Jeb Bush: ‘I didn’t see’ memo calling Rubio ‘risky bet’ before it leaked

by Michelle Ye Hee Lee  |  published on November 2, 2015

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush said he did not see a 112-page internal memo by his campaign that included a presentation to donors on why Sen. Marco Rubio was a “risky bet” before the document became public.

“That’s not a hopeful tactic,” host Chuck Todd told Bush on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” in a reference to the candidate’s comments earlier in the interview that he wants to deliver a hopeful, optimistic and aspirational message through his campaign.

“I didn’t see it,” Bush answered.

“It’s your campaign…. You don’t know this memo? You don’t know this PowerPoint?” Todd asked about the memo, obtained by the U.S. News and World Report.

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