Obama stands by response to Israel unrest, says both sides must ‘tamp down rhetoric’

by FOXNews.com  |  published on October 17, 2015

President Obama on Friday stood by his administration’s approach to the unrest in Israel, again urging both sides to “tamp down rhetoric” fueling the violence, amid Republican accusations the State Department has wrongly blamed Israelis.

“Right now, everybody needs to focus on making sure innocent people aren’t being killed,” Obama said, speaking at a joint press conference alongside visiting South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

The State Department has taken criticism in recent days for suggesting Israeli settlement activity is fueling the violence, for describing an Israeli stabbing attack as terrorism, and for suggesting the Israelis may be using “excessive” force.

  • Smitch

    Here is the President setting in his chair…jacking-off!

  • Webb

    More Lies And Deceit…From The Empty Chair!!

  • d-mn obama!! i’ve had it w/ his anti israel bulls–t!

  • Denise ogrady

    Oblowhole has been right about, oh let me see, NOTHING!

    • S. Wicks Jr

      obamy HATES Israel and will do its damndest to impede anything the Israelis do or want to do.

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