Obama Ignores 80% of American Public

by Ben Wolfgang - The Washington Times  |  published on September 11, 2015

With enough votes in Congress to ensure the survival of his landmark nuclear deal with Iran, President Obama on Thursday turned his attention to other constituencies as the White House ramps up efforts to sell the agreement to a skeptical public.

The president, along with other officials such as Secretary of State John Kerry, met with veterans and Gold Star Mothers — mothers of men or women who died in the line of duty — at the White House.

  • KDC

    Let’s face it, their numbers are wrong, it’s more like 99.999% of the time he ignores American public.

  • dumbvet

    BHO is a narcissistic piece of s$&@!

  • Dave In Arizona

    “Obama Ignores 80% of American Public” So, what’s new?

  • Nancy

    I’m so sick of this SOB president. What the hell is the matter with this country, has everyone gone against the US in favor of this asshole Obama.????

  • jdbixii

    When 80% of the public ignores Obama, he will be gone. It could well be that his ignorance of 80% of us means that we will be gone too. It would only take one really persuaded patriot to correct the situation. Obviously, he is not to be found in the Secret Service.

  • I really wish someone would make maggot food out of this homosexual muslim pig, Hussein Obama, the Queer!l May he die soon in agony with no help coming! Same as he and Hillary left our men in Bengazi, may the same happen to them! Piss on this Queer and his entire Administration of Tyrants! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul, Allah is nothing but Satan himself!

  • Rich Reason

    Who and the hell are these veterans and gold star mothers who would meet with this piece of shit !!!

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    In my book, those who vote in favor of the treaty with Iran are treasonous rat dastards that don’t deserve the trust of the American People. The treaty is a travesty and it calls to mind Neville Chamberlain declaring, “Peace in our time.” The “Traitor In Chief” is either naive and a fool or is intent upon unleashing a Machiavellian plan to permanently weaken or destroy the United States. One can plainly see his efforts to support the establishment of a Muslim Caliphate in the Middle East. We don’t need to see his birth certificate to know he’s not an American; his actions prove it.

  • byron garretson

    Bad ignorant people commenting here. they have no idea of what they speak.

  • pete G

    This is exactly why 80% of us should march on the white house and physically throw this Muslim, Socialist, lying, racist, to the gutter where he belongs.

  • KDC

    Poor Israel! Pray for the peace of Israel. Pray for America too. We now are a target.
    Next election vote these weak sell outs out of office.

  • Walt

    This explains it all. Kerry is in bed with Iran.

    In a greeting to the Iranian people on the occasion of the
    traditional New Year (Nowruz) holiday last week, Secretary of State John Kerry exposed a secret that journalists and academics have been agonizing over for the past six weeks: the fact that his daughter has married an Iranian-American who has extensive family ties to Iran.

    “I am proud of the Iranian-Americans in my own family, and grateful for how they have enriched my life,” Kerry said in the official statement. Kerry also said he was “strongly committed to resolving” the differences between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran, “to the mutual benefit of both of our people.”

    Politicians like to keep their families off-limits to the press, a decorum enforced vigorously when it comes to politicians who are in favor with the national media but ruthlessly discarded for others. But in Kerry’s case, there could be larger ramifications.

    Since its inception, the FBI has vetted U.S. government officials involved in national security issues, and it generally won’t grant clearances to individuals who are married to nationals of an enemy nation or have family members living in that country, for fear of divided loyalties or, more simply, blackmail.

    Behrouz (Brian) Nahed and Vanessa Kerry Nahed are both resident physicians at Mass General in Boston.

  • The Redhawk

    So now it Seems that Obama believes that a 20% is a Majority….Apparently this PATHOLOGICAL Lying Machine is beginning to Believe HIS LIES!!!

  • Richard Schwartz

    How many democrats took money from Irian lobbyist and will these people be exposed? I bet. Two things happened, Obama threats and the payoff. Being democrats nobody read the information

  • Richard Schwartz

    The correct name for the Iran deal is the “SELLOUT”

  • Pam

    Another Soetoro lie: I think the most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer. What he meant was: “it’s the second most beautiful – the MOST beautiful sound is MY VOICE”
    This megalomaniacal narcissist truly believes that all he has to do is talk and people will trip over themselves to do what he wants. The problem is there are so many shallow people (and weak people that are terrified of being called racist) in this country that he has had enough success at this to confirm his own delusion.
    Also, have you noticed that he and his “wife” will do ANYTHING to avoid spending time in the White House? Two reasons, they hate it and everything it stands for and they know that while they are there they are easier targets.

    • pete G

      At the risk of being called a racist i would put this POS right up there with Hitler himself. Wake up fools and smell the stench.

  • TexRancher

    Obama ignores AMERICANS? Of course he does!

    But then, what can we expect from a Kenyan born, Anti-AMERICAN, Anti-CONSTITUTION, muslim who hates this country and the principles on which it was founded? (This opinion formed by watching his own words and actions)

    Further, what does that say about the political snakes who support his treasonous actions that put all of us at great risk? They are as much TRAITORS as he is! That includes the RINOs who kiss up to him and are too C.S. to stand up again the plans he puts forth designed to destroy this country!

    • pete G

      Their going to find out exactly who he is right after he’s gone. And to escape punishment he will probably go back to his homeland in Kenya. You heard it here first. He pulled the wool over 340,000,000 people’s eyes.

      • Rhonda Hunt

        pete G No he did not pull the wool over 340 million peoples eye’s,,just those that voted for this turkey,there was more than enough information available on Obama seven years ago to expose this impostor for who and what he is,but no one could penetrate the mind set that prevailed at the time,the democrats don’t trust the republicans and the republicans don’t trust the Democrats,lying is a way of life in Washington DC,and no one gives the truth a second glance or any thought,both parties are corrupt,the whole of Government,religion,and most of America’s people are corrupt,but we are not a lone,this Spirit prevails on a world scale,every nation on earth to one degree or another is rotten and due to pass away we are seeing its death throes now,its only a matter of time,we are seeing the same thing repete its self with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton,people are now willing to replace one tyrant with another.—–Jim Hunt

  • 7papa7

    Make sure that you see how your members of congress vote and make sure you vote them out of office at the earliest opportunity. Until then inundate all offices with emails and phone calls against obama’s attempt to destroy our country.

    • TexRancher

      Make sure that includes the communists in Congress and are listed as members of the DSA. (Democrat Socialists of America)

      • 7papa7


        • The Redhawk

          AYE AYE !!

      • pete G

        Nakita Kruzchev said our grand kids will bury you Americans or did he mean Barry you.

    • The Redhawk

      EVERY member of the Progressive Anarchist Pathological LYING party that Votes for the Obama Iran Disaster MUST BE VOTED OUT of OFFICE Or SUED for INCOMPETENCE and DERELICTION OF DUTY!

      • 7papa7

        They should be tried as accessories for every crime from theft to murder to terrorism. They should also be given the maximum penalty.

        • The Redhawk

          and Dealt with the most expeditious and cheapest method… BUllets

          • 7papa7

            A rope and a tree works well also and you can reuse the rope.

          • The Redhawk

            Very Cost Effective… I;ll Buy that!

          • 7papa7

            I don’t work for the government so I don’t waste money. However is a tree or rope aren’t available a bullet will do just fine.

    • The Redhawk


    • Kent2012

      that would require voting out all of the democrapos and at least 20 of the pretenda republicans…..it is doable…and the country and the world would be better off…

      • 7papa7

        I’m all for it. We need to dump everyone with a D after their name which also includes all RINO’s.



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