June 23, 2015

745534202182-640x447Of course, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a Republican.

That puts him in proximity with guns and gun posters, as seen in this picture from Associated Press photog Charlie Neibergall, more often than Democrats.

Still, imagine a similar situation–a U.S. Senator campaigning for President–and instead of a pro-2nd Amendment event, it’s a pro-gun control event. Imagine this Senator is standing in front of a giant poster of a pistol–one meant to demonize the weapon rather than promote it.

  • Robert Wilson

    Hillary has a ticket to by pass jail.

  • jcdevildog

    Perhaps if Sen. Cruz doesn’t want to be photographed in conjunction with a photo of a gun, he shouldn’t stand in front of such a photo at a public event. Or did some liberal force him to do so? Your faux outrage is pathetic.

    • margo1942

      photo shop!

  • Ped Xing

    An intolerant gun fetishist has his photo taken in what appears to be Wayne Lapierre’s playroom, and you nuts castigate the photographer!! You people are SO STUPID!! Do you really wonder why young people have abandoned the Reich Wing GOP in droves? You will never see the inside of the White House again, unless you buy a ticket like everyone else…

    • GAGIRL12

      Someone picked up a gun and fought for you to be able to spout your ignorance. Lucky you..

  • survivor33

    Isn’t that just like the liberal media? Such a phony photo… if it was a pic of ovomit with a muslim rag outfit on, I would believe it.

    • Ped Xing

      How is that a phony photo? Was it Photoshopped, or is it some kind of montage? Or is it, in reality, another idiot gun fetishist in a room decorated with the idol of worship?

      • survivor33

        I am a professional photographer and I can tell when a pic has been altered. And believe me, this has been altered. The liberal media will do anything to try and discredit anyone they do not like and are afraid of what they stand for.

  • Bob Stewart

    Why isn’t this picture considered an act of terrorism? Maybe it just applies to republicans. But it does show how demented liberals really are. You could never expect the Obama justice dept. to enforce a law if it exposes liberals to criminal punishment. Just look at Hillary and her law violations.

    • Ped Xing

      IDIOT!!The photographer did not decorate the room to facilitate the wet dreams of you gun fetishists! God, you people are stupid….

      • Robert Wilson

        Without guns, your wildest dreams would not come true, Japan would have struck the US in stead of only Hawaii, and the liberties we have today would not be. This is a wet dream..

  • John VanderKelen

    I prefer the photo of skunk Obama next to the actor portraying Satan. The likeness is striking and Hussein’s odious actions are in line with those of the chief demon.

  • truthseeker

    This is only a good example of how the News Media will not take the responsibility to give a fair and impartial view when reporting the News. Why don’t they show Benghazi up in flames with Hillary Clinton in front of the poster? Lets be fair though. Why not show the once Silverado Bank in Colorado that the two brothers Jeb and George Bush ran into the ground with all of their Sweetheart loans and then took off to be a Governor of Florida and Texas ?

    • truthseeker

      Let us tally up the expenses the President spent on his families vacations and show the pictures of them on vacation. That’s right no camera’s are allowed . We saw how wonderful this President can bow in front of the King of Saudi Arabia, but will salute our Marine with a cup of coffee while exiting off Marine One. Now he uses the N-word and no one wants to complain about this race baiter choice of words.

    • Brady Harness

      That kind of statement clearly demonstrates exactly why we the American Patriots need to get a “2 Terms” and your out Petition going!!!
      Kindly reply to this comment if You would sign such a Petition.

      • Dolores Adams

        Don’t we already have a two terms president? I sure was under that impression. I believe that went into effect after FDR.

        • Brady Harness

          Yes fortunately we do and it’s because the American Citizens demanded and wouldn’t let loose until We got it. What I was not clear on evidently is that We need for both sides of Our Congress to be allowed only two(2) terms and then never again be able to hold a seat, that would keep Mega Corporations from owning the congress members and make for a Safer America!!!

          • Dolores Adams

            Yes, we certainly do need two terms for both sides of our Congress. They get in there and never want to leave. They shouldn’t even get a retirement for only two terms!

      • Nancy

        I would sign

        • Brady Harness

          Thank You

      • survivor33

        I certainly would sign a petition for l term for dishonest and law breaking for the pres and administration and Senate/House. This 2 term has been disasterous to the limit of our wallets.

      • Looey

        I would sign, too. It’s time we cleaned house in Washington, but I fear for the upcoming election. I saw a poll that said 91% of the blacks would vote for Hillary and the Hispanics, too. Also the stupid women.

        If the rest of us don’t get out and vote in droves, we will have Hillary, and she will continue Obama’s policies. America as we know it will be gone.

    • margo1942

      it was neil bush , who was called the silverrodo kid who was involved in this he was running this bank and you are right the other bush’s were in on the savings and loan stealing .


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