Obama touts military gains, but signals no strategy shift in ISIS fight

by FoxNews.com  |  published on December 15, 2015

In what was billed as a major public push of U.S. strategy to defeat the Islamic State, President Obama took only a few minutes at the Pentagon on Monday to outline several recent successes but offered no new plans toward stopping the terror group’s growing, global threat.

“As we squeeze its heart, we’ll make it harder for ISIL to pump out its terror and propaganda,” said Obama, following the rare Pentagon meeting with his National Security Council.

The president restated his multi-prong strategy of a massive air campaign, targeting Islamic State leaders and diplomatic efforts to end the civil war in Syria, where the group has flourished.

  • billwhit

    Back in the late sixties, when we had the draft, we used to get some real dumbass recruits, guys who could not even tie their own shoes, much less aim a weapon, and Obama reminds me of these worthless idiots who usually got stuck on KP. The Kenyan Muslim Queen is the most pathetic excuse of a human I have seen in my entire life! It will truly be a great day for the USA, and the World, the day the morning headline is Obama’s obituary! I, for one, hope it is soon, very, very, very soon!

  • Dave In Arizona

    Sounds like MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber has been placed in charge of the “war” (or at least Obama’s propaganda war) on ISIS.

    In truth, Obama has no strategy on winning this war other than letting ISIS win.

  • Larry

    Don’t believe him, as he has already doctored the Stats about his supposed success against ISIS. What a jerk and lier.

  • Texas Dad

    More bullshit from King Obama. January 2017 cannot come soon enough!

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