Juanita Broaddrick fears for her life: ‘I don’t feel safe anymore’

September 30, 2016

Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick says she is selling her house because she fears for her life.

Speaking to World Alternative Media, the woman who claims then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, says, “I don’t feel safe anymore.”

“I have my home up for sale now because I live alone in a huge home on 23 acres. It’s just an absolutely gorgeous place,” Broaddrick says.

“I’ve loved it all these years but I just don’t feel safe anymore.”

Broaddrick says she will be building a home on her son’s property.

  • Bob

    Reading the entire article sounds like an episode of the “Sopranos”. Bad enough that Ms. Broderick had to go through that experience, but to have Carmela (oops Hillary) come up to her that way is frightening. Hillary is afraid of Trump going off because someone says something about him, what about her and the “Bimbo Eruptions”? How many more have happened since the IMIPEACHED President left office (and were covered up by the media)? How close will we come to nuking Thailand after a “State Visit” to Bangkok by Bill?

    • Askjrsk

      Clinton machinery body bag intensive. Hope Juanita packs and stays away from gun free zones. Stay out of airplanes, too. All because of Bills raping on one thing we and Bill agree ANYBODY BUT HILLARY

  • rightsright

    You all would understand completely if you do a search on “deaths associated with the Clintons” and “deaths associated with Obama”. Do a search on Donald Trump while you are at it and you will see just who should be in the White House!

    • Askjrsk

      Never Hillary

  • Rodney Steward

    Years ago the mobs all fought each other, is there no one to fight back to the Clinton’s, enough of these BS!

    • Askjrsk

      Certainly not James COMEY or Loretta Lynch!

      • Rodney Steward

        Comey is now their Homey, and Loretta is a good slave, she does as she’s told, Billy-Bob made sure of that!

        • Askjrsk

          She barks and jumps just like ZHillary

        • Askjrsk

          Good slave do as I say. Let me on your airplane.

          • Rodney Steward


  • justinwachin

    I bet Hillary Clinton, the “champion” of women’s rights, will not come to Ms. Broaddrick’s aid. It’s odd that Hillary treats Bill Clinton’s victims differently than she treats other rape/sexual harassment victims.

    • Askjrsk

      Unfortunately that’s a no brainer. She is not for women , rape victims rights. She as well as Bill see women as play toys.

  • Bowserb

    There is only one thing that can be said to many who have crossed the Clintons: Rest In Peace.
    Get out, lady. Change your name and hide. If Hillary is elected, it will be open season on everyone she wants out of the picture before the next election.

    • Rodney Steward

      And might even be us on these forums!!:-)

    • Askjrsk

      Hillary is dangerous. She will make Hitler look like a beginner.

  • Askjrsk

    Look what happened to Chief Justice Scalia. Remote resort, perfect health and… Clinton machine has long powerful arms. One just couldn’t tell it by their figure heads Obama Hillary James COMEY

    • rightsright

      Yes first two men come in the day before and leave on separate planes the next morning after Scalia was found. First a pillow over his head and then it was above his head! BS you say it right the first time. Scalia needed to be removed because he was inconvenient in his belief in God and America!!

      • Askjrsk

        Clinton machine at work!

  • Karll

    She has perfectly valid reasons to fear retribution
    from the clinton crime family.

    • Askjrsk

      Rape one. What’s another body bag to this machinery?

      • Kristijgooch1

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