OPM Hack Far Deeper Than Publicly Acknowledged, Went Undetected For More Than A Year, Sources Say

by MIKE LEVINE | ABC News  |  published on June 11, 2015

v2-armycomputerThe massive hack into federal systems announced last week was far deeper and potentially more problematic than publicly acknowledged, with hackers believed to be from China moving through government databases undetected for more than a year, sources briefed on the matter told ABC News.

“If [only] they knew the full extent of it,” one U.S. official said about those affected by the intrusion into the Office of Personnel Management’s information systems.

It all started with an initial intrusion into OPM’s systems more than a year ago, and after gaining that initial access the hackers were able to work their way through four different “segments” of OPM’s systems, according to sources.

  • carpkiller

    Sounds just like it fits right in with dicklicks plans.

  • John VanderKelen

    The government’s ability to protect American citizens with our current Offender in Chief is becoming increasingly porous.

  • Steven Swanson

    Under Who’s WATCH ????????????????????

    • Gnowark

      Oh, I know the AIC’s answer: It’s Bush’s fault that he wasn’t preparing for it. [Or as Billary would say ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’ Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain].

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