Federal debt hits $19 trillion; new record set

by Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times  |  published on February 2, 2016

The federal government is now officially $19 trillion in debt, according to the latest figures released by the Treasury Department Monday that show the Obama administration crossed that ignominious line late last week.

President Obama took office with the debt at $10.6 trillion, and has added more than $8 trillion during his seven years in the White House — a record pace that the Congressional Budget Office says is likely to continue.

As of Friday, the total federal government debt stood at $19.013 trillion. Of that, $13.7 trillion is debt held by the public, and the rest is internal government borrowing, including the IOUs the government has left in the Social Security trust fund over the last three decades.

Republicans in Congress say the ballooning debt is evidence of Mr. Obama’s profligate spending, while the White House says the debt is just a symptom of money Congress has already appropriated.

  • 236 years and 43 Presidents to get our debt up to $10 Trillion, and one pathetic Islamic Homosexual Leftist 3rd World Kenyan Queen almost doubled it in less than eight years! Can anyone else see where the problem is? Take this gay Muslim pig and put in in the dirt where he belongs!

  • Pam

    But when Bush increased the debt (because of two wars), Soetoro swore that it was just UN-patriotic and down right criminal.
    Now he is on a path to double the debt that it took 160 years to create, all by himself. So what does that make him?? Destroyer of Nations comes to mind.

  • DocJimmy

    obama is so full of crap, his eyes are brown. He is intentionally trying to bankrupt the country which will create widespread chaos and civil unrest of epic proportions. Then he will declare Martial Law and become the first Dictator of the United States of Obamaca and his sheeple followers will jump off the cliff to prove their allegiance to the paper-hang’n imposter and muzzie disciple. His private Army, now void of American Patriotism, will do as obama says and kill anyone who even remotely resembles an American Patriot. The once great country I was born into has become a vial cesspool of human deceit and betrayal. I couldn’t trust anyone in Washington any further than I could throw a burning house by its smoke.

    • Michael Rayford Powell

      You are 100% right and I agree!

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