John Kasich refuses Ted Cruz’s ‘absurd’ calls to quit race

by S.A. Miller  |  published on March 28, 2016

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said Sunday that rival Ted Cruz’s calls for him to get out of the race are “absurd” and that his exit would only hand the nomination to front-runner Donald Trump.

The Ohio governor said that if he had dropped out before winning his home state, which is his only victory so far, Mr. Trump already would have clinched the nomination.

“It’s absurd,” Mr. Kasich said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “Let [anti-Trump voters] consolidate behind me because, frankly, I’m the one that can win in the fall. And I’m the one that can get the crossover vote.”

Mr. Cruz repeatedly has called for Mr. Kasich to get out of the race and clear the way for a one-on-one contest between himself and Mr. Trump. The Texas senator trails Mr. Trump in the delegate race but remains the only other candidate with a plausible, albeit long-shot, path to the nomination.

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