Hackers stole Social Security numbers from 21.5 million, gov’t admits

by FOXNews.com  |  published on July 10, 2015

Hackers swiped Social Security numbers from 21.5 million people — as well as fingerprint records and other information from background check investigations — in the massive breach earlier this year of federal personnel files, the government acknowledged Thursday.

The Office of Personnel Management included the findings in a statement Thursday on the investigation into a pair of major hacks believed carried out by China.

“The team has now concluded with high confidence that sensitive information, including the Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of 21.5 million individuals, was stolen from the background investigation databases,” the agency said of the second breach, which affected background investigation files.

  • elda

    So all the information was of federal employees? I say we have way to many federal employees. I understand some are deceased or retired but still there are only 50 states and that is way to many tax consumers.

  • KayO

    It was probably Obama’s idea.

  • Catherine McCoy

    Could all these hacks be a false flag. The US recruits the best hackers and the govt is under the control of the Elites

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