HHS to Congress on ObamaCare court ruling: It’s your problem

June 10, 2015

ObamaPresident Obama’s top health official testified Wednesday that if the Supreme Court issues a ruling that upends the Affordable Care Act, it’s up to Congress and the states to figure out a solution.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell, testifying before the House Ways and Means Committee, addressed questions over what will happen if the court rules against the administration on the health law.

A decision is expected in days on whether insurance subsidies can legally be distributed to customers who buy insurance through the federal HealthCare.gov — as opposed to those getting insurance through state-based exchanges. If the court rules against the administration, millions of people stand to lose their current subsidies.

  • Steven Swanson

    Just another Obama Bright Idea ! ! ! !

  • John VanderKelen

    Dah! Of course Congress should relinquish health care back to the private sector. Insurance is not something the Constitution has authorized the Federal Government to administer. Furthermore insurance is not a U.S. citizen’s right.

  • 1775concord

    Ms. Burwell: It is not up to Congress and the states. The plan was passed by Democrats, with no Republican votes, signed by Obama, rammed down the throats of Americans who said we did not want it, planned trickery by Gruber as noted to sneak this Democrat/Obama plan past us. In Colorado we screamed that we did not want it, yet our two Democrat Senators, Michael Bennet, Mark Udall) failed to represent us as they were elected to do. We got rid of Udall.
    Bennet is a nice guy but he was absolutely wrong.
    So I ask you, as you represent HHS and Obama: If the court rules against you, finding that your sneaky plan is indeed illegal, what are YOU going to do since you got us in this mess in the first place?

  • ed28

    Time to turn over the creation and selling of health insurance products back over to the free market. All the House ans Senate has to do is provide over sight and some regulations. Any “plan the Rep.’s put forward should get government out of this business, some place it never should have taken a socialist/communist walk on.

    Hell! The US government is $18-trillion in debt. How long do you think their insurance plan will be viable>?

  • Mike N

    The Republicans need to have a plan. This is an opportunity to deal with Obamacare that they had better not pass up. They need to either get rid of it or change it so that it is unrecognizable and workable.

  • jdbixii

    If it is “Affordable,” why are subsidies necessary? The problem is and was that the top looks down, sees the bottom, and has an unrealistic perspective on the causality factors to COST. It only works from the bottom up. It can not be dictated from the top down. It was either naive or idealistic to think that it could. Since when does a patient go to a doctor and tell the doctor, I will pay you so much for a blood test, blood pressure and respiration vitals.” The doctor, having calculated the overhead costs of operating a clinic, foreknows what the cost is, and this can not be based on a patient’s ability or willingness to pay. While it may be a politically-advantageous idea to promote the universal availability of health care, dealing realistically with the actual costs is what is not politically-advantageous. Without a strict adherence to a lifestyle which reduces the need for excessive healthcare and, hence, cost, there are the “cause and effect” factors which determine the need for it. Imagine what abortion doctors might otherwise be able to do, medically, if women actually exercised a logical choice with respect to sex and conception. Yet, democrat politicians have spent an inordinate amount of time and effort on the stupid, non-issue of “choice” and the right to abortion because of the failure of women to choose wisely. It is the flagrant violation of common sense and basic precepts which the liberal left has championed–for no other than political purposes–that has caused all the controversy and which is seen as a justification for government to broaden the scope of the imposition of its authority with respect to basic morality issues which are consequential cost factors, mandated by government. What problems have been solved?

  • gerald Hughes

    Good, dump all of the parasites.
    Our problem to figure out, stupid liberal dem bloodsucker, we elected them to repeal the insurance rape.


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