GOP presidential candidates hammer on ‘top secret’ Clinton emails in final days before Iowa Caucus

by  |  published on January 31, 2016

The Republican presidential candidates are seizing on the “top secret” Hillary Clinton emails in the final weekend before the Iowa Caucus, trying to slow their top Democratic rival by arguing her mishandling of the messages makes her unfit to be president.

“Hillary Clinton is a major national security risk. Not presidential material!” GOP frontrunner Donald Trump tweeted after the State Department said Friday that it will withhold 22 emails from Clinton’s correspondence as secretary of state because they are classified “top secret.”

Trump and the 10 other Republican candidates are barnstorming across Iowa this weekend ahead of the Iowa Caucus on Monday, the first-in-the-nation balloting in the 2016 presidential race.

  • donemyhomework

    Clinton deserves a bullet in her head, as do all those who would vote for her..

  • judge45colt

    until lynch, piglosi, reed, etc are gone, no dem will get thrown at them

  • Webb

    Will The FBI make a move to do what’s necessary concerning Hillary’s E/Mails…WE Wait!

    • Town Crier

      Do you think for one second that Obummer will let his crown jewel go to jail instead of following him into the White House? If so, you are dreaming! He has already told the DOJ to STAND DOWN about her!
      At the worst, she might get a little slap on the hand, but she’s headed for the next Prez if Obummer has anything to say about it. You can bet that the voting machines are ready to be programmed to convert [R] votes into [D] votes and the “Hanging chad” ballots are ready to be printed…

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