Detectives question lack of autopsy in Scalia death

February 16, 2016

Veteran homicide investigators in New York and Washington, DC, on Monday questioned the way local and federal authorities in Texas handled the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

“It’s not unreasonable to ask for an autopsy in this case, particularly knowing who he is,” retired Brooklyn homicide Detective Patricia Tufo told The Post.

“He’s not at home. There are no witnesses to his death, and there was no reported explanation for why a pillow is over his head,” Tufo said. “So I think under the circumstances it’s not unreasonable to request an autopsy. Despite the fact that he has pre-existing ailments and the fact that he’s almost 80 years old, you want to be sure that it’s not something other than natural causes.”

Bill Ritchie, a retired deputy chief and former head of criminal investigations for the DC police, said he was dumbstruck when he learned that no autopsy would be performed.

“I took a look at the report and I almost fell out of my chair,” Ritchie told The Post from his home in Maryland.

  • Dave N.

    Sounds like the Devil is in the details, there was only a couple of things that were odd about this, but that’s all it takes for someone this important. I’m really surprised they didn’t call for a autopsy immediately following the discovery of his death. Something about this stinks and most people feel the same way.

  • Jim

    His son said they knew he had serious heart problems so why did they let him go by himself? Also apparently that’s the way they do things in Texas is just by a phone call which is outrageous and totally rediculous. I’ve never heard of such a thing.. The family said they didn’t want an autopsy.

  • reggie

    in.Reuters: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s cause of death will not be officially determined for several days, the top official in the Texas county where Scalia died during a hunting trip said on Sunday.
    Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara said in an interview that she had misspoken when she told local television station WFAA-TV that Scalia’s death certificate would list the cause of death as a heart attack.
    Slate: UPDATE: The Washington Post talks to Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara who denied claims she had told a local TV station that late Justice Antonin Scalia died of a heart attack. “It wasn’t a heart attack,” Guevara said. “He died of natural causes.” This was hardly the only confusion in the way Scalia’s death was reported and revealed to the world. HMMM….

  • kcwas

    Good call for autopsy in fact it makes you wonder why they weren’t on it asap

  • Charles Michalek

    looks very suspicious to me , like another conspiracy to put another race instigating racist in the scotus ,appointed by none other than the biggest racist in the country.


    And they wonder why we don’t trust our government?

  • mahrlh2

    Regarding Justice Scalia’s mysterious death. In a remote area, a pillow over his head, lying on top of the unwrinkled bed sheets, no security officials to guard him, the guy who does his death certificate declares him dead “by phone” of “natural causes” and the family doesn’t want an autopsy? Justice Scalia was the strongest conservative we had on the Supreme Court. His decisions, and especially his latest ones blocking Obama’s wanting to bring in these “so-called refugees”, were all spurned by Obama. Plus this is Obama’s last year and he is doing everything possible to COMPLETELY wreck this county still, and IN THE FUTURE, and leave a lasting legacy. I still haven’t forgotten how Andrew Breitbart suddenly “died” while out walking, just before he was about to drop a bombshell on the Obama mis-administration, and the many mysterious deaths which occurred during the previous reign of the Clintons, even to a death by suicide by an individual shooting himself in the BACK of the head – Duh! Well, we will never know what actually happened to Justice Scalia or Breitbart, but as was said by former COS Emmanuel, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Don’t forget the ME on Breitbart, he had a mysterious death as well, these mysteries keep happening, Ms. Puddy, only death on a 6 passenger plane, Foster’s gun shot to head, minus blood, gun 3 feet away, and those mysterious threads on his clothes, and all those poor “sick” people assoc. with the Clintons in Arkansas. I often wonder the true reason Amb. Stevens was set up, Questions and more Questions, best to stay away from those people.

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet

    I don’t remember anything being said he was found with a pillow over his head; is this just another slight twist of news to make it look like a homicide; geez, are we gonna relive JFK assisination?

  • Too big and heavy

    He was ..Murdered!!!

  • Almie

    I say, it not too late!! Do an Autopsy!!”

    • ChiefD

      Can’t very well get a good toxicology report after he was embalmed. Maybe some in the tissue, but blood always worked best.

      • Jeanne Stotler

        Wrong, tissue and bone marrow, plus hair roots. The heart, even after death shows many things, also stomach and liver, a trained pathologist would know how to look for drugs that normally would not show up. I found it disturbing that not one person seeing the body was a MD, the eyes and color of lips, and inside mouth also tell a lot.

        • ChiefD

          I realize other tissue samples would give indications of certain drug or other issues, but, just saying blood is usually the easier way to obtain a fast and reliable test. (I didn’t work many homicides, mainly sexual assault and then dope, as a detective, before moving up the ladder).

  • beowulf32

    I bet one of the cases he was to over see, will be the reason for his death.

  • John Siemens

    Not to mention all the reasons Obama and the Democrats needed him gone in order to not have him influence the cases scheduled for SCOTUS.

  • Elizabeth Valentino

    As far as the pillow being over his head, it doesn’t mean he was smothered, I often sleep with my pillow over my head and also sleep with one under my head, just more secure, I feel. as far as no autopsy, that is strange, and how does one know he died of natural causes if he wasn’t attended to by a coroner? did someone call the coroner? I haven’t heard anything about that, or maybe i missed something? could be.

  • Citizentobe

    You have to begin the investigation with motives. Ask Valerie….

  • setemfree

    DO THE AUTOPSY. America has spoken.

  • Name

    I agree, it looks very out of order for who he was. You would think they would want to show there was no drugs, chemicals, poisons or the like in his system. It is strange that a judge can declare a cause of death by phone without medical training.


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