Paul Ryan among Republicans still not on board with Donald Trump

May 6, 2016

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Thursday that he is withholding his support from presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, adding to the bizarre and tense conversation that has erupted as the party tries to come to grips with its new standard-bearer.

A few Republicans have said they will back Hillary Clinton rather than cast a ballot for Mr. Trump, and the Libertarian Party is eagerly offering itself to disaffected conservatives as a soft landing spot in November. Still other Republicans say they can’t accept any of the options and are hoping to recruit an independent candidate to challenge the whole lot.

Mr. Ryan said he does want to end up supporting Mr. Trump, though the billionaire businessman will have to convince Republicans that he accepts their philosophy of limited government and must prove he will tone down the bullying and insults that characterized the Trump campaign during the primaries.

“I’m not there right now,” Mr. Ryan told CNN.

  • Obwon One

    personally I’m still not on-board with paul ryan as Speaker of the House

  • Rex Sutton

    Paul needs to resign. He’s not a Republican

  • Florie Hintze

    Except for few not so tainted Reps, I would vote them all out! We want Trump !

  • Danny Reagan

    Paul quit trying to sound like you are something. Biden spanked you on national TV and you wasn’t smart enough to realize it. YOU are one of the main reasons the Republican Party is split. What are you going to ask for, do you want to pick the VP, control the budget, what? Paul RINO you need to realize you are one vote and nothing else.

  • maxx

    I’m sorry but I can’t even stand to look at Ryan’s smug expression anymore. I would just like to smack him.

  • Wolfman

    Actually, it may be a good thing that Paul Ryan… the Democrat ” Speaker of the House” from California doesn’t support Trump. OOOPS!! I always get him and Nancy Pelosi confused. My apologies to Ms. Pelosi, while I hate her politics, at least she sticks to her misguided beliefs.

  • MikeS

    Who cares about support from that un-American, insincere jerk. I say to him, “Please Leave”.

  • uhptony

    Maybe when Trump ascends to the W.H. there will be a new speaker of the house. Remember RINO Ryan couldn’t even carry his own state against Obama in the last election.

  • Phil Esposito

    Who gives a crap what this guy likes or doesn’t like. Listen to the people you jack ass.

  • Duke-Jinx

    Goes to show…. That one out of every three RINO’s… are as much a Sell Out as the the other two…

  • onefour

    I use to have respect for Paul Ryan but ever since he obtained the speakership his true colors have come forth and I lost it. This is the final straw. His withholding of his support for Trump is a slap and shows to me that he is really does not support either the party or the wants of the people. Just another DC insider. In his position with Trump as President I can see him bucking everything Trump proposes.

    • SDofAZ

      Exactly, and the reason incumbents like Rat Ryan and McCain should not be reelected. I am voting Trump for president and Ward for Senator of AZ this year. So is most of AZ despite what the media says. Right now we are hearing McCain is ahead, NOT!

      • Duke-Jinx

        He’s junk…. Benedict Arnold was a Hero at one time too !!

  • SDofAZ

    That is because Rat Ryan would be happier with Hillary. He is a rino!

  • Ucky Light

    you better get on board, Donald Trump WILL be the next president, whether you like it or not !!! Romney and Ryan obviously could not close the deal in 2012….and that is a huge part why this country is in such a mess today. He should be ashamed of himself!!! Ryan does not seem to understand that WE THE PEOPLE have spoken. I D I O T !!!!!

  • pmbalele

    I have never seen dumb people like Repubs and TPs in my life. They are hypocrites, liars, racists and downright bad people. I cannot understand why they hate Trump a pure White male born in USA; but prefer a foreigner – Cruz a Canadian-Cuban. They have not even vetted Cruz who wants to make USA a province of Canada or part of Cuba. All what Trump has been preaching are what Repubs and TPs have been calling Obama to do: They have bothered Obama to build an electric wall to kill all immigrants; to ship out all illegals; and stop all people from Arab countries from coming here. Then the same people are hating the candidate who wants to do exactly that. American people are watching them. Please do not vote for any of them. Let’s rally behind Hillary the best candidate for the WH job.

    • SDofAZ

      Point made pmbalele but not all are confused. Trump is my candidate and I and many legal voting citizens of this country will support him. He is a good choice and does represent our best interest if you don’t want a repeat of the past eight years. He is our candidate if you don’t want open borders, hordes of illegal aliens on our welfare and taking jobs from legal citizens, etc. as you noted. Additionally it is our job to continue removing trash from DC. McCain is history this election, Flakey will follow in 2018. And Hillary will not sit her sorry ass in the oval office as president. Vote Trump and in AZ vote Ward in 2016. In the other states vote out incumbent rinos and dems. You all know who they are by now. Do your jobs folks, vote!

      • pmbalele

        SDofAZ, you will waste your vote if you vote for Trump. Present polls show the following will vote for Trump: 40% of White males; 20% of White females, 12% Black females; 2% of Black males and 25% of other racial minorities. Trump as of now is history. To avoid high your blood pressure, please join me to vote for Hillary. Forget about those silly accusations about e-mails and Benghazi which were invented by FoxNews Bill O – a hater of Black people and White females.

        • Danny Reagan

          Pmbalele, did Fox News invent the 4 dead bodies?

          • pmbalele

            How many people died on 911? But FoxNews was quiet because Bush was FoxNews friend. If they criticized Bush for 911 all FoxNews anchors would be fired. You remember Chung was fired when she taped Ms. Bush 1 conversation? FoxNews is there to defame Obama administration. Just listen to Hannity, Bill O and others. Their shows exist to bite Obama’s administration. Thank God FoxNews is falling apart now. I can’t wait for Hillary to be sworn in as President of this Big USA.

          • Danny Reagan

            We are talking about our 2016 elections and you go back 15 years to find something that will support your position. What you are saying is Bush done something years ago, so it’s OK for Hillary to fail to answer the call at 3:00 AM, she was/ is in over her head, if she wins I hope Bill stays by her side. Pmbalele just remember two wrongs don’t make a right.

          • pmbalele

            Well, you know that in both incidents we lost people. On 911 we lost 3000 people and in Benghazi we lost 4 people. In both cases they were Americans. Shame on you. You must be a racist and bigot. When Whites lose people; your lips are sealed; but when Obama -an African-American loses people you are after him. You are true hypocrite.

          • Danny Reagan

            On 911 we had a surprise attack that killed over 3000 people, we didn’t have a chance to stop it, however in Benghazi we knew it was coming and when it happened our people begged for help and it was denied. I have no idea what you are talking about when you say black vs whites, but I will say this if telling the truth and stating the facts makes me a racist and a bigot, I guess I am. Boy when I see my black friends and I tell them I’m a racist, they will be confused, because they sure don’t know it now.

          • pmbalele

            What – On 911 we had a surprise attack that killed over 3000 people! The report says differently. Bush and Cheney were briefed before the attack. The trashed the briefing – stating that normal people would not die for 10 virgins each. Read Jesse Ventura book.

          • Danny Reagan

            Read Jesse Ventura’s book, LOL, I was wandering where you filled you with garbage.

          • pmbalele

            Watch out your language. Jesse just won $12 mil lawsuit against Veteran Widow. Jesse has money to sue everybody who challenges him.

          • Danny Reagan

            Jesse is no more of a threat than you are. I know the case you are referring to, he got a judgement of 12 million, ask him how much money he actually got.

  • Jtitan24

    Just another flunky RHINO doing his masters bidding, George Soros has bought them all, from doing what is right for America. Another eight years of a Lying Democrat, Murder, Traitor and we can say go by to you children, just look at London, voting in a Muslim Mayor.

  • “A limited Central Government” Mr. Ryan. It’s “We the People…” Not all about you!..

    • SDofAZ

      Or his backers!

  • justinwachin

    I agree with Speaker Ryan on this. Donald’s willingness to say anything to get the nomination has left a bad taste in my mouth also. I am still unsure whether he will govern as a conservative or not. I still have the feeling that the Republicans got conned by Donald. He seems to be fairly tight with the Clintons. Could it be that he entered the race to through the election for Hillary?

    • SDofAZ

      He is a republican. Who says the person in the oval office has to be a conservative only. Grow up.

      • justinwachin

        The Republican party isn’t limited to conservatives, but many of the ones who actually work to get candidates elected in my region are conservative.

        Donald Trump is the one who needs to grow up. Throughout the campaign he has acted worse than most five year olds. I had always taken Mr. Trump to be a man of class. What I have seen of candidate Trump indicates that I was badly mistaken.

        The last two Republican nominees were not seen by many of us as being conservative. Guess what, they lost. Mr. Trump is now calling the shots in the Republican party. It is up to him to reach out and bring us on board his campaign. If he is successful he has a good chance of becoming president. If not, he will have the joy of watching Hillary beat him.

  • Donald Wilson

    Mr. POS Paul Ryan is no different than cry baby Boehner. These politicos are bought and paid for by the bankers, CEOs and the other elitists who think they are above the law and can do whatever they want with impunity. What this country is a good ol house cleaning. Time to remove these POS from office and replace these asshats with someone complies with the Constitution. As Thomas Jefferson so eloquently stated in a speech in a speech in 1787 that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Perhaps a second revolution is what’s needed to set this ship back on course?

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Paul Ryan, you can go to hell. How about we don’t support you, then in a few more years, you are gone, along with a number more like you, and are replaced by people who will do the will of the people.

    • SDofAZ

      With term limits enforced by the vote if they will not do it legally on the floor with a vote.

  • Patrick Driscoll

    This guy had promise, but not just part of the problem and not the solution!
    DC is really fucked-up! Must be in the water.
    If they all start growing obuma moles, we will know for sure!
    I am still not sure if that is a mole or a second head in training. Certainly the current one is useless!

  • kathy diamond

    Paul Ryan is a SNAKE. He is ROMNEY’S inside man. ” MITT THE MORMAN” is behind this. What Ryan is actually saying to Donald Trump is, ” Forget the promises you made to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, then and only then will we Insiders support you” AIN’T GONA HAPPEN go trump !!!! OYR PRESIDENT ” FOR” THE PEOPLE

  • Charles

    I don’t trust Ryan any more that I did Cry Baby!!!!!

  • itsfun

    Spoken like a true RINO

  • JohnnyHiott

    It would be nice if someone were to explain to mr. ryan what “limited government” is. He certainly has no idea on his own. Since he became speaker of the house he has done nothing but lick obama’s boots and give him every single thing he wants or needs to destroy this nation !

    • E Swisher

      A RINO by another name is still a RINO….He still doesn’t get it that :We the people are exceedingly tired of all of them.

  • dominke

    Ryan is a rino. He is the same as his old boss Boehner. He is in back pocket of Obama administartion. He believes that voters have no right to pick the candidate for president. The socialist want to tell us who they want to be president. The Republican party is DEAD in my opinion.

    • Duke-Jinx

      He’s as much a Looser today… as He was when He and Romney Lost us the election last time. Romney walks like He has 10 miles of bob-wire up His azz for a reason. Ryan is plain and simply… Junk.


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