Family of Kate Steinle files lawsuit over deadly shooting on San Francisco pier

May 28, 2016

Relatives of the woman shot to death on a San Francisco pier last year filed a lawsuit Friday saying the illegal immigrant accused in the killing should have been in custody if not for a series of mistakes by city and federal workers.

The killing of Kate Steinle in July 2015 and the arrest of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez put San Francisco’s leaders on the defensive as critics and outside politicians called for a change in the city’s sanctuary law. Despite national outrage, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday upheld those protections for people in the country illegally.

The sheriff at the time of the killing, Ross Mirkarimi, is named in the lawsuit, along with ICE and the Bureau of Land Management. Mirkarimi previously defended the release of the suspect, a repeat drug offender and habitual border-crosser.

Frank Pitre, the lawyer for Steinle’s family, said the lawsuit points out “failures at every level.”

  • Michael Lloyd

    Too bad they cannot sue the idiotic scum suckers in DC who wouldn’t pass Kate’s Law. “We the People” will have to remedy that by kicking them out of office.

  • Jim Baum

    I hope her family sues the hell out of the city officials of sad Francisco, the state of insanity also known as california’ the federal officials who allow the illegality to continue to run unabated and all of the lunatics that get elected to public office.

  • J Wayne Watson

    Hooray for the Steinle family! They should sue the pants off every elected official in SF. These idiots elect the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and want to have chaos in our land for some crazy reason. I hope the court awards the Steinles multiple millions and the other sanctuary cities catch on.

  • Jo

    This is a Prime example of Obama’s Executive Action not to prosecute Illegals who are committing break-ins, rapes, murders, and other crimes against our Citizens, then being released to continue their lives of crime, while living off our TAXES. Citizens are victimized, while the illegal criminals are protected and defended. Voters should ‘CLEAN HOUSE’ in Congress when their Terms are up.

  • Grim Reaper

    Everyone of those supervisors right up to the A.G. and The Dictator in the W.H. himself should be arrested as aiding and abetting a homicide.
    The Steinle family should own San Francisco after the trial, and hopefully this will also be the end to all these Illegal Sanctuary Cities and States in this country as well.
    Kate Steinle was a beautiful young woman full of life and love, and it was criminal to have her life snuffed out by this POS illegal whom Obama through his own illegal negligent behavior allowed to stay in this country in an illegal Sanctuary City.
    I pray the Steinle Family gets justice not only in convicting her daughters killer, but that they also receive justice from all those that enabled that POS to be on the pier that day.
    May God Bless you Steinle Family for your needless loss pain and suffering.

  • Marge Schimke

    It’s a damn shame when a city will protect an illegal instead of its citizens. Something is very wrong with this. I hope the city pays dearly for allowing such things to occur. CA should be very ashamed of itself.

    • MyRoseHasTHORNS

      Protected him repeatedly over its state residents and other US citizens and legally visiting tourists. CA thrives on tourism so to protect illegal aliens over other the law abiding people should be detrimental to CA’s sanctuary laws and its already morally, legally and financially bankrupted government.

      • James

        I spent 3 days in Ca. after returning from S E Asia in the early 70’s, waiting for a military flight back east. I have never had a desire to return to such a screwed up state in my life!

  • Rodney Steward

    This is the BS that happens when you have a state that is Unconstitutional in every way and the main one being a SANCTURAY state! It protects THUGS!!

    • Gnowark

      I’m assuming (because you said a state) that you mean CA, and don’t mean DC, sometimes I forget which is less unConstitutional, depending on time of elections.

      • Rodney Steward

        Great point my friend! 🙂

      • volksnut

        Yeah I agree – Kali wouldn’t be getting away with the horseshit it does if DC didn’t allow and encourage it –

  • Ralph in Denver

    I hope the delay was to put a top notch legal team in place. I felt at the time of her murder that any number of thousands of top notch legal minds would salivate over handling this case. This should be a legal no brainer for a judge/jury with any semblance of sanity. Either way, unless the country loses it’s collective minds this November, this insanity will be over

    • Ted Crawford

      Respectfully; We have a Serial murderer and Liar, Progressive Democrat, an avowed Socialist Democrat, and a narcissistic crass, Liberal Democrat to choose from. HOW could any of these, possibly make things any better?

      • Ralph in Denver

        I’ll take narcissistic and crass over murderer and liar any day. Trump was my 4th choice,,,, sheesh Scott Walker was my first LoL. but Trump is the last one standing. This president is likely to nominate at least 2, and probably even 3, supreme court justices. That alone, makes this election, the most important election we’ve had in decades, and definitely the most critical I’ve ever participated in. I’m definitely in the “Never Hillary” camp after she stood over the flag draped coffins of our soldiers and lied right to their families’ and parents faces. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for a socialist,,,,really folks what are ya thinkin’ on that one!!! I refuse to vote for someone who has no possibility of winning regardless of the “principles” involved.

        • Rodney Steward

          And if we don’t choose wisely, it my very well be our last election!!

          • Ralph in Denver

            Whoever we elect will be gone in a relatively short time. The supremes nominated will be there for decades. The “wise” choice seems obvious to me

          • Rodney Steward

            You’re talking about Trump, right, because who ever gets the job appoints!

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            To save the Republic it seems Trump is the ONLY choice/last chance. Wasn’t my 1st or 2nd pick but the other 2 will kill the Nation totally. We wouldn’t survive 4 years before we devolved into something resembling the EU (nation states) and there would be no glue holding us together, the lower 48 could actually go to war with each other or terrorists can totally destroy us.

          • Gnowark

            I’m pretty sure, rosehasthorns, that you are as disheartened as I, by “lesser of 2 evils” voting. At least this time, I can say: at least Trump’s not a politician … yet. When his every DC battle is uphill, we can blame “the establishment” for resisting an outsider (if you’ll pardon my sounding like a hippie or OWS a-hole).

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            I don’t believe he is as much of an outsider as many others do. He’s schmoozed and socialized with both sides BUT he, as a business man, weighs good/bad, decides and ACTS. When things go wrong he finds ways to fix/renegotiate them.
            He will make Congress take a stand and vote up/down and not hide things on/under Harry’s table refusing to bring them forward. While he can’t force them to act-he can openly exposed and berate them, make it public knowledge that they are playing partisan games.
            I believe he has the Republic best interest in first place rather than sticking to party lines. He will not surround himself by yes-men but will listen to those he doesn’t agree with, gather information and make decisions. He CAN handle that 3 am emergency phone call that BO n Shrillary totally F’d up. (‘scuse the brooklynese)
            I can definitely see him doing fireside chat style communications to the people utilizing ALL media techniques… No one else is going to tell us how or what Trump thinks or wants, this guy will speak for himself.

        • Ted Crawford

          The circumstances are, as you say, critical, particularly with respect to the Future of SCOTUS and by extension America writ large!
          That being said, I see NO possibility of even the slug Trump winning, largely because he has no intentions of doing so! I sincerely believe that Trump has accomplished exactly what he intended to do and is about to begin executing his Exit strategy. Beginning with this debate with Bernie. Trump has absolutely NOTHING to gain here! He already IS the Nominee. Only Bernie can advance as a result of this debate!

          • Ralph in Denver

            You can join with the myriad of political pundits who haven’t had a clue of what Trump’s doing, or what he is capable of. They mostly have smartened up and accepted the obvious,,,, when are you going to, after the landslide win??? A debate with Bernie would be 2 people attacking Clinton without her being able to reply. It is predicted to be the most watched debate in history, if it happens. The only winner there due to the fact Bernie has no shot is Trump.

          • Ted Crawford

            Respectfully Ralph, do you honestly believe that the Progressive electorate is unaware of Hillary’s escapades? This is the same argument I made in 1996 when the Republicans, once again began beating that dead horse of Lewinsky, to fight Slick Willy. THEY KNOW and they don’t care!!!

          • 1947goldenjet

            I suspect that you are right, but I also think that many do not believe. They don’t believe because if they had done what Hilly-Billy were accused of doing they would be in jail. Many may have also bought into the “vast right wing conspiracy” theory. It amuses me because if the “vast right wing conspiracy” is really so vast, how do so many left wing politicians get elected. One thing that I have learned in carrying on dialogues thru this medium is you can not reason with people who “feel”.

          • Ralph in Denver

            I wouldn’t stoop so low as to talk to a member of the Progressive electorate, i.e. Hillary supporter, much less try to change their minds. I don’t give two sheets who they vote for

          • Ted Crawford

            That being the case, once again, where is there any possible gain for Trump?

          • Gnowark

            A fair, unbiased, evaluation; with which I agree, thanks.

    • Gnowark

      I felt the same way (“This should be a legal no brainer for a judge/jury with any semblance of sanity”), but as I kept reading the news (or lack thereof). I’m afraid it might be a long shot.

      • Ralph in Denver

        You really can’t be awaiting the mainstream liberal news story on this are you????? Sheesh the mainstream media already ran their story,,, they interviewed the poor immigrant in his jail cell to give his side of the story

        • Gnowark

          No, just voicing that the sheeple don’t have the attention span of ‘now to election day,’ while the democrats are well-practised in distracting attention from the actual results of their vote-gathering. I must have missed an-in-prison-interview, or I’d be really angry that they wouldn’t binterview the victim’s family.

          • Diogenes

            We have this “sanctuary city” BS, 19 trillion in debt, over 40 trillion in unfunded liabilities, a crooked ex SoS, and major crises on every hand. The MSM and the Obama bunch throw up the smoke screen of which bathroom you can use to take a leak. The American people, on the whole, are uninformed and totally ignorant about the things that really effect their lives. Just stupid!


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