Former TSA Screener: Homosexual Agents Groping Unsuspecting Male Passengers ‘Just A Game’

by Denver-CBS4  |  published on April 18, 2015

TSAA former TSA screener at Denver International Airport says colleagues who conspired to grope male passengers viewed what they were doing as “just a game.”

He opted to speak after a CBS4 Investigation earlier this week revealed two TSA screeners were fired for participating in a conspiracy to allow a male TSA agent to grope the genitals of male passengers.

“There was more people that knew it was going on,” the former worker told CBS4.

He asked he not be identified as TSA forbids current and former employees from discussing security procedures.

“They made it seem like a game, they were having fun with it… I had heard them saying it was just a game. It’s a really sick game to play,” said the former worker.


    Baseball is a game, FOOTBALL is a game. GROPING is SEXUAL ASSAULT I don t give a DAMM who is doing it.

  • David in MA

    I have not flew for many years, but, if I were to and I was groped, be prepared to arrest me.

  • Jerry Y.

    the morality in the United States has gone to the dogs! first we allow gay marriage, now we promote and glorify their immoral lifestyle on TV, you cannot watch a TV show without their lifestyle being shoved in your face, and they think it’s a game to fondle unsuspecting travelers at the airline terminals? if a man did this to a woman it would be considered as rape, but it’s OK because they’re playing a game, the tsa is not protecting anyone when they use their job to satisfy their perversions!

    • John Carollo

      Imagine how horrible it is to be constantly subjected to the heterosexual lifestyle … if they even thought they had one …

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