Ivanka Trump Introduces Her Father Donald at the RNC: He Is ‘the People’s Champion’

by MICHAEL EDISON HAYDEN | ABC News  |  published on July 22, 2016

Ivanka Trump called her father “a political outsider” and “a fighter” while introducing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

“For more than a year,” she said of his run for the presidency, “Donald Trump has been the people’s champion.”

Ivanka Trump, 34, described her father as the type of leader who transcended politics and said she personally didn’t consider herself “categorically Republican or Democrat.”

“Real change is only going to come from outside of the system,” she said, highlighting the fact that her father is not a career politician.

She praised his fight during the Republican primary, saying that he was a “fighter” who “dug deeper” to prevail over a large field of candidates.

  • justinwachin

    Ivanka did an outstanding job. Her speech accomplished many things. Several of the things Democrats have talked about for years, such as pay equity for women, are normal practice for Donald Trump. Not only did her speech introduce her father to America in a totally different light but she made a large part of the Democrat Party’s agenda obsolete. She was one of the best speakers at the convention.

  • Tiger

    She was marvelous just like her brothers and it appears that Democrats and Independents now see the light related to Hillary and they are going with Trump.

    Truth still matters and this convention and Trump are the only place people can hear it.

  • Anouk

    Yvanka is a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Her speech about her father was superb.
    Trump’s children are all smart and hard working. A great American family.

    • Brenda Stephens

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