Koch Bro. Pledges “Tens of Millions” to Spoil Trump Run

May 19, 2016

Billionaire businessman and philanthropist David Koch has pledged “tens of millions of dollars” to help bankroll the campaign of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, according to a source within Johnson’s campaign.

Koch’s money will be made available should Johnson, a former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico, secure his second consecutive Libertarian Party presidential nomination, the source said.

The Libertarians will select their presidential ticket during the party’s national convention later this month in Orlando.

When asked about Koch’s eight-figure pledge to support Johnson, a source close to David Koch did not deny that such an agreement is in place.

A Koch spokesman declined to comment on the record.

  • madmemere

    Someone needs to tell the koch boys to “bugger off”, go join forces with sorryazz george -they’d be “three of a kind”!

  • shavager

    A Libertarian candidate trying to stop Trump just GIVES the White House, Senate BACK to DemocRATS and the CLINTON CARTEL will be naming Supreme Court Justices that will TAKE RIGHTS FROM ALL OF YOU!! There is only ONE choice in November–Trump OR SOCIALISM!~

  • Gail

    This site must belong to the Koch bros. Everytime I post about them being big time lobbyists mine never shows up Like Facebook huh !

  • Gail

    The Koch bros. are big time lobbyists. Their money is going to buy their candidates that will keep their illegals flowing .They are like Kristol/Romney/Bushs/Erikson/Becker these people make their money making people believe what they want them to know just like the GOP in The State of Washington just gave Cruz their delegates even though he is not in the race . They are hell bent on breaking the backs of the remaining Americans and there are a lot of us out here . Even if you don’t like Trump you have got to wonder why they are so bent on making us take whoever they want for President ?

  • Helga miller

    David Koch stop it!! Who asked you to choose our next President? This money could be put to better use besides trying to undermine our election process.

  • Athanasios1

    Good. Now all the Bernie Sanders supporters will have someone to vote for instead of Hitlary.

  • robert sanders

    this is called DIRTY POLITICS

  • justinwachin

    H Ross Perot spent a lot of his own money and was unable to pick up a single electoral vote. At the time some credited him with pulling away enough votes from George HW Bush to make Bill Clinton the president. The Koch brothers may think that somehow this time will be different, but that isn’t likely. What is likely is their efforts will elect Hillary Clinton president.

    I’m not a Donald Trump fan, but Mr. Trump would be a better president than Hillary. I don’t want to do anything that would give us another Clinton administration.

  • Elaine Morris

    Arrested: Demonstrators chanted slogans like “one person, one vote” and “money out of politics

    The demonstrators chanted slogans like “one person, one vote” and “money out of politics” as they sat on the East Front of the Capitol. One sign read “Things go better without Koch,” a reference to the billionaire businessmen David and Charles Koch, who have promised to lead an almost $900 million campaign to back favored candidates this election cycle.

    The demonstrators also protested state voter ID laws, saying they suppress voter participation. Another chant protested Democratic “superdelegates” — party figures, such as members of Congress, who are given votes at the Democratic National Convention but are not elected by primary elections or at party caucuses.

    Police led dozens of protesters away in plastic handcuffs into a bus and shuttle vans, prompting cheers from the two groups of protesters, which were separated by a large police response.


  • reggie

    Well, get ready for president hitlery. thanks Kock brother.

  • Peter Pihun

    Koch brothers need to get over it. They are very poor losers. Let them squander their money away like they did on Jeb Bush.

  • Bill Cash

    It’s his money to waste. Money is a necessity in the elections these days. But it is not the reason Trump has been so successful.

  • nokabosh

    Unlike Hillary the Koch brothers realize Trump can’t be bought .

  • Nina814

    Proof that money does not necessarily make your brain grow neurons.

  • SDofAZ

    Koch, Soros and so many other rich turds think we are idiots and they are not. Wrong, they are the idiots. Trump for president in 2016. Go Trump!

  • Ken says

    Koch’s have kissed it up with the Establishment before and this is probably just another on of their deals. When they don’t get their way the money flows and they can’t buy influence with Trump. Just remember who the a__holes are.

  • Jack Burns

    The Kochs went from Patriots to Slimeballs in just a few short months

  • CharlieSeattle

    Remember, the people manned the guillotine, not the kings!

  • Joseph Le Bard

    Put that money into something productive for society be responsible . atone

  • gavinwca

    Koch can add millions more of wasted money, to try and defeat trump if he wants. The American people are tired of the RINO fascist, buying all the elections and filling important post in government with crony capitalist who have a love for the citizens money and their own self gradification. Wast your money if you want on another useless liberal it will not change our vote for Trump.

  • Vangie Martinez

    They are wasting their money what a bunch of fools. Johnson is ok, but, not someone you want to run the Country. I live in New Mexico I should know. At that time he was in his right mind, not, on this Legalize Pot Trip like he is now. Any way the only reason why they are bank rolling him is for him to be their puppet and he certainly will be that. He would be another one to give our Country away on a Silver Platter.

  • This whole Koch tirade is about the push for open borders and a new world order. Trump is opposed to their long range plan, and they know it.

  • cunning

    Now for the real deal, If you were worried about losing all those special money making deals with the democrats you would do the same, the whole point is taking votes away from trump at all cost, so Hillary can be anointed queen.
    Its not going to happen because we know its not about saving America, its all about him and his money getting Hilderbeast into the white house.

  • Jon Ockunzzi

    Click on the full article link. It has been updated. It now says that Koch denies the pledge to support Gary Johnson.

    • Smart Southerner


  • elmcqueen3

    A lot of folks especially the Democrats portray the Koch brothers as being Republicans…which is incorrect…the Koch brothers have always been Libertarians…Now you know.

  • Jon Ockunzzi

    Who is Gary Johnson? I mean, WHO IS GARY JOHNSON? What does he possibly have to offer to prevent Islamic terrorists from entering our country? Stop illegal immigration? Defeat ISIS? Lessen racial tension? Get us out of debt? And that’s just for starters. David Koch could better spend his “tens of millions” to help jump-start a fix for the VA, or Lady Obama’s school lunch program, or Obamacare.

  • Smart Southerner

    Did anyone see the Libertarian debate? Gary Johnson is a fruitcake.


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