Obama administration delivered illegal immigrant children to predators, lawmakers say

by Stephen Dinan  |  published on January 29, 2016

The Obama administration sent illegal immigrant children into “modern-day slavery” by turning them over to sponsors who forced them into child labor or subjected them to sexual abuse, members of Congress said Thursday as they demanded top child protection officials explain how it could have happened.

Social workers don’t verify all sponsors’ identities, don’t make site visits to see the conditions they’re sending the children to, don’t insist on follow-up visits to see how the kids are doing and don’t consider serious criminal records — including child sex charges — automatic disqualification for hosting a child, congressional investigators said.

  • Larry

    I don’t blame Trump for ignoring the Fox debate. If I did not like the moderators just because they have long noses or what ever, I have choices. Some political people think we should not have choices. This includes the fly by media.

  • BOC

    There is no smoking gun or mushroom cloud.

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