig, YOUR president chose to try to ruin him, yet NONE of the liberal journalists bothered to come to his aid OR cover the story showing Obama was a narcissist that couldn’t take a reporter questioning him, YET you are all over it when Trump RIGHTLY discusses the same thing. Fake news, for sure, but it would have been better named “corrupt” news or “look the other way” news if it’s a liberal president, I.e., one of your own.
    When TRUMP really does straighten up this country, I would love to see just one liberal Democrat in the government admit that he/she was wrong. Before that, I would love to see Trump clear every single Obama loyalist jerk out of the White House and make them go on a job search. All you have to do is look at Pelosi, who God only knows how she keeps getting re-elected, though is the queen of real stupidity, to know the Democratic party is the least educated party in this day and age, just as you look at the amount of masters degrees and educational level of Fox news commentators compared to network news channels. No comparison and that’s why nobody believes network news. Look at viewership of network news compared to Fox. To me it is radically humorous to hear liberals beg for Trump’s impeachment when we never saw a birth certificate before or during Obama’s administration until the end when a highly doctored, wrong for it’s time, birth certificate FINALLY showed up towards the end, just before the sender of the certificate conveniently died and could answer no questions. And you holler “impeachment”, hilarious!

  • Rick D. says:

    When Republicans object, they’re called obstructionists. But, when DumbocRATS do it, they call it “resistance”. Typical hypocrisy from the left-leaning Libs.

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