Obama Propoganda Photo Shows Obama Wielding ‘Godlike’ Powers

by WND  |  published on April 13, 2015

obamagodTwitter users took to task a presidential photo released from the White House that appears to show the commander in chief shooting a rainbow from his finger as he embarks on a plane trip.

The photo catches Obama with his arm raised high, ostensibly saying goodbye. But the photographer captured a rainbow in the background, strategically placed in line with his arm. The White House tweeted the photo with this text: “‘With hard work and hope, change is always within our reach.’ – President Obama.”

Social media users were quick to comment.

One wrote: “Holy propaganda, Batman. This would make any third-world dictator proud,” Mediaite found. …

  • Dave in PA

    That jackass is in dire need of cognitive/behavioral psychotherapy !

    • pompey

      They fainted in the isles during his first campaign so the WH can’t be blamed for trying to deify their messiah with the sheep.

      Truth is the American people have become the most gullible population on earth and as a result the nation is plunging into the abyss….!

  • Jerry Y.

    nice rainbow on a sunny day! photo shop anyone? all obama needs now is the rainbow and a pink winged horse so he can ride off into the sunset!

  • Retta


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