Obama meets with GOP leaders on court fight

March 2, 2016

In an awkward Oval Office sit-down that lasted less than an hour, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, delivered their case for refusing to consider any nominee to the highest court during the throes of a presidential election. Their Democratic counterparts, meanwhile, resolved to “continue beating the drum,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid told reporters after the meeting.

The gathering was the first time the leaders have met since Justice Antonin Scalia’s death last month set off an election-year clash over the Supreme Court vacancy. While the men huddled at the White House, the Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was ready to pick up momentum in several state primary contests Tuesday.

Democrats were quick to tie the Republican leadership’s stance to their party’s front-runner.

“All we want them to do is fulfill their Constitutional duty and do their job, and at this stage, they decided not to do that,” Reid said. “They think that they can wait and see what President Trump will do, I guess.”

Vice President Joe Biden, and Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the ranking Democrat on the committee also attended the meeting and posed for photos with smiles frozen to their faces.

  • John Styles

    In 1960, the Democratic Senate passed a resolution to NOT confirm any SCOTUS appointment during Eisenhower’s last year in office and to maintain that resolution during last year vacancies. Now, the Democrats want todismiss that resolution because doing so is politically expedient, although unethical.

  • outlawdealer

    Obama has not obeyed his duty to protect the constitution so he sure should not be allowed to appoint anyone that would further decimate it.

  • As Cornyn, my second Senator from Texas, the other of course, Cruz, has maintained a D-score from NumbersUSA now down to a F- and doesn’t seem to care, and Cruz is always managed an A+-A-, but I want Cornyn’s score to go up for what he did on the Senate floor about the vacancy. He brought out three large cardboard posters of exactly what Reid, Biden and Schumer said right before it was their turn at the White House and a nominee had to be picked, they all said we had to wait and it was what the American people wanted. But now that the shoe is on the other foot…Cornyn ended his presentation by calling it the Reid Rule, the Biden Banner and the Schumer Standard. As they come and go calling it “unprecedented,” Cornyn just showed it was not and has never been. The American people have made a choice and should have a Republican select the nominee.

    • starkey

      what happened? you need to be more clear. These people have no shame.
      It is all greed, power, and money. Posters? Where? They really should try
      Obomb-us and Clinton for treason and hang them: no guns necessary.

  • The Redhawk

    after 7+ years of Reid and the IMAM of the White Mosque Ignoring the GOP elected Officials.. as Jeremiah said :” THEM CHIKINS have CUM hum to ROOST” and the Party of HYPOCRITES ( aka D) seem to be getting WADDED PANTIES and DEPENDS for Dinner Napkins……and memory lapses as far as what JOE PLUGS BIDEN and SCHMUCKIE SCHUMER said about SCOTUS appointments in the past when W was our LAST President!

  • Ken says

    It’s not nice to push the RINOs that have made it possible for you to run wild for the last 7 years. Those poor Professional Politician RINOs are fighting for their job and livelihood. The RINOs in the GOP and Congress are spinning out of control at the thought of losing Power. Establishment & Puppets – are done.

    • The Redhawk

      AWW CUT the RINO BS and lets KEEP DUMMIECRATS from Getting what they want and SHILLIARRY out of the WH…unless we UNITE The ULTRA RIGHT WINGERS will ELECT the SOW…and give us another LIBTARD on SCOTUS….. TIME for some MATURITY to be Shown by all NON LIBERALS

      • Ken says

        The RINO “BS” is what has the USA where it is today – we have had 27 years of changing control of the White House and Congress and nothing changes – the Progressive agenda keeps moving forward. After 27 years of control by the Establishment and their Puppets the Liberal RINOs and DEMs. The big joke the GOP flaunted was the Republicans have control of Congress. In the House they threw out Boner and put Ryan in as Obama’s pocket Puppet but voted to fund Obamas EO on the 5 million Criminal Illegal Immigrants and his budget and funded Obamacare and on and on and on.. In the Senate McConnell and the 20 other RINOs that have been so clearly identified by their voting record give Obama what ever he wants. The Establishment and the Professional Politicians are in Panic Mode because they see the gravy train about to come to an abrupt hault.

        Voters and Taxpayers are sick and tired of empty promises and lies to get elected and then getting flipped off when the candidate they elected gets to Washington. Voters finally see the light and are writing the walking papers for the Crony Capitalist Establishment and all the Professional Politician Puppets. This is the year of change.

        • The Redhawk

          SO many words while saying NOTHING…Face it We the People are the Guilty ones by having allowed Professional Politicians to take over and now we are left to Scrape the Bottom of the CESSPOOL of politics for “candidates” and the Progressives have even LESS..BUT PAID VOTERS via Entitlements….THERE ARE NO STATESMEN left to choose FROM…WHY WE have not held anyone to ACCOUNTABILITY…. Now T-rump the seeming final candidate is picking on the Speaker of the House without having a clue that anything he hopes to accomplish may be TIED up in COMMITTEES for 4 years and have him Babbling like an ORANGE BABBOON all that time……Government is not HIS PRIVATE COMPANY…it takes some king of STATESMANSHIP like we LAST SAW with RONALD MAXUMUS!

          • Ken says

            No one had the balls to say that Ryan was the loser that went down with the 2012 Romney/Ryan RINO Ticket. John Boner arranged the marriage between Obama and Ryan and Ryan has delivered 100 % to Obama. Ryan is trying to make Conservative sounds because the Establishment will pull him up to be on the ticket if they think Bush, Cruz, Rubio or Kasich are not going to stop Trump. The Establishment wants to have their selected candidate running in both parties. They made the mistake of not having control of both Parties in 1980 and do NOT intend to let it happen again.

          • The Redhawk

            YOU do Speak with the TOOTH FAIRY don’t you???

          • Ken says

            Red – I’ll leave the fairies and leprechauns to you to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with. If you pay attention – next year you can say “yeah – I knew about that”. Do you have your list of the 20 RINOs in the Senate so you can follow the playlist?

  • Ken says

    That’s OK BoBo – your daddy may think you’re a failure but the Citizens of the USA will stand behind the fact that you really screwed up America.

  • Debbie

    History has a way of repeating itself, It hasn’t been that long ago the Dem’s said the same thing. Are they saying they were wrong then, Are we just wrong now, which is it.

  • starkey

    hypocrites: obomb’us is always deceitful: good riddance

    • I do not believe he will go quietly into the night. I think we may need crowbars, tar and feathers to get his out of his Mosque House.

      • starkey

        Kathy: I hope that once out; they will expose him.
        You are smarter than the media.


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