Hillary Still Not Ready: Formal Campaign Launch ‘Delayed Indefinitely’

by Breitbart News  |  published on May 20, 2015


Hillary Clinton is still not ready for her formal presidential launch.

According to Politico, after Clinton officially announced her candidacy on April 12 with a YouTube video, campaign officials said that a “traditional big-picture speech and rally outlining Clinton’s vision for the country’s future and her reason for running” would follow in May.

Clinton is apparently still figuring out what her vision is, why she wants to be president, and the rationale for her candidacy since that formal rollout has now been “delayed indefinitely” and pushed back until at least June, according to the report.

Her rollout has been rocked and big-footed by the numerous revelations about influence peddling and possible pay-to-play donations to the Clinton Foundation in Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer’s blockbuster Clinton Cash book.

  • Bigmanuger

    This vile sub-human has teams of her minions working overtime to figure out,triangulate and concoct ways to cover up the depth of corruption that surrounds this pig ,her husband and now her daughter. They see no wrong with the corruption , the deals cut with thieves, the inside information trading , selling out the nation to satisfy their own desire for untold Ill gotten weath. In their perverted minds they desearve all they can steal, they are different than the stupid people, they are special, like royalty. What’s fun to watch is that their lies , scheams, and what is looking like violations of the law and perhaps treason is starting to catch up with the Hildebeast. Sooner or later something will leak, someone will turn and start talking and then the Hilebeast will be cornered, she’ll come out fighting, taking down anyone anything she can in attempts to deflect the worst of her evil deeds away from her, wouldn’t surprise me , when they are hot on her heels if she throws Bubba under the bus. This should be interesting to watch this if anything.

  • Rhonda Hunt

    If this woman Had a conscience or any shame in her at all she would withdraw and just go away,and give us all a break,what kind of people would support a person like her,other than thieves and liars just like her.—-Jim Hunt

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