House fails to override ObamaCare veto

February 3, 2016

The House on Tuesday failed to override President Obama’s veto of legislation that would have repealed much of ObamaCare and defunded Planned Parenthood.

The result was expected, given that an override would have required Democratic support to succeed, but Republicans praised the vote as showing what could happen next year if their party wins back the White House.

The veto override failed by a vote of 241 to 186.

Republicans got the bill to the president’s desk under the process known as reconciliation, which allowed the measure to bypass a filibuster and clear the Senate with 51 votes.

  • KDC

    This is garbage! I thought the republicans had the majority? So why did they need the Democratic support? Obamacare was illegal in the first place. So whats the deal? Oh, I forgot…the both of them have the same agenda. And it’s not for the good of the people.

  • Paul J Sutherland

    Time to clean house and get rid of the democrats. Trump will bring a lot of new republicans into congress and the senate. Clean sweep

  • SDofAZ

    Much ado about nothing. No big surprise that congress did a show and then nothing to back it up. This has been their MO since this prez stepped up in 2008. Dam TRAITORS ALL!

    • KDC

      So right!

  • DocJimmy

    Well, the Dem’s have had 240 years to undo what our founding Fathers had put in place to make this a better country. They’ve managed to turn everything upside down and backwards while the RINO’s let it happen. And; if we get over-run and conquered, the “Air-head” Dem’s will blame Bush – again…

    • bobnstuff

      I would like you to take some time and study the history of our great nation and then see if your statement holds water. I invite you to read the history of the republican party and see if the present party is very much different then the party of the past. I believe you have a very limited knowledge of who our founding fathers really were and what the believed. Go spend a few years reading instead of getting you ideas from others. create some of your own. I would start with the writings of Thomas Jefferson and the read a bio of Lincoln. Lincoln wrote one of the must important EO’s in history for the same reasons that Obama has for his. Learn the true history and then if you believe things need changed at least you won’t be trying to use the good old day as your base. The good old days were worse then today.

      • MeWynne

        to bobnstuff : Don’t be so bloody stupid. The “good old days” absolutely weren’t worse than today. Do you even know what’s going on in the world today, or what Obama had done to this country?

        • bobnstuff

          As I said you have no sense of history and don’t even remember 8 years ago when your savings went up in smoke . How about 10 years ago. Do you remember body bags coming off airplanes. I guess you didn’t watch the twin towers fall 15 years ago.

          and warrantless wiretaps from 2001-2007. You can go back a little farther for J Edger Hoover. I guess you didn’t live through the cold war and get to do duck and cover in school. Ever heard of Joe McCarthy and the red hunts. How about a top tax rate of 90%. Your good old days never were. The Military has never been stronger and the borders have never been more secure then they are today, These are facts. The crime rate is falling and housing prices are going up. Is it a perfect world, no but if you think it’s ever been better you don’t know history.

          • KDC

            Hey, “nstuff”, you haven’t seen anything yet. You wait till they have their way. You’ll see evil then, alright!

          • bobnstuff

            You have been saying that for years, Obama’s coming for our guns, Obama is going to take over the country by declaring martial law, etc. I’ve been waiting for all these things. What is Obama waiting for. He had better hurry, he is almost out of time.

          • MeWynne

            I know about all this things, and I’ve lived in the US since 1968, been a citizen since 1974, and I have NEVER seen the country so divided as it is today because of Obama and his policies. And BTW I never referred to anything as the “good old days”, I was quoting. However, when I immigrated to the US people were basically happy and this country was a wonderful place to be. I still love the country, but I see a tremendous difference in the people – worried, anxious, scared about terrorism – both from without and within – anger about politics that didn’t used to be. Genuine fear about this current administration’s lack of border security – on that subject you’re full of s–t. If someone wants to do a background check on me, they can start with the city PD, County records, FBI, NCIC etc. Syria doesn’t have a damn functioning government at the top, and absolutely NO WAY for us to do background checks on Syrians – it’s a total fallacy – that’s a great big LIE Barack Obama is trying to sell us.
            People have such anger against things like the San Francisco schoolchildren that started this discussion; so-called “progressives” trying to FORCE other people to discard their beliefs, and in fact, their moral standards, their actual behavior, what they teach their children and on and on! And, so called “liberals” who get so angry and obnoxious towards people who don’t believe or think the way they do. And who the hell decided their ideas were “progressive”. I for one don’t consider them progressive, because that is a subjective term.
            Never mind looking at history – WE ALL NEED TO LOOK AT THE PRESENT.

          • bobnstuff

            You blame the President for dividing the country, for creating fear. If you check the facts you might find that there has been a force at work trying to destroy the President and is taking down the country with him. We have more border guards today then we have ever had and would have had more if the republicans in congress had approved the Presidents request. He did ask for help but as with everything the congress blocked it. People are afraid of terrorist attack but since 9/11 we have had 48 people killed by terrorists in the US. The fear is not rational but created by the same people that are trying to attack Obama. People are afraid if the refugees not being vetted but the system we have in place works pretty well. You see we don’t just bring them in and drop them into some town. These people have host families that take care of helping them settle in. They will be watched closely for a year or more. The other thing is the likely hood of terrorist coming in this way is very slim. Why would they waste time sneaking in with a bunch of refugees when all they need boat. Also most of the terrorist have been here for years or are home grown. The media is trying to scare people. Did you know that crime is down in this country, you are safer today then eight years ago. If the country is divided it’s not the actions of the president but his enemy that are doing the damage. While you are looking at facts check out the attack on Planned Parenthood. To listen to the anti abortion people you would think abortions are up but just the reverse is the truth and in places were PP has offices the rate is lower then those places with out family planning. The media is trying to keep you angry so you will keep watching. There also is the scandal of the week, mostly based on lies and half truths. The real reason people were happier was not because things were better but because they weren’t bombarded by bad news 24/7. The world isn’t any darker now it’s just that the media keeps telling you that it is.

      • KDC

        Oh, stop with your arrogant spiel! And again, and if you had any sense to see the current evil, you would not be saying the good old days were worse back then.

        • bobnstuff

          I have been looking for this evil you are so afraid of. I guess that the fact that things are going well, like we aren’t sending our troops to die and our enemies are working with us is blinding me. I’m sorry you aren’t doing well. Much of what you are complaining about I don’t see as a problem.

          • KDC

            Let me set the record straight, nstuff. It’s not fear at all, its anger. Things are going well? Good grief, it’s like talking to a stone. Things in America are worse than they ever have been, thanks to BO. Of course you don’t see a problem. That’s exactly what’s I’ve been saying. Glad you agree.

          • Obwon One

            As far as I can see You are totally full of BS. And either clueless or a moron.


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