Hillary Rakes in Nearly $75,000 From Justice Department Employees

May 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton has received nearly $75,000 in political contributions from employees at the Department of Justice, the agency that would decide whether or not to act if the FBI recommended charges against Clinton or her aides following its investigation into her private email server.

Justice Department employees have given Clinton far more money than her rivals, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Donald Trump, according to a review of federal campaign contributions for the 2016 presidential cycle.

Clinton collected $73,437 from individuals who listed the “Department of Justice” as their employer. Twelve of the 228 contributions were for $2,700, the maximum individual amount allowed by law.

The fundraising haul marks a dramatic increase over Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential run in 2008, when she took in 23 contributions totaling $15,930 from employees at the agency, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

  • Climax

    How the heck can she ever show her face in public after something like this comes out. I always thought it was illegal for a government employee to be convinced that they should make political donations. What’s going one here, did she make the threat that those employees employment is subject to change if they do not donate and she get in? Something smells like a week old carp wrapped in newspaper and left in the sun.

  • Gary Smith

    another reason why nothing will happen to her

  • Patrick Driscoll

    Hoping President Trump can get after obuma, LL, Hilary…….for crimes against the state and its people.

  • Ernesto

    They are black mailing every one, That’s why we need to start raising hell, with governors, mayor, state representatives. This congress bullshit people are not doing anything, but letting the time go by until they can say,Oh? We are sorry time of limitations has ran out, they are free to go. Fact! They have had all kind of shit this people have done for over 12 years now, and nothing has been done. All this bullshit you see now is all hogwash, just a bunch of bullshit, brain washing your ass. Thank You for your time, God Bless

  • I guess its true, birds of a feather fly together. Now this completely blows my mind. The only question I have of these people…are you willing to continue to give up your salvation and Gods kingdom for corrupt people, but for a little while, as the time is coming for all of us to go to our graves? Then what?

  • Wambli525

    Now we know the fix is in. Money, money, money makes politics corrupt and the JD illustrates the point perfectly, shame on them. This is another reason to clean house … Trump 2016 !

  • Harvey Thomas Creech

    How is it possible that current employees of the DOJ can make financial contributions to an ex-member of Obama’s Cabinet and also an ex-Senator. Sounds like an ethics violation to me. And if Loretta Lynch lets Hilary off the hook as far as an FBI indictment is concerned, that’s even worse. If it can be proven that Ms. Lynch made contributions to Hilary’s campaign, that might be an impeachable offense(but I’m not a constitutional lawyer). Just wish Obama had been impeached and removed from office before his 1st term ended. Such a lawless administration and the Republicans in Congress did nothing to stop it.

  • Cory Schober

    Of course. Obama mandated it lynch enforced it and “donations” came off the back taxes all the criminals at the Dept. Obstructing Justice owr

  • 1IndianaSeniorCitizen2

    Wonder what kind of coercive force was exerted on them to come up with these donations?

  • JC

    We need a list of the names please—the list will be turned over to the next administration for review !!!!!

  • itsfun

    This just proves the “fix” is in.

  • The Redhawk

    The Department of INJSTICE really shows how IMPARTIAL they are….How much has LORETTA LYNCH Collected or is she TOO busy Rearranging TOILET seats for Tranny JOHNS???

  • gf

    When Donald J. Trump, becomes the POTUS. HRC’s sorry ass, is grass!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Yup, they must be hoping that the Hilda-Beast gets elected so they can cover their butts.
    What is worse though is that this proves just how dishonest the DOJ is, it can not be trusted to do what is right, and can we expect “witch-hunt” style prosecutions, or rather persecutions from them in the future.
    Seems that a house cleaning is needed at the DOJ too.

  • TeaPartyPatriot


    Vote in November




  • Rodney Steward

    Who said she wasn’t above the law! Enough money, you can buy your way out of cold blooded murder, and she basically has!

    • The Redhawk

      Remember how many times Holder lied about ” WE are a Nation of laws”….Omitted to say THE ONES WE MAKE UP ON THE FLY!!! and Loretta keeps at it… more involved in Tranny Bathrooms that Sanctuary cities which as uNLAWFUL

  • BackingTrump

    If you put two and two together, you get missing emails and cutout video’s!!

    • Rodney Steward

      Yep, there’s NO Justice in this Department!

      • The Redhawk

        Not ever since HOLDER the WEASEL SCREWED IT UP

  • Pat Griffin

    And this money from the very ones who are “investigating” her?
    How much more will Killery get away with?
    Where is our legal system??? Oh yeah, it’s in the hands of a good old
    gal Oblamer hand-picked for Attorney General.
    ‘Nuf said.

    • The Redhawk

      Well it IS the PROGRESSIVE minded DOJ of HOLDER/OBLAMO/LYNCH so what can we EXPECT???

    • ricktenny

      The DOJ isn’t investigating Hillary. The FBI is doing that. The DOJ will be presented with the results of the FBI investigation and then will decide weather to Prosecute her or pass.

      Loretta Lynch said on national television that the FBI is made up of nonpolitical career agents and will do a thorough job. If they recommend to the DOJ that a case be brought, that decision will be made by the career attorneys who work for the DOJ will make that decision. Those remarks almost made me feel warm and fuzzy, but she did put that out there.


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