George Soros Bankrolls Democrats’ Fight in Voting Rights Cases

June 5, 2015

sorosA Democratic legal fight against restrictive voting laws enacted in recent years by Republican-controlled state governments is being largely paid for by a single liberal benefactor: the billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

Mr. Soros, the Hungarian-born investor whose first major involvement in American politics was a voter-mobilization drive in the 2004 presidential race, has yet to commit the many millions of dollars that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s allies hope he and other like-minded billionaires will pour into the “super PAC” directly aiding her campaign.

But it turns out that Mr. Soros has already agreed to put as much as $5 million into the litigation effort, which Democrats hope will erode restrictions on voter access that they say could otherwise prove decisive in a close election.

  • The redhawk

    And HILDERBEAST is WHINING bout BIG donors like the KOCH brothers!!!
    Soros the COMMIEBASTARD wants MORE from the ALINSKY democrat..He got POT legalized already but this GREEDY Bastard wants more from HILDERBEAST

    • Enlighten me, oh wise one. How did he get pot legalized? And what’s the problem if he had?

      • brian James

        the problem is a nation of zombies, this nation is being destroyed from within by liberals who think that everything is OK and a nation pot heads is cool. Semper Fi

        • “a nation of potheads”? Are you really serious? Are we a nation of drunks? Of gays? Of Mexicans? What the hell are you so afraid of? Semper Fi my ass. Go hide in your bomb shelter and leave the country to the grownups. Wimp.

          • brian James

            say there coward, you hide like the rest of the liberals who bad mouth people who served this nation and think that a nation of drunks or pot heads is ok. my name is on my post and Live in Indianapolis, douche bag so any time you want to talk in person you let me know coward. you have to be a draft dodger no nut liberal. Semper Fi at least I can show my military history how about you coward.

          • It must be great to love your country but hate the people who live in it.
            Great that you’re in Indianapolis. They’re afraid of gays there, I hear. So you’re amongst your own kind. Don’t go west, tho. You’re liable to run into a pot-smoker. OMG. What will happen to you? Will you start shooting heroin? Will you start molesting young boys? Will you want to get a sex change? Yeah, plenty to be afraid of out there. Stay in Indy. Just ignore all the illegals doing farm work. They won’t bother you if you don’t bother them. And keep your tin hat on so the NSA can’t know what you’re thinking. Sssshhhhh.

          • brian James

            I bet when all the terror group here start there and games maybe your neighborhood they will stop at first and hope you and them will have a good time. but knowing a little loud mouth coward bitch like you, you will let the women fight for you have no nuts. your are not worth the time and air but when shit does hit the fan girly and it will happen soon lets see how tough you are and where you will be hiding. to make one thing clear I do not hate the people in this nation even you a liberal which in short if the Marine Corps called me back to fight I would even fight to protect a liberal like you why because I still honor the oath I took 45 years ago. it is the people who want to destroy this nation. you said something about drunks, how many people are killed every year by drunk drivers. I am not saying get rid of the drinks but keep the kids and the ones who have had 3 and 4 DUI’s from getting back behind a wheel. you gave me a hard time for wanting to save people’s life’s . 43 years ago I served with the 3rd Marines Delta Group LSU -1 .we were the ones that Tricky Dick said we were not there in those counties but hay we sure were. Semper Fi and to be honest I hope the Jihads don’t make it to your neighborhood.

          • OK, Mr Brian. With all due respect, SIR – let me try to ratchet down the insults and hyperbole a little here and get back to some degree of civility. OK?

            We were talking about Soros and my question was how was he able to get pot legalized, as Mr Redhawk claimed earlier. You’re response was that we were becoming “a nation of potheads”. I asked if we were also a nation of drunks, since alcohol has been legal and available far longer than pot has. Or if we were now a nation of gays, because more and more states are recognizing that it’s unconstitutional to deny equal rights to gay people.

            Frankly, I’m surprised you don’t take the more libertarian view – get rid of BIG government and let the people and the economy “do their thing”, with less government regulation and oversight. And if they “do their thing” and the economy is doing great and people are working and there’s less people asking for handouts from the government and some gay people are getting married, or some people in Colorado are mellowing out on the weekend with some beers and some joints, how is that bad for you, or your grandkids? Live and let live – isn’t that more the Libertarian, small government attitude? Raise your kids right, to teach them how to make good decisions – that’s all we can do. We can’t legislate their morality, unless you want the overregulated, big-government police state that you’re fighting against now.

          • brian James

            ok with all due respect I was not the one who said that Sores legalized pot. my only comment was if the states do legalize pot my own opinion is we will be a nation of pot heads. now it might be to your surprise but until my mom died in 08 I started smoking pot in 1967 when my older brother was home on leave before he went to
            Viet Nam. we smoke two joints and I can really say I don’t think I got high but I did have the munchies and we were out at a old hot rod drive through and I ate enough for three people my brother said. anyway as far as a libertarian I am not but I am against big government and letting the senators and congressmen give themselves every benefit under the sun while the rest of us have to struggle to get by.
            as far as people in Colorado mellowing out on the weekends with a few beers and a few doubies probably spelled that wrong but you know what I mean that is ok with me but how about the ten year’s old getting high and committing break in’s and robberies so they can get a bizz. I was a bounty hunter for 18 years but when my dad did from liver cancer I took care of my mom till she passed in 08. I new first hand about what drugs do and how people will do anything to get a high, that is my point. George Sores that is a different day and a time.

            a good friend of mind that I served with 43 years ago overseas in a place that everyone hated us for but about 7 years ago on his way home from work to his wife of 28 years and his three kids was hit head on by a drunk driver. to make it threw the shit we went through to get taken out by a drunk driver to me is a shame. spending a year doing everything you can to staying alive to come back here to get taken out by a drunk sucks.

            I am totally against big government and a police state for which right now we are heading towards that and if it happens things will never be the same, people just do not realize what a tyrannical government is and how it controls every move you make. I am for a strong country and a free people and a government that is not as corrupt as ours is anymore. when you have senators becoming billionaires and giving government contracts to there spouse that is a conflict of interest at best and then they want to disarm us to have total control. if you would ask any people from a different nation who does not have there second amendment rights like us they would tell us to not give up your weapon and your rights to own them. well it is time to get ready to go feed my strays and feral so that said have a safe and peaceful night.
            Semper Fi

          • I’m about to put some fish on the grill, so I’m not going say much. But thanks for a great response.

            Regarding the pot thing, and the drunk driver – with any right (or privilege) comes a responsibility. I don’t know the details of the Colorado law and its problems, but in Washington (state), the voters and the legislature have agonized over how to keep pot away from the kids, off the streets, and have state control. So far, no good. Pot smoking on the streets – supposedly illegal – happens all over downtown Seattle. But the point I’m wanting to make is that there are restrictions on alcohol sales, on DUI, on pot sales, etc. The laws need to be enforced. But that doesn’t mean we’re turning into a nation of drunks or potheads. I think that you know all this, but in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to hyperventilate about something.

            Thanks again, and a good evening to you, as well.

          • brian James

            you said it hyperventilate, I had to grab my oxygen tank for a minute. first of all my insults were not what were needed so for that accept my apology. I do not ever want to be the problem for anything that is not in the best interest of this nation and the people. so with that being said what the answer is to get this nation back to a strong and productive country I would say get rid of all the lobbyist and all the corrupt money in DC and term limits for all politicians. I never thought I would ever see the nation in the state that it is in now.

            Google Jihad training camps in the US. these are the stats from the FBI and Homeland Security, it says that there are 22 camps right now in the US and they can not do anything because they are on private land. that is to me is one big pile of camel dung, I remember Waco where 15 children and about 20 some adults were burned alive and then Ruby Ridge were a mans 14 year old son was murdered and his wife was shot and killed while holding a 6 month old infant. these Jihads are here to kill us one way or another and this they can not do anything because they the camps are on private land is crap. our nation is being destroy from within. a few months ago several young Americans and one being a nurse was beheaded while our dictator was out on the golf course posing for the camera’s. our forefathers I would say are saying what a bunch of wimps. they had no money, no weapons and no military and still beat the Brits and our nation was born. if we the people do not stand up again we are lost and that to me is unacceptable. maybe if Americans would say enough is enough and take a stance we could again take our nation back and then put the rules and laws in place for the generations to follow. they are depending on us to leave them a nation and not a third world tyrannical government and corrupt nation. enjoy your fish, last time I had that it was called fish on a stick 43 years ago and it was not to bad I guess but when your hungry anything taste good.

            Semper Fi and God Bless this nation.

          • I would say get rid of all the lobbyist – CHECK
            and all the corrupt money in DC – CHECK
            and term limits for all politicians – CHECK

            When Napolitano, the former Secretary of DHS, said that there were many terrorist threats right here in the US, she was ridiculed by FOX and conservatives. But what you’re saying here, with the jihadi training camps on private land here in the US, would seem to be proof of her warnings of 5 years ago.

            At least the government knows about those 22 camps you mention. Because of this, I would assume they are tracking the activities there closely. We’ll see. Whether you’re correct that they have limited powers to do anything because the camps are on private land, I’ll have to do my own research and learn about this more.

            Are you implying that Ruby Ridge and Waco were jihadis? That must be a misreading on my part. Waco, I thought, was a religious thing, Ruby Ridge was weapons and taxes, if I recall.

            I hope your disgust at seeing the photo of Obama on the golf course at the same time those beheadings were taking place was mirrored by your disgust at seeing the photo of the 4 soldiers burned bodies hanging over the Tigris (or was it the Euphrates?), and Bush’s empty promise to “find the evildoers”. To the best of my recollection, there was never any claim that those murderers were ever caught or killed.

          • brian James

            this will be my last words posted on this web site or any other. I received 14 emails and yours and one more were the only two decent ones I got. I was blamed for WWII because America put a blockage on Japan, why did we and other countries because Japan was invading other countries and killing tens of thousand of people and look at what they did to China. The rape of Nanking probably spelled that wrong to and I bet someone will speak up on that to. if you can see all the reply’s I received read them and see what people blamed me for and for the ones who called me a murderer for serving my nation 45 years ago are the same ones who I doubt were even born then but until I got back and then found out who own most of the companies that brought in supplies to us were own by LBJ. War is not about protecting your people and the nation anymore it is about MONEY period.

            like I said to you in my last comment that the politicians and the military industrial complex are the ones who make the billions of dollars on the blood of the young who go off to war in the idea that they are doing the right thing like I did 45 years ago and until a few years later then I was hit in the face with the truth that Viet Nam was about money and oil and the ones who got rich were the ones who were the CEO’s of the companies who make the war products and the politicians who own stock in these same companies. War suck’s and it is a bloody business and the one’s who go off are the ones who are being used and at that time like me years ago thought you were doing the right thing. I was raised in a military family and my family goes back to the days of George Washington but the point is then it was about the Brits wanting to tax and control our forefathers which they disagreed and things happen and the fight was on. now war is about money and greed and that is not to me a reason to get your young men and women killed and wounded. one of these people told me to learn my history, I thought that was funny because I do know my history and they who ever told me should do there history lesson. I was blamed for the George Bush war, both of them. I know about both of them and they are both money hungry men without any morals and respect for anyone but them self’s.

            getting back to our conversation I did not mean that Waco and Ruby Ridge were Jihads and I reread my words and how you would think that I do not know but the point was that they were both on private land and the FBI said a few months ago that is why they can not assault these compounds.

            here we have a group of Jihads who walked over our borders because of a certain leader to open up our borders and told the borders agents to stand down along with the ICE agents so what happen there are 22 training camps here and they are not here to party with us.
            this was on Night Line about three months ago or so but who is to blame for that not the border agents who were told to stand down but the guy who ordered them to stand down, he is the same guy who ordered over a thousand illegals who are harden criminal to be turn loose here in the US and then to let 5 known terrorists who have killed Americans already to be turned loose to so who is to blame I guess me because of the 12 emails I got today. when the Russians told the US about the two brothers were set off the bombs in Boston that these two were terrorists and they were going to do some bad things to us but our leaders turned there heads and let it happen like 9/11 and the first Trade Center attack. who is to blame not the guy at the bottom of the pole but the man in charge.

            you are the only one out of the 14 I received that I am responding to just to make it clear that I was not saying that Waco and Ruby Ridge were Jihads like you thought I said and yes when the four Americans were hanging over that bridge I was pissed that nothing was done but lip service like now. you make it sound like Sores is a good man I think you better do some research on him because he along with other billionaires who back this guy in charge now wants to destroy this nation and he made his billions here in hedge funds.

            when the toys go off in who knows what city I hope all the ones who sent me the hate mail are not effected or there families, I am not hoping for anyone to get hurt or worst. I am for a strong nation and a free people who have good jobs to support there families but that I think is a thing of the past I guess. So now all I can do is get ready for what is coming and it is coming and that does not take a PHD to figure that out with all the information out there for any of us to read. everyone has to make there own decision on who they will blame and it will not be me for after I send this to you I am unsubscribing to this web site and the others. it is not worth the effort anymore so getting ready for the future is the only thing I can do. take care and get ready for people thought that 9/11 and Boston could not happen well since our borders have been open up for several years there are a lot of bad guys here to do us harm so prepare and God Bless. Semper Fi

          • You’ll probably never read this, but I wanted to thank you again for a good response and I’m sorry to see you go. And I’m sorry you got a lot of misplaced, angry emails directed at you.

            And war IS all about money (these days). We would never have been interested in Afghanistan unless there was money to be made, in this case, building pipelines across the country. Bechtel, Halliburton, United Technologies. They are the puppet masters in Afghanistan, along with their partners/competitors in Russia. It’s ironic that we (the US public) seem to know more about Gazprom and the other Russian energy monopolies than we do about all the messy little businesses Halliburton and Exxon are into.

            And maybe that’s the REAL conspiracy here. While we – “the little people” – are squabbling among ourselves over stupid stuff like catering a gay wedding or making a woman see an ultrasound of her fetus, these corporations, in league with Rupert Murdoch, are amassing huge amounts of money and power. WE – Republicans and Democrats – are the real puppets, being manipulated everyday by a “World Order” made up not of governments but of corporations.

    • brian James

      rope is cheap and Sores should have a used rope for his traitors ass.
      Semper Fi

  • John VanderKelen

    Voter ID does not restrict eligible voters. Voter ID is a safeguard to the integrity of the voting process.

    • A solution looking desperately for a problem

    • donemyhomework

      All I know is every time I vote I have to show my driver’s license. I think nothing of it. It proves who I am and that I’m voting at that time. I think it’s good to identify legal voters.

  • reggie

    This piece of garbage is disgusting. Kiss asked if he’s a citizen, my guess would be no, because I can’t find anything that says he was ever sworn in as one. He makes sociopath killery look like the fairy godmother. His aim is to destroy the US, ultimately the world. When he tells his piece of garbage but(t) licker in the WH to jump, the but(t) licker asks how high. Please read up on him: sorosfiles, or google his name. He’s probably the most evil non-human on earth, I’d hate to be that pathologically sick. He took down the Bank of England, tried to crash the EU.

    • If he destroys the world, what has he gained? I think you need to stop hyperventilating.

      • reggie

        Thank you. If I ever need health advice, I’ll be sure to ask you.

        • I offer it free of charge. And you don’t have to have Obamacare!!

    • brian James

      I see you know him well to, like I keep saying he should get the ten steps to the rope and make it a used one. he is a piece of camel dung like our dictator who is a fraud and a treasonous traitor who wants to destroy this nation along with Sores the douche bag. Semper Fi

      • reggie

        It would be so much easier to just be blind and deaf like libtards. Can’t do it. Since the 2013 NDAA act rescinded the 1948 Smith-Mundt act, the government can propagandize in the US. This is one example – who’s the liar, take your pick: theblaze(.)com/stories/2012/09/13/fact-check-does-soros-own-an-overseas-company-that-will-count-u-s-votes/

  • Sorry. What’s the problem here? I don’t get it. Soros is doing something considered wrong here?

  • Kiss

    What about Soros? is he an illegal alien? Did he become a citizen of the United States? If so, he should be deported, because he could not have taken the oath to be a Citizen and do all the damage to the USA that he is doing.


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