Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry says Donald Trump ‘does not represent the Republican Party’

July 6, 2015

5b085b3f16571b1a790f6a706700b19f_c0-163-4481-2774_s561x327Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry swung back Sunday at GOP presidential nomination rival Donald Trump, saying that the billionaire businessman is unaware of Texas’s record on immigration and “does not represent the Republican Party.”

“I don’t think he understands the challenge, obviously,” Mr. Perry said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“When it became abundantly clear that the president wasn’t going to deal with this issue, we acted last summer, we surged our law enforcement and our National Guard,” Mr. Perry said. “We had a 74 percent decrease of apprehensions in that region of the border where the real challenges were.”


    Vote for Trump if you want some thing done at the boarder!


    NO he does not represent the Republican party He will actually do some thing about the boarder not like the spineless cowards we have in they now and if I am not mistaken Perry is the governor of Texas and we know the problem with the boarder in Texas, If he knows how to stop the illegals from crossing the boarder why has he not done it already in Texas

  • mike gunter

    Thank GOD! He represents the American people! Sick of all the politicians other than the TEAPARTY. The repubs and dumocrats have shown they can’t do anything for the American people. All they can do is help the ILLEGALS, MUSLIMS and any non citizens instead of the Veterans and SENIORS. Elect TRUMP!

  • Dodie1990

    Perry is a radical religious extremist. Trump is a businessman who cannot be bought by anyone. He is 100% right about the 12 million illegal invaders(I think it is lots more) 25% of Mexico’s total population is here much of it illegally. We need the wall on the border and to secure it immediately. And no more Obama Free Ride for the invaders who have no fear of being deported.

  • Glitch

    Maybe that’s a good thing! Trump doesn’t represent the Republican or Democratic Party…these two parties are the problem with Washington DC. Career politicians and life-time supreme court justices. Term Limits should be one of the main issues on a candidate’s political platform. Voter ID, Obamacare, federal regulations, illegal immigration….just to name a few!

  • Texan 1

    What gives Rick Perry the authority to speak for Republicans. Just because Mr. Trump speaks his mind and may not be PC doesn’t mean others don’t agree with him. Maybe the Republican Party should take a “vote” of some registered voters to see how they feel.

  • VirgoVince

    Trump is the ONLY one telling the truth, you should try it someime!!
    If you think you were so hot, as governor, why didn’t you SEAL the border and shut down the illegal alien invasion? You should have told ovomit to STFU and FO, it’s the RIGHT thing to do!!
    This is south TX, NOT north mexico, it’s still should be America, instead we have to tolerate all these sensitive illegals that don’t like being told they’re incompetent in their jobs and need to be cleaning toilets!
    WHY does that make US the bad guys??

  • Geo

    I have to agree with Gov. Perry that Mr. Trump does not represent the GOP. Mr.Trump represents the American/Constitutionalist party. There is a big difference in the two. I know that I like to here an American speak instead of a politician.

  • Gulfredfish

    Yes it does, Perry. I’m a Texan and everyone I know completely agree with Trump. Don’t speak for Texans cause we don’t love ke bullshit!

  • Ukulelemike

    Its great that Rick Perry has done something in Texas-but Trump was definitely speaking the truth on the situation as a whole. You know, its amazing: we all cry that we want someone actually honest, not just politics as usual, and now, Donald Trump is honest, doesn’t apologize, is RIGHT, and he’s definitely not politics as usual. He’s refreshing, and definitely a stand-out among the business as usual crowd trying to out-do one another by all saying the same things.

  • Seedman

    74 per cent decrease? One illegal is one to many. So much for American exceptionalism.

  • Billie Rich

    I second what Peatro Giorgio stated in his Comment. I had Rick Perry as the top of my list until Donald Trump announced he was running. I will not vote for any Republican canidate that is misstating Mr. Trump’s statement. Hillary would be the worst thing to happen to America; however, any candidate that comes down on Mr, Trump would be worse than Hillary. Mr. Trump has been so much more sucessfull than any candidate in the running. Youcan’t argue with success!!! Here’s to Ann Coulter for have more brains than any of other candidates also.

  • whoisshe?

    Who are the territorial Manchurians of Mexico, that is the question for all sides to answer, especially Hillary.

  • ijohnc1

    And by whose authority Mr. Perry do you speak for the people in the hinder land?, Let me give you three reasons why Trump may just crash the party of the Republican elites.
    1. He speaks the truth
    2.He registered as a Republican
    3. Uh!, Uh! Uh! what was that other one, oh Uh! we will have to let the people decide, given his rise in the polls, the establishment may have to change their pants when Trump is done
    Good job Rick, retire and go hunting where that rock that has Graffiti on it is located.

  • KDC

    That’s right, Rick. He represents conservatives who are sick of the RINO establishment republicans. The ones who only care about their position, power, and careers. Yup, I think I took you off my list, too. I’m sick of the GOP (good old boys club). Trump knows exactly what’s going on at the borders and with most things. And besides I think I heard you went to the
    Bilderbergs at one point.

  • Snoopy

    As it currently stands, TRUMP is the only one who:
    1. Tells the truth
    2. Is wealthy enough on his own so…
    3. He can’t be bought.
    But watch out Mr. Trump – There are ruthless politicians who would have you blown away for exactly those reasons!!!

    • Peatro Giorgio

      He is not the only one Tad Cruz is right up there with him so to Dr. Benjamin Carson.

  • Bernie

    Rich Perry sounds like an idiot of the highest caliber.He doesn’t represent this republican.I’m on Trumps side.Too damn many illegals in this country now thanks to idiots like Perry.

  • Rick who?

    • Snoopy

      Good one!!

  • rhondareichel

    Perry sure knows how to give instate tuition to illegal aliens….I’d say HE is the one who is out of step

    • Sam W

      That is aiding and abbeting felons by giving them free instate tuition. Makes the TRUE US citizens take a back seat to illegals….

  • rhondareichel

    he better stop advertising Trump’s best qualities….he’s much lower in the polls…it’s to Trump’s credit that he doesn’t represent the establishment GOP like Perry does

  • paulyz

    The more I hear Trump speak, the more I appreciate someone that speaks the Truth on this ILLEGAL Trespassing mess. Trump isn’t a phony politician and is not obligated to anyone, & doesn’t need to suck-up for their money. He is very knowledgeable & experienced, and will do wonders for our Country. Only other GOP candidates I like are Walker, Cruz & maybe Jindal.

    • rmagnano

      I think Obama was RIGHT when in 2007 he proposed a change but he was WRONG on his type of change. We need a sweeping change in most of the CURRENT members of both political parties. They are guilty
      of, can you top this, lying, cheating, and back room deals and I for ONE am fed up with it. Donald Trump is a very successful businessman and got there by good nagotiations not bribery or charactor assassinations.

      • KDC

        He wasn’t wrong. He intended to do what he’s done. Some just thought he would be decent and try to do the best for the citizens and Americans. “His change” was exactly what he meant to do. Hes a socialust/communist/ lying Muslim.
        Note I said ” some” just thought…I was not included in that because I saw right through all that lying rhetoric along with many others.

      • msueh

        oh, yes, øvømit was right in the “change” it promised, but not wrong about the type. it just didn’t elaborate to the too-many-stupid voters exactly what its change entailed – as if they would care, so long as they got their free gas, homes, phones…

  • Philip Allen

    Mr. Perry You want get may vote either. Not only will you not get my vote all the other goons like Jeb Bush, Fatman Chris Christy, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, etc. At least Donald Trump will stand up and speak the truth. More than I can say bout most of the politicians running for President. Most of them will say anything to get elected. When they get in office will do just the opposite of what they said they would do! Just look at Speaker Of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. They said if we elected Republicans to the Senate in the 2014 elections they would hold President Obama accountable for Obamacare, Immigration, and the like. What liars. Mr. Perry your no different from all the other RINOS won’t standup for the truth, definitely don’t need you for President. Need I Say More?

  • Rhonda Hunt

    I am from Texas Rick you can count me out also for any support,if you are not going to stand for right forget it,Ted Cruz has more guts than you and will stand for what he believes in, same for Donald Trump,you are just another politician who will say anything for the Hispanic vote,running for president should never be about race,and courting this ethnic race or that ethnic group,candidates trying to satisfy all ethnic groups is rediculas,it is impossible to do,presidents are elected to take care of the nations business same as other politicians,all it has turned in to is a popularity contest,and who can make the most promises,which they can’t or won’t keep to start with.—-Jim Hunt

  • Peatro Giorgio

    “Hey Rick Perry ” ! I’ve just scrubbed your name from my list of potential candidates from which I shall choose. Your weak knees just proved you’re a bit of a coward. Donald may not have spoken eloquently however he has spoken truthfully. Which much can be said for honesty, TRUTH. Yes It is time to rid the national of the political class . Frankly you sir have proven that theory .

    • Lorene B

      I agree, Perry will not get my vote. Trump does not apologize for speaking the truth. This is the kind of leadership we need to clean up the mess after the rats and cockroaches leave the WH.

      • Peatro Giorgio

        Lorene,it is not just the rats in the white house it’s also the rats in congress . Of both political persuasions . Look the Republican leadership in both the house and senate are nothing more then go along to get along scumbags who not only betrayed those that elected them, but the entire nation. It’s time to purge our politics of life tenured political hacks and revert back to the original intent. Serve one or 2 terms go back home to the private life. PERIOD.

        • rhondareichel

          Perry is convincing me that we never need another former governor in the whitehouse….they have all been dismal failures

          • podunk1

            Mr. Perry You’re either a progressive RINO traitor in patriot clothing or terribly misinformed about the economic cataclysm caused by criminal alien workforce invaders, but I don’t want to believe either! Wake up & demand truth! Truth… it’s a heinous progressive plot “within” government to overthrow Constitution and country, with hands-on acts of the president, DOJ, Homeland Security, and individuals within the legislature, judicial and other branches of government!

            Flooding the work force with (*$36,545/yr.) taxpayer subsidized alien invaders paid $6/cash/hr. (an illustration of $12,480/yr.), throws higher paid citizens ($24.95/hr.@40/hr. $51,896/yr.) out of work, into taxpayer subsidies (*$36,545/yr.)! It rewards the criminal tax evading alien with $49,025 take home pay, which is equivalent to $65,367 @25% taxable wages ($84,977 cost with 30% employer wage taxes). Working 34.5/hr./wk. citizens gross $44,760… $33,570 take home after 25% taxes, which is $15,455 less citizen take home pay ($20,607 taxable 25% wage difference)!

            The Criminal tax/regulation/fringe evading employer reward is astounding (30% avg. illustrated) ! Based on comparable 40 hour $51,896 citizen wages, employer taxed $67,465 cost vs. the $12,480 paid to the criminal alien worker yields $54,985 windfall in pocket cash for every alien invader employed… that’s 549,850 for 10, $5,498,500 per 100, and over $1 trillion per 20 million… which is a mindboggling reward and advantage no legitimate competitor can ever match. Legitimate businesses simply disappear!

            Challenge the data! Wage data source is June 2015 BLS & the math used isn’t rocket science. Challenge subsidies beginning with education, recognizing extremes of non-English different culture costs, endless levels of local, state, federal subsidies and the fact that zero true identity benefit process invites absolute plunder in multiple identities within endless locations… I found a few sources of claims comparable to that illustrated, but none included all major issues.

            In the end analysis, the June BLS data relative to a comparable 1997/2008 (66.50066%) workforce average (166,693,000) and employed persons adjusted to a 40 hour week (128,287,000), the 38,405,000 joblessness unequivocally represents $2.6 trillion LOST CITIZEN WEALTH and tax revenue ANNUALLY. If you say less than 2/3 of the work force working 40 hours a week is unreasonable, it’s time to stop campaigning.

            The BS has ended! Start INSOURCNG JOBS. End Chicago criminal employment includes phony job skill claims with confiscation and jail!
            Note: (education, free health care (adding illegal costs to sick citizen bills), free food, free housing, free child support, no ID proof means endless names and benefits thereon – significantly more than $35K!)

            *(2012… $402 billion @ 11 million illegal-aliens costs $36,545/yr. Claim based on a published $35 billion ‘benefit’ from $437 billion touted wage “savings” by amnesty advocates).

        • Terry Rushing

          And don’t be passing it around the family as if it is a personal possession to be doled out.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Yea : As if it is owed to them ! My belief is the establishments of both parties have an ass kicking coming to them this time around. Both the demo-rats establishment dogs and the repub-rats attempted to eliminate their competition, which is the independence minded Tea-party, libertarian party , with a few other minor parties in the mix. Its time to put the kibosh on these bastards,

        • Lorene B

          You are so right, sorry I did not include all of them.

        • podunk1


        • Gulfredfish

          I agree! We elected sellouts. We, the people, are hungry for the truth. We are not dumb Americans, we know we are used chumps. Thr truth is attractive to us and Trump is spot on.

    • catfish

      Amen to that, brother


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