Obama Attacks Trump…Again

May 16, 2016

President Barack Obama on Sunday urged college graduates to shun those who want to confront a rapidly changing world by building walls around the United States or by embracing ignorance, as he delivered a sharp and barely concealed critique of Donald Trump.

Obama used his commencement speech at Rutgers University to illustrate a world view antithetical to the ideas espoused by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Looking out at a sea of red and black gowns, Obama told the roughly 12,000 graduating students that the pace of change on the planet is accelerating, not subsiding, and that recent history had proved that the toughest challenges cannot be solved in isolation.

“A wall won’t stop that,” Obama said, bringing to mind Trump’s call for building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. “The point is, to help ourselves, we’ve got to help others — not pull up the drawbridge and try to keep the world out.”

The president never mentioned Trump by name, but his intended target seemed clear. Repeatedly, Obama referred to disparaging comments about Muslims and immigrants, and opposition to free trade deals. But he appeared most incensed by what he described as a rejection of facts, science and intellectualism that he said was pervading politics.

  • Bob

    “embracing ignorance”…Is this not the motto of the modern Democratic Party? Does this not accurately describe the average Obama or Hillary supporter?

  • daquain

    Regarding the temporary halt to Syrian immigration that Trump called for, Obama’s favorite line is “That’s not who we are”. It’s time that someone stands up and says that “They (Muslims) are not who we are and we don’t want them”.

  • Florie Hintze

    Obama knows exactly what he is doing, by making more gimme’s gets his party more votes; they are all self- centered Godless Bunch, they don’t care about others or the country…. They may be more educated (questionable) .. Butt they have no morals or heart…and they vilify Trump… Bet he Trump has a better side than most of the so called intellectuals??? He raised a beautiful family, smart and successful in their own, unlike most if the elite’s children who only indulge themselves, and drug addicts. TRUMP GO
    We Trust you!

  • Upaces

    ILLEGALS: We have been going at backwards.

    There are too many to deport. There were old laws about this. It was so long ago, I forget the exact amount. It was like $50.00 for labor. Of course Construction sites hired them vs. U.S. Citizens. They work cheaper.

    Housing them in apartments–Of course they would pay Penalty because they had them with a year’s lease.

    Install Fangs..For anyone who hires the Illegals, Fine them $25,000 for each Illegal. IF you rent or sell a home to them, $50,000 for each Illegal who lives in the home. Corporations know better.

    Where I live? It is a beautiful Mobile Home Modeled for the series and movie, “South Fork Ranch.” Remember JR Ewing from the movie and weekly show on TV “Dallas.” Community (700 homes) with Tennis Courts, Basketball courts, Swimming pool; Party room for family reunions, wedding receptions; and three lakes on the property stocked with fish.

    The name of the Corporation is: “Yes Properties.”
    IF you go to any search engine, Yes Properties are all over the place.

    We don’t have to spend the $ building a wall; and the huge amount to deport them for them to go back to Mexico; and turn right around a month later to come back to the U.S.

  • exoticdoc2

    As if a worthless piece of human debris like the Obamanation can legitimately criticize anyone. His record as the worst president this nation has ever seen, bar none, means only a fool would listen to such a piece of garbage.

  • snowyriver

    I would do all I could to see that Trump did not become the next president, knowing that I would be arrested soon after he was a legal president he would have me arrested for crimes committed while I was in office, and before.

  • democrat CockRoach

    The liberal graduation garb exposed for the fraud it is.

  • I suggest that all College students begin to do their own research on the happenings of this Country and find out for themselves why we are going the way toward a more Liberal set of ideas, then I suggest they put two and two together and they will find the truth. The greatest truth lies within other Countries. Human Nature can go two ways…good or bad. World War II would be an excellent place to start. Read about Hitler and look at his character and wants. This man was filled with bad human nature and he ended up killing thousands of Jews and others. Find out why.

  • reggie

    Dear College Graduate. Congratulations, job well done. Now, when you look for a job and can’t find one, thank the president, and congress for their desire to expand H1B workers. If you’re lucky enough to find a job, like the Disney IT people, you can even stay for an extra 3 months to train your non-citizen replacement. Thank Bill Clinton, you know the one married to the woman who would be president, for signing NAFTA. That’s where a lot of manufacturing jobs went, so you have fewer choices in industry. If, God forbid, one of your family members is killed by an illegal drunk driver, it will be too late. If a loved one is murdered by an illegal, remember the speech. The ‘North American Community, and other trade agreements will pit you against workers from other countries. You need more money to pay you r massive school loan. The others don’t have that burden, and will work for less. Who will take your job? I wish you well. Please think.

  • Ramon1710 .

    “Obama referred to disparaging comments about Muslims and immigrants, and opposition to free trade deals. But he appeared most incensed by what he described as a rejection of facts, science and intellectualism.”

    Dictator Ovomit is a living rejection of facts, science and intellectualism, as his joint worship of Saul Alinsky and Machiavelli demands it.

  • Ramon1710 .

    Hahaha. The “great law professor” with no credentials chiding others for embracing ignorance. But when he embraced communism and islam, that was OK. Barry the racist hypocrite!

  • mike

    People need to realize that when all of these immigrants start pouring into America we all lose,Especially the black population because he is giving them financial funding which will take away from people who really need it.Boy these dumocrats sure know how to use the black people to get what they want and then throw them to the curb.Wake up he is only using you

  • justinwachin

    Barack Obama has ruined our nation. I find it hard to believe any reputable university would want him to speak to their students. Barack Obama has been the most incompetent and corrupt president in American history. He has created a mountain of problems. I find it unbelievable that anyone would value anything this president has to say.

    • reggie

      When you have scum like Bill Ayers at Th U of Illinois, Chicago, what do you expect. Don’t forget 0b0 was a lecturer. NO he was not a professor.

  • SDofAZ

    Help em, we tried. NAFTA benefited the NWO elites in Mexico not the workers. In Mexico employment is the cartel, the fields or the NAFTA thieves. Now they want the US in the same boat with welfare hordes flooding our borders and taking jobs legal citizen’s need. NOT! What a putz. And I suppose the grads believed his lies. Arrogant narcissistic sociopath and he shows it everytime he opens his mouth. Liar in Chief!!!

  • Timothy Thompson

    Another college lecture from Obama who somehow never wanted to display his college records spending millions to fight stop we the people from seeing who this imposter really is. Colleges are nothing more than leftest training grounds for heads full of mush. Parents don’t send them to their breeding grounds of discontent.

  • ItsJo

    Obama actually DOES Hate this Republic, as per his Mentor-COMMUNIST, Frank Marshall Davis of Chicago/Hawaii. He set out to carry on with “White Hatred that Davis taught him, and Obama HAS carried out their Agenda.” It would now be the “Globalist Elitists, and His Puppet Master, Evil George Soros, who Wants a “One World Order” with NO Borders, and this is what Obama IS doing/Has Been Doing.
    BTW: It is rumored that Obama wants to be president of the Crooked U.N….well
    that would give him Another position to “Take Down Arrogant(his words) America, and Continue to STICK IT TO AMERICA THRU THE CROOKED U.N.” This man is an Evil, Narcissist who has been catered to ALL his Hidden Life.”
    He bashes Trump, as WE the people KNOW, that Trump DOES Love America, and wants to KEEP AMERICANS SAFE….OBAMA DOESN’T CARE ABOUT AMERICANS NOR THIS REPUBLIC. Obama made a mess in the Whole M.E., as he IS aligned with HIS Muslim Brotherhood he wanted in POWER. He should have been REMOVED from office, for putting Americans in Danger, with his “Illegal Alien/Refugee Invasion-turning us into a DUMPING GROUND WITH HIS INVASION”

    • reggie

      And congress bent over, smiled and said yes master, whatever you say master.

  • Eric Rohn

    See the way the Democrats investigate Trump; apply the same rules to Obama and see what you find. Obama sealed all of this records. Ever wonder why? Does he have something to hide? Of course, why else hide it!

    • Rodney Steward

      Why has our Gov. aloud this man to live, use to they had no problem taking out a mad man! I think they all want the same thing, BIG GOV. and BIG MONEY = POWER!!

      • SDofAZ

        So right. The rinos in congress are the dems and visa versa. Vote em all out. Vote Kelli Ward in AZ. She is running against McCain and is a good conservative republican. Make this McCain’s LAST YEAR!

        • Rodney Steward

          Lord, please vote out McCain!! This has been one of Obama’s favorite lap dawgs, and has been a disgrace to the V.A. and really to our military!

  • Eric Rohn

    Donald Trump represents a return to the traditional values that made America great in the first place. No other nation has acheived what we have so why would any reasonable person think that making us like everyone else would be an improvement. Obama hates America and Americans because because he knows that he isn’t one of us and never will be. He is just a puppet of some other wealthy fools. May they all begone before they have done irreputable damage. The Democrats have for decades worked to have the fools that over the asylum. No country can be great unless everyone contributes. The welfare class will be the downfall of us all.

    • SDofAZ

      Cuf off the welfare spigot and that does not include SS for seniors. They paid their money into it and it is not an entitlement. It is owed as in a loan to the folks who paid that tax their whole working careers. And our government spent it like it was their own money funded out to blow. That is a loan in my humble opinion, not an entitlement. If it had been invested as in other countries the seniors would be getting much more. Yet BO is paying illegal aliens more than our seniors in many cases. Shame, shame shame. Such a dishonest and unethical man is BO.

  • Eric Rohn

    Why does anyone listen to this fool. He is anti-American in his ways although he says otherwise. Unfortunately, he could sell horse shit to a race track and lawn mowers to the Eskimos; he is now selling a load of crap to the uneducated and unknowing and gullible. Progressive/liberalism is just another name for “I don’t want to follow any rules or do what’s right for the majority”. “I just want what I think is best for me.” And, I have no view of the future effects of my ridulousness of the present.

    • Rodney Steward

      All these young idiots want is a cell phone and their safe places with all things free! The lost Generations is the perfect name!

  • Noah Rosenblum

    Obummer’s legacy = Transgender Toilet; I already named our 2 toilets the Obummer rooms.

  • And to end my speech to all of you collage Graduates that have no common since and need to have everything written down for you to remember.
    I would like for you to keep your eyes open for the new bathroom signs and remember your President and Dictator wants to make everything easier for you from now on . Remember I have decided to allow you to use any bathroom you desire.
    And that goes for you ladies as well as you gentlemen and students of all Collages and Universities as well as grades K thru 12.
    And if you have any problems with any faculty please report them and I will cut off all Government Aid provided to that Learning Institution.
    Now Go and May Allah be with you and May Allah Bless the USA.

  • Luke

    The epitome of ignorance originates at the WH. obozo has been over his head as president since he was elected, he has no idea about American values or even what America ever stood for, he thinks we are a third world country like kenya where he was born. I can stand that no good muzzie and I’ll be glad when he’s gone..
    Imagine a ignorant liberal talking down to Trump who is more accomplished than he will ever be..

    • ajareins

      Liberal? He is a friggin communist

    • Tony Nash

      Democrat Philosophy: more power in the government = good! Example: Chicago. Result: Chicago today. Bankrupt, corrupt and a failed city for everyone involved. People are leaving as fast as they can. Infecting the entire state!

      • Tony Nash

        And the final straw: the Obama museum and presidential library. Build it on a barge and sink it in the lake!

        • Ramon1710 .

          Situated within a sewage reclamation center seems more appropriate.

  • TexRancher

    Kenya Boy continues to ignore several facts: We do help other nations (more than any other country in the world) and we do have legal means to come to this country. However, in order to keep this country safe from terrorists and other evil doers, we must have boundaries and the ILLEGAL INVASION demands that they be enforced by physical barriers! We must also have limits to how many we take in during any time! We must limit them to how many we can afford, they must satisfy certain established qualifications and above all else, they must be able and willing to ASSIMILATE! This country simply cannot be the dumping grounds for the rest of the world and survive!

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      do you mean you are not going to fall for the guilt trip that he is trying to lay on us.

      • judge45colt

        not just no, but hell no


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