Hillary Clinton vows tougher gun laws

February 26, 2016

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton made support of tougher gun control laws part of her closing argument Thursday ahead of this state’s primary election in two days.

Tapping into lingering anguish from last year’s mass shooting at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, Mrs. Clinton promised to carry on President Obama’s fight for expanded background checks to buy firearms.

“Imagine a tomorrow where we have common-sense gun safety measures that will save lives, that will protect Americans going about their daily business,” she told a crowd of supporters here at Cumberland United Methodist Church.

She told a story about an elderly brother and sister in South Carolina who were shot as they walked to a corner grocery store to buy a sandwich.

“What have we come to?” she asked.

  • Mys77

    Notice…every time the witch talks about taking guns away…sales go up….even those who never thought about buying a gun, are doing so. Fine with me if the socialist pigs don’t own guns like Clinton, but we do….and when it comes down to it, those with the guns win, those who don’t , die. Gun owners have power, socialists don’t! It takes a gun, to take a gun…lets see who wins this one. Clinton, you go first!

  • Mys77

    What is wrong with those people voting for this witch? Absolutely crazy! She is a bonafide liar, and communist, has murdered people, is incompetent, has not accomplished anything but being present in DC and is the most hated despised witch around.

  • Cynthia Sayler Harding

    Not sure how she plans to do that. My liberties are given to me by God, not by the constitution. The constitution is a document in which the government must uphold and protect my liberties. I am sovereign. Americans are sovereign. The government WORKS for US. I’ll keep the lights on for ya, but I”M KEEPIN” my guns!!! https://youtu.be/h7rERt_b1cg


    It is not the guns. It is the Progressive Democrats who are so desperate to get elected that they feel that they have to turn everyone against each other like Blacks against the police, Blacks against whites. Gays against Christians and any person that is not gay that owns a business. Before you and Obama got elected, mass shootings or any shootings involving three or more people were very infrequent. In the seven years that you people have been in office there have been 187 mass shootings. In Bush’s whole term, there were twelve. I think that even you can see the real problem. And your exploiting your made up war on women,…give me a break! There are more women in the U.S. and many make very good money. And this “income inequality” has gone down the tube since you idiots took over. If you have 45 million people on food stamps, mostly women, I surmise, how much income do they contribute to your “formula?” Many women drop out of the work force to raise children. Many women refuse to travel in their jobs. Many women don’t work past their quitting time so these are also factors that decry your argument. Most women do not take jobs that require heavy labor which tend to pay more. Now if a women has the same job, same experience, same education, and just as productive as her male counterpart, she absolutely should make the same or more. Our system is based on capitalism and it is very rare that any two people in the same job make the same amount. Now, North Korea has total income parity so maybe you should look there for your answers. If I had a women apply for a job at my business and did as well, I would darn sure pay here the same but it just does not happen in real life. Why don’t you people quit destroying jobs and quit passing off part time jobs as real jobs. Government is not the answer. And by the way, why do you not come clean and tell the truth. Your husband tells the truth most of the time. I think you alone are the cause for your family’s problems, not your husband.

    • Bill Matthes

      Very good post ROYSTOLL2!

  • Robert Brumley

    This is exactly one of the reasons Hillary won’t get elected.

  • G.Frazier

    Truth be told, the only “tougher gun law,” we need, is to make sure an armed guard is standing outside the cell the old bag is sitting in…even if it’s for the purpose of her conjugal visits, with her girlfriend (remember…Gennifer Flowers said Bill had told her that Hillary had more girlfriends than he did and, seeing as how they only had one child, who looks nothing like Bill, it appears that statement was correct).

  • G.Frazier

    What we actually need is a law banning idiots from making any stupid suggestion, just to garner a vote or two.

  • The Redhawk

    Thank you CANKLES MY shares in SMITH and WESSIN just SPIKED UP….are you trying to Surpass BHOZO as AMERICA NUMBER ONE GUN SALESPERSON???
    Do you have the TRUTH about the fact that CITIES/STATES with the TIGHTEST gun Laws have the highest CRIME RATES and Incarceration NUNBERS??? caused by CRIMINALS having Guns and Citizen NOT???

  • Climax

    Hillary cannot identify with the average American. She has not driven a car in over 50 years, has not had to balance a checkbook or even pay a mortgage since before they were in the White House. She cannot tell the truth and has never even been called for Jury Duty. Her memory is gone and has been since the adventures with the Rose Law Firm. She is a pathetic puppet of the NWO and the Democrat Party as well as her Iranian Handler.

  • Climax

    Hillary is looking forward to female prison. Beaver is on the menu there all the time.

    • Tedski

      Would you eat that beaver?

      • Climax

        That has to be one of the oldest and ugliest known to man, er woman as it hasn’t seen a man in well over 30 years.

      • The Redhawk

        NOW now….She’ll DEMAND HUMA as a cell mate for her Three times a day “RUG CHEWING”

    • The Redhawk

      BUT she’ll want to go COMMANDO to Entice some action on windy days…or go tree climbing with an equally COMMANDO Moo-ch elle to see which gets the MOST FLIES//// and can turn the most REAL men to become CELIBATE MONKS at THOSE SIGHTS

    • cutterguy

      lol I like it

  • Climax

    Clinton Gun Control? Seems the Coordinated Clinton Crime Plan, CCCP, is to disarm the public so the Clinton’s can get away with even more criminal activities and if anyone, just like the current Clinton Body Bag occupants, gets in their way, the Clintons feel no remorse in eliminating them. I wish someone would shove a double barreled Shot Gun up her butt, the only probably is that her butt is so big it would probably get lost in there. It would be a tragic loss of a shotgun.

  • hangman57

    Lock that B——–! Up !

  • hangman57

    Really ? Cause Trump vows to put Hillary in prison . So the American People want this done . This woman belongs in Prison for everything she done !

  • Dennis Chase

    They are creating a black market for guns, that will put the drug cartel to shame.

  • Sue Whalen


  • mudguy1

    My dream.
    Hope this dream comes true.

    • Dennis Chase

      Ca`nt wait!

    • Ben

      Priceless Mud.

    • The Redhawk


    • Colon


    • Gene Hull

      2nd that!

  • Jeanette Eaton

    I just read an article where they are thinking about making it mandatory for all adults and children over 12 years old to have tests run to determine whether or not they are “mentally ill” and that the doctors would have to ,not only report it but they would have to put them on medications and, it might even go down to age 7. This would be the driving force to eliminate “undesirable characters” so they would be ineligible to purchase guns. I wasn’t sure how they would be able to eliminate those who were “supposedly” mentally ill, but I can see if they make something like this mandatory , I can see just how it would be able to be done. They are including anyone who falls under the category of depression, which could include someone who has lost a loved one or maybe even was just “under the weather” when the tests were administered. This, of course, will drive medical costs up and the big drug manufacturers will make a fortune off of this whole scheme. The “affordable health care” definitely won’t be, but it will be a ,mandatory thing. This is how they, effectively, want to control gun ownership, but the thing of it is, there is never going to be a way to stop someone from killing someone else with a gun, no matter how many laws they think that they can make to do the job the way they want it done. 1984 has come and gone, but “Big Brother” is here and alive and well.

  • Bill Matthes

    Trouble is Hillary, you aren’t going to be elected. You’re doing nothing but dreaming. That, and trying to blow smoke up your fellow gun-grabbers asses to get their votes. You are going to be very disappointed come November. Hopefully before, if there is justice, and you go to a Federal Prison. as you certainly deserve.

  • Webb

    Who shot them?

  • TOM

    THAT IS ONE THING THEY WON’T ADDRESS. How do you keep criminals from getting guns? Never happen. Hillary you have the worlds largest private army of over 21 million who own weapons. Less than a micro of those people use guns for violence. What happens to the honest and trustworthy gun owners right to keep and use their weapons? If you try to take them you will face the worlds largest private army!!!!!!!! Why do you think some of these countries don’t invade the US??? It is the private army,, you blonde disst!!!!

  • Harvey817

    We already have the best “common sense”gun ever written! IT IS CALLED THE SECOND ADMENDMEN
    Every late that RESTRICTS our Rights is unconstitutional! ThecSecind Amendment is the only Admendment that contains the phrase or clause “SHALL,NOT BE INFRINGED”!
    Anyone that thinks making any more gun laws will control criminal activity has to be as dain bamaged as Clinton!

  • Todd Alfonsi

    This is one dumb broad! She keeps announcing things she supports, that we are against, and don’t want. It will be amazingly sickening if she some how wins, if she cheats, that’s what to expect from her. Never let this nut bag make decisions for America, you won’t like the results. I don’t believe she will win anyhow, unless she cheats.

    • Bill Matthes

      I don’t believe she can win without cheating either. That being said, I’ll bet they do cheat. After all, it worked for them in 2008 and 2012. They not only got the Latino and black vote, they also got the multiple voters, illegal voters, and even magically got some of the dead to vote! Now that’s dedication when you can not only raise the dead, but get them to the polls to vote for your party! We need to keep a very close eye on election night for fraud from the Dems because they WILL cheat and they have world-class liars.

      • Wingedgodd3ss

        You left out pets!!! They reported some guy saw his dogs name on the voting roll-wish I could register my 18 chickens, 3 dogs and my cat….

        • Bill Matthes

          Didn’t hear about peoples pets voting, but it wouldn’t surprise me with their track-record for dishonesty.

    • mudguy1

      Don’t insult the broads.

  • Smitch

    Hillary Clinton = (C)an’t (U)nderstand (N)ormal (T)hinking!

  • Janthony132

    Well she sure is a smart cookie, she really dropped a bomb in gun country.

  • Upaces

    Guess whut, people? Obama bought stock in gun making corps.
    Guess Clinton wiill be doing the same.
    Those guns aren’t going anywhere, woman!

    • Dennis Chase

      We will not comply!

    • Ray


  • Dick

    You just buried yourself Hil. You will never replace the 2nd. amendment. You don’t need any guns because we have your fast ass back. What will you do when you have no federal protection to protect you. You will have plenty of protection when you get to San Quentin. Bye Bye Hil. You made a stupid move girl.

    • Dick

      I meant to say FAT ASS……..next case

      • The Redhawk

        W hiskey
        F oxtrot
        you are forgiven!!! but really how can you ever miss a BLUE Whale like that/??


    I would like to know one thing Hillary you dumb bitch. How are you going to stop criminals from getting Guns? Your stupid gun laws only affect law abiding citizens.

  • Webb

    Hillary Equals Obama…
    #WithoutCruzWeLose…He respects our 2nd Amendment!


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