Hostage’s Family Lash Out At Whitehouse

by  |  published on January 19, 2016

The family of former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared in Iran nine years ago, slammed the Obama administration Monday for not informing them that their relative was not included in a prisoner exchange announced over the weekend.

“We had to learn it from the TV ourselves, and that’s very disappointing and heartbreaking,” Robert Levinson’s wife, Christine, told the Associated Press. She used stronger language in another interview, telling ABC News that she felt “extremely betrayed” by the White House.

Christine Levinson told ABC that she had tried unsucessfully to meet face-to-face with adminstration officials for the past six weeks. Hours after the prisoner exchange was announced Saturday, she said Deputy National Security Adviser Lisa Monaco called to apologize, claiming the White House had meant to inform her before the news broke, but the Iranian government had leaked the word early.

  • Vangie Martinez

    This kind of stuff will continue to happen if the democrats win. They don’t care about any one but them selves as long as they get their money, higher taxes, special interest and porks they’re as happy as a Lark.

  • Bill

    Wake up People, The Clintons must not be allowed ever ! to be in back in the WH , they are Criminals ! If only half of their crookedness is brought to Public awareness they would be in prison!!

  • Bill

    The White House administration and the Clintons again , need Impeachment Plus Imprisonement !!!! Criminals against America !!!


    That is the present administration in washington, all BRAVO SIERRA from the bunch of BRAVO SIERRA ARTISTS. IMPEACH obummer and his gang of bandits.

  • Vicki Kuner Mattingly

    worthless SB

  • mike

    That is the only thing he is good for. Betraying the American people

  • Luke

    Every American should be lashing out at this WH of liars..


      That should be every TRUE AMERICAN.

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