Obama White House showed ‘bad faith’ in global-warming case, judge rules

May 10, 2016

The White House showed “bad faith” in how it handled an open records request for global warming data, a federal court ruled Monday, issuing yet another stinging rebuke to the administration for showing a lack of transparency.

For President Obama, who vowed to run the most transparent government in U.S. history, Judge Amit P. Mehta’s ruling granting legal discovery in an open records case — the third time this year a judge has ordered discovery — is an embarrassing black eye.

In this most recent case, the Competitive Enterprise Institute was trying to force the White House office of science and technology policy to release documents backing up Director John C. Holdren’s finding that global warming was making winters colder — a claim disputed by climate scientists.

Mr. Holdren’s staffers first said they couldn’t find many documents. They then tried to hide their release by saying the documents were all internal or were similar to what was already public.

  • Timothy Thompson

    Whenever the next President is elected and is able to reconstruct all the damage done by Obama, his Czars. He’ll need to investigate the leadership in the EPA, IRS, DOJ, the DOE lall these agencies that have been making regulations that somehow we as Americans have to abide by, yet they ignore any laws on the books to protect us from their tyranical push to control us.

  • Bob

    Say it ain’t so, Joe. Lying to promote your political agenda? Unheard of during the “transparent” Administration of the Mighty Obama. How can this be? Next you racist, xenophobic, anti-Obama folks will say they lied about the nuclear treaty with Iran. Or that the health care takeover is an unmitigated failure that it was predicted to be and that the cost has gone up significantly for all. Or that more people are on Food Stamps and other government programs than ever before. Or that the National Debt was raised more under his stewardship than under any other in the history of the republic.

  • TeaPartyPatriot


    Vote in November



    Out right lying is the Hallmark of the Obama Administration. Obfuscate, ignore and reclassify so they don’t have to divulge anything negative. 8 years of this is enough! #NeverDEMSEVER!!!

  • Robert Pekarik

    We are witnessing the systematic destruction of our Constitution and our nation. Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Cuba and all the other nations that enslaved their citizens for their establishment agendas are the teachers of the White House and Washington elitists who bend and shape history to control the naive and trusting masses.

  • JRW40113

    Another obozo administration mistake, say it ain’t so.


      He just ignores any judges ruling. He is lawless.

  • IgnoreTheFools

    The liar in chief, wow America deserves so much better. Let’s give Trump a change. Can’t get any worse.

  • David in MA

    Where were all these decisions 7 1/2 years ago?

    • SDofAZ

      Covering their butts then for sure.

  • SDofAZ

    Go judge! Time to pull the things done in the dark into the light for all to see. BO is a consummate liar. Arrogant narcissistic sociopath who will now start facing his own problems. This is just starting for him.


      Unfortunately he does not care! He justifies anything he does with his ideology!

  • Oh what a tangle web we weave…with all the lies, corruption, etc, we will see the destruction of our country even more so , if those in authority that have not been corrupted, don’t do anything.

    • reggie

      Let me see, not corrupted, well, there’s… and, and …. and of course there are others. Of course, don’t you see, we’re all here for you. What does it matter anyhow.

      • reggie, it means our freedom and could mean our own salvation. Not only for us, but for those that are the corruptors too. Have you ever read the book of Daniel and Revelations? You ought to, as it explains what is coming and I don’t think anyone wants to go through what are in those passages. The more sin and corruption, the closer we are getting to those times. This is why, hopefully there are still some that are strong enough to stand up for what is right.

        • reggie

          You’re right. I was mocking killery. A lot of my job is research, so most of the time, anything I post is after referencing and re-referencing. However, I’m so tired of that woman’s evil, fortuitous spin on everything, I just had to do it.

          • Reggie, you’re not alone…many are upset about her, including me. Talk about research, for 8 years now, I have done much research on her and her husband and others where it was available. And I do much research on the bible. Research is something I enjoy doing too.

          • reggie

            The news is not good on any front. But the bottom line is that no one will escape their reckoning. I do the best I can, try to use my research to help others, as you do. In the end, we are all only responsible for ourselves.

          • Yes, in the end its up to us. We all as individuals will be held accountable for our actions and our hearts on this earth…Wonderful things are coming for those that have stuck with God and have done the best they could. This path we’ve taken has not been easy, but in the end its going to be worth it. The good that is coming is going to blow people away.

  • John Gagne

    Ever since God has been taken from the equation of In God We Trust in government policies answer especially new laws, this Country has been on a downslope to destruction. Not even sure if anyone elected as POTUS can change our fate.

  • 1947goldenjet

    In the 1970s Global Cooling was the hot topic (climatologically speaking). This led to Global Warming (much more money to be made here than with Global Cooling). One conclusion was that Global Cooling leads to Global Warming. If these findings are ever released, will they show that Global Warming leads to Global Cooling? It is on the verge of being analogous to the tide.

  • Dan

    Folks, if you want another 8 years of this B.S…..just vote for Hillary in November. If you want to see an end to this nonsense, you’re going to like President Trump!

    • reggie

      Who counts your vote? Soros? Romney? Scytl or Hart Intercivic? I’m sure there are others that are ‘perfectly fine’….

      • Rodney Steward

        It’ll be the same ones that counted Obama’s, and why Hellary will get it! She’s what the WHOLE system wants, BIG GOV., BIG MONEY = POWER!!!

        • reggie

          That’s why I posted the companies. You can call and find out who has the contract for your vote, and also don’t leave the voting booth immediately. Make sure it hasn’t been changed. If it has create a big ruckus.

        • SCSOCAL

          The Dems like to control everyone from cradle to grave! Once you understand that you will see what their policies are all about!

  • TexRancher

    “Bad faith” from the Obama administration? If that were the whole truth, it would be an improvement! Subversive fits much better!

    • Rodney Steward

      Bad faith, that’s all this administration knows, nothing good has come from this tribe!!


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