Miss Universe pageant declares the show must go on, but will anyone see it?

by Hollie McKay | FOXNews.com  |  published on July 1, 2015

NBC-TrumpLOS ANGELES – What are the 51 state beauty pageant winners gearing up for July 12’s Miss USA pageant going to do now?

NBC dumped Donald Trump on Monday and said the network would not be involved with – or even air – their jointly-owned Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

The Miss Universe Organization said in a statement sent to FOX411 the organization is “built on a foundation of inclusion” and they are “disheartened” by the recent events, but the show must go on.

  • VirgoVince

    Do what ya gotta do, Donald, we’re with YOU!!
    How does nbc think they have enough ‘good’ shows that they can afford to be so picky!! Their ratings are WAY down!
    Maybe, 2-3 shows out of their entire line-up are watchable!!

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