Joe Biden won’t run for president

by Stephen Collinson, CNN  |  published on October 22, 2015

Vice President Joe Biden ended months of intense speculation about his political future on Wednesday with a sudden announcement that he wouldn’t seek the presidency, abandoning a dream he’s harbored for decades and putting Hillary Clinton in a stronger position to capture the Democratic nomination.

With his wife, Jill, and President Barack Obama at his side in the White House Rose Garden, Biden said the window for a successful campaign “has closed,” noting his family’s grief following the death of his son, Beau.

Still, Biden, who a spokesman said made his decision Tuesday night, positioned himself as a defender of the Obama legacy, implicitly suggesting that he still views himself as the best possible successor to the President.

  • oldvinnie

    He doesn’t want to be blamed for the crap Obama has done! Can’t blame Bush after 8 years!

  • VirgoVince

    Thank GOD, for small favors!!

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