How Ronald Reagan Won the Cold War

February 29, 2016

When he took office in January 1981, President Ronald Reagan looked around the world and was greatly troubled by what he saw. For more than three decades, the United States and its allies had striven to contain communism through a series of diplomatic, economic, and sometimes military initiatives that had cost hundreds of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives. And yet communism still controlled the Soviet Union, Eastern and Central Europe, China, Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea and had spread to sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, and Nicaragua.

Whatever its early success, it was clear that the policy of containment no longer worked. The president determined that the time had come to defeat communism based on a simple premise: “We win and they lose.” In his first presidential press conference, Reagan stunned official Washington by denouncing the Soviet leadership as still dedicated to “world revolution and a one-world Socialist-Communist state.” As he wrote in his official autobiography, “I decided we had to send as powerful a message as we could to the Russians that we weren’t going to stand by anymore while they armed and financed terrorists and subverted democratic governments.”

Based on intelligence reports and his lifelong study, Reagan concluded that Soviet communism was cracking and ready to crumble. He first went public with his prognosis of the Soviets’ systemic weakness at his alma mater, Eureka College, in May 1982. He declared that the Soviet empire was “faltering because rigid centralized control has destroyed incentives for innovation, efficiency, and individual achievement.”

  • AKLady2015

    He tripled the national debt.

    • Michael Dennewitz

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      • AKLady2015

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      • AKLady2015

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  • gf

    Donald J. Trump = Ronald Reagan. I know, people will scoff. However, Donald J. Trump, will be the closest POTUS, to the great POTUS, Ronald Reagan.

  • Sky King

    The chief flaw I see with this premise
    being that communism was never actually defeated. Yes the Soviet
    Union as an entity collapsed under its own weight but communism never
    died or even surrendered it simply withdrew to bide its time and
    regroup nestled in the protective confines of U.S. academia and the
    labor unions which thrive in a protected climate where actions which
    would lead to serious criminal penalties are totally excused and
    exonerated as for the greater good. So for the same actions that
    would land Joe Schmo in prison for life such as inciting to riot
    sabotage or conspiracy to commit violence against ones fellow
    citizens private or public property or even murder a union boss can
    walk free. And of course we can’t forget the media.

    We have elected two presidents who have
    been totally anti American in both word and deed but that fact
    doesn’t seem to phase the general public Bill Clinton made an issue
    of how he loathed the American military and how much he admired one
    of the eastern block leaders (I am not sure but I believe that it was
    the same one who was later tried for crimes against humanity) so much
    so that he referred to him as his mentor. Now we have Obama raised in
    a communist household and by his own admission more influenced by his
    Marxist professors a friend to radicals and terrorists who takes
    every possible opportunity to cause discord and when there was an
    opportunity to dispatch the ACA the republican majority folded like a
    cheap suit.

    At one time we had a country which was
    run by citizens who went to Washington represented their constituents
    for the allotted time and then went home back to real jobs living
    under the laws they had helped to create. Today politics is a
    lifetime job for people who have little or no clue as to what life in
    the real world is all about. This is partially because of the
    educational system and the media perpetuating the myth that those the
    party puts up for election are always the best and brightest that the
    district has to offer. Anyone with two firing neurons in their head
    who has ever watched sessions of either house on TV has to come to
    one of two conclusions:

    They are watching some hideous
    parody of the legislative process.

    We are by and large represented on
    both sides by little more than moronic party shills who don’t
    particularly give a damn about the fate of the republic as long as
    their side is the one presiding over its demise.

    Since Reagan called for the wall to
    come down the visible signs may be gone but the ideology is still
    alive and well.

    We have nurtured it in those venues
    mentioned and it has grown strong spreading its poison throughout
    this once great land. There are those who would willingly surrender
    the liberties that those who’s blood has been shed to secure have
    fought to protect since they first landed on these shores They
    honestly believe that those who succeed on their own are inherently
    evil. That they should be punished for the success of their ancestry
    and that turning this nation from the once leader of the free world
    into some third world hell hole will somehow be penance for those

    On the other side of that coin there is
    the fact that without producing anything of substance, sometimes for
    decades on end they are perpetually reelected by a lazy and apathetic
    electorate who are likely to vote a straight party line simply
    because everyone back seven or eight generations identified as D or R
    and none of them realize that neither party is what it was in those
    times. I know I sound very pessimistic and that I am a minority
    compared to the Pollyanna brigade who will always be the ones out
    there saying it couldn’t possibly happen here even as the world turns
    to ashes around them and you can’t imagine how much I hope that I am
    the nutcase but I just do not see the butterflys and rainbows this

    • CharlieSeattle

      Yes, Bush’s BS “Mission Accomplished” statement had the same effect.

    • AKLady2015

      YOu cited Clinton out of context.


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