Pelosi, Vicente Fox plot to defeat Trump, Mexican calls Trump voters lazy drunks

May 7, 2016

Latin America’s toughest critic of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spent 30 minutes with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in Mexico this week plotting to help the Democrats defeat the businessman and give the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

In an exclusive interview with theWashington Examiner Friday, former Mexican President Vicente Fox also said that he is “becoming a fan of” Clinton, who he compared to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and he disparaged Trump supporters as lazy, uneducated, TV watching drunks.

He complained that that Mexico buys billions of dollars of items from the United States that create 10 million American jobs, but Trump supporters still “don’t respect us.”

He added, “We need to wake up that citizen. We need them to take them away from the TV and drinking beer, to working hard, to getting the skills, to getting knowledge, and they will come along, like everybody else.”

  • Wambli525

    So Vincente Fox says Trump supporters are lazy drunks. Well that deserves a response in kind: 1) Mexican illegals do not belong here in the USA taking jobs for US citizens. 2) The Mexican Government promotes supports illegal immigration to the USA and provides printed guidelines on how to emigrate illegally. 3) Illegal Mexican felons represent a significant population in our or prisons. 4) and speaking of DRUNKS, Vincente … there not a week that passes by without some drunk illegal Mexican killing a US citizen.

    So Vencente, if the situation were reversed … what would you do?
    Answer: You would not have left you beloved country come close to tolerating the conditions that your illegals have created in our country.

    Need a reason to vote for Trump? Vincente Fox’s affiliation with Pelosi and his support for Hillary is one BIG reason to vote for TRUMP and rebel against foreign intervention in USA politics.

  • 1265


  • AHP1081

    With hillary, billy and trump being friends, it’s questionable who would actually be the worst president, hillary or trump?

  • Centurion

    The “billions of dollars of item” Fox is talking about is none existent. No doubt pig-lousy coached him on what to say. The’re all LIE-berals and all LIE-berals LIE!!

  • AHP1081

    I believe that trump supporters are much like obama supporters. If you don’t agree with them they threaten to kick your as*.

    • SDofAZ

      You need to do a lot more research ahp!

  • SDofAZ

    Lazy drunks? Right, that is gonna help the dems. NOT! Must be Vicente”s problem. And Pelosi listening to the idiot is just a joke. Laugh at the dem wit dem.

  • billie

    If Fox was such a great leader why did his people come to cross into our country? It is time for them to be pushed back to their own country with all their cartels and drug runners. It is time for our nation to shut off the freebies of welfare and send them packing for home. It is time to change laws that say if a child of 2 illegals born here are citizens(anchor babies) are no longer recognized as such. It is time to put very stiff fines in place for those that put illegals to work. It is time to stop the H2 visas that allow employers to displace Americans in the work place,and force our workers to train them. It is time to challenge the release of illegals from our jails and prisons. It is time to charge the administration with the crimes as co conspirators for crimes they commit. IT IS TIME FOR WE THE PEOPLE TO GET OFF OUR BUMMS AND SAY
    NO MORE OF THIS!!!!!
    Trump 2016

    • 1265

      lazy white trash!

  • Charles Reed

    Fox, Pelosi, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Ryan, all the RINO’s want to defeat Trump, what does that tell you. Its not what best for the working middle class, its so they can amass more billions off the back of working class American.

    • SDofAZ

      The US legal citizens have no choice but to push back hard now. The whole bunch from dems to rinos for decades have put us here. It is not limited to just the dems though they have participated more, much more in the last eight years. And that is what woke up the silent majority. That is why Trump and not a career politician was elected. This will impact the voters in both parties and even the dem voters are waking up. We must defeat Hillary and the rino opposition in congress and vote as many dem lemmings like Nancy that are running for reelection. The same applies to the rinos. McCain has republican competition. Kelly Ward is good. We have a good choice. I suspect she will defeat McCain despite his money and pull and the dem running against both. Trump will be on the ticket against Hillary.

      • 1265

        go back to wherever you are from, white tras!

    • 1265

      Rump ~ 4 bankruptcies, 3 whore wives, 2 tiny balls, 1 illegitimate son. Rump is white trash.

  • James in Texas

    This former so-called President is “still on” the El Chapo payment list!

  • barbarakelly

    Hey there Pelosi the one who keeps asking me for money. Screw that. I’m the smart one knowing all your moves.!!! This year is election year for you and I hope the people out there have their eyes wide open to your disasterous plan to bring this country down to its knees, I hope they kick your butt out of office. :Your one of the other Rino’s that needs to get lost. !!!!!!!!!!!

    • SDofAZ

      So true, she like McCain has to go.

  • Quester59

    Guess this person never visited a Beer joint in Little Mexico, USA., found in and around any city that employ The SOBOR Latinos , After quiting time, you’d be
    lucky to find a Long Neck Beer, anywhere in town. and most of those drinkers are Democrats!
    Here in Houston, Tx., We Brown & or White men are the MINORITY, WHILE THE MAJORITY ARE HISPANIC.

    • Richard Schwartz

      Ask Fox how the people from central america are able go through mexico on top of freight cars?  Who fed them? where did they sleep? go to bathroom? are the rapes free?  drownings free?  who school’s them to get past border patrol.  Coming from central american how did they acquire the money?  why weren’t they robbed?  Could there be a connection from DC?

  • Vangie Martinez

    Mr. Fox you and your Corrupt Government Cronies are the Ones that are not respected. We Americans do not have a Problem with the Mexican People or with the Land of Mexico. The PROBLEM that we have is YOU who is Corrupt and the Corrupt Mexican Government pocketing the money that is to go to the People NOT JUST THE RICH and GOVERNMENT CORRUPT LEADERS or the DRUG CARTEL. It is to go to the POOR and support the MIDDLE CLASS which you do not have you only have the POOR and the RICH. We have a problem with the CORRUPTION, YOU and the GOVERNMENT not being good Neighbors and allowing the Illegal Aliens, Drug lords, Murderer’s and Islamic Muslim Terrorist coming into our Country to Destroy us and our People and Land. If you think that you can sit there and INSULT AMERICANS and have THE GALL to call us lazy ignorant drunks telling us that we need to work you have another thing coming. Trump is going to win and because of that the Americans who have had their jobs STOLEN from them from our Corrupt Democrat Government will be restored back to them. You know you really need to look at the LOG that is in your eye and take care of your own people and Country instead of causing Strive Division and Dissension in ours and getting into bed with those who only want to destroy America and the American People. As well as Israel and the Jews. You again profess that you are a Christian, you are not “Acting” very Christ like, insulting us and trying to destroy our Country. You sit there and asked Trump for Forgiveness and then stab him in the back going to his enemies to destroy him and us. I do not think that you are of the LIGHT, but, instead are of the DARKNESS AND IN THE DARK. I do not take what I say to you lightly and I do not like to Judge people but you Mr. Fox are in DARKNESS and you need to REPENT of you SIN. I use to think very highly of you, but, I do not think highly of you any longer. I think you have become Corrupt and you have allowed Sin into your life to cloud your Judgment. DISGUSTED AMERICAN

  • skipsart

    Seems to me that Pelosi is committing treason via collusion.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Wow some more $cheieit that dribbles from the lips who said, you will have to sign it to see whats in it. How did Palosi Galore get her job. Speaking about the republican voters that is amazing when we create the jobs. One might ask Vincente what he did before coming president, and what this big mouth is doing now? He helped make the peso worthless. If Fox brings anything to the table it will be our countrys food stamp vouchers try and spend that compadre.
    Unbeleivable anyone would even print up trash like this. The status quo that is sucking our country dry out of Washington who wants things to remain the same thats who.

  • Dandy

    Hey fox take a look at your filthy country. Now who’s the lazy drunk bastards. Plus we don’t lay on our a $$’s in the afternoon. We ( getter done )

  • David Tierney

    One day he alologizes to Trump, next day he turns on him again. We don’t need Mexico telling us how to run our Country and who to vote for. If Vicente Fox had his way, Obama would be president for life and Fox would be given the job of National non Security advisor.

  • Marlene Silva

    Pelosi and HILLARY are not Americans anymore. Talk to legal Americans whom pay the bills for our Government. Pelosi, dare u to go to a Trump rally and answer our concerns. No, you rather go to Mexico, sit with drug lords whom exploit America. Shame on

    • SDofAZ

      The legal tax payers do foot the bill for all. Does anyone really believe those coffers for the government are filled by the Goldman crowd? NOT. Watch this video on Netflix, it says it all.

      Chomsky, an intellectual discusses our political culture in Requiem for the American Dream on Netflix. He has clearly explained the NWO agenda and the current political climate of this country and around the world pretty well in a series of shorts on the transfer of wealth and power. It explains the open borders, etc. and very well. And he identifies the big business culprits and their cohorts, our purchased politicians. I would suggest a look at it to anyone that does not already understand what has happened to bring about this current power struggle between the congress and our political parties and the people of this supposed democracy.

      It covers the question of whose money is being used to bail out the financial crowd in 2008 and the soon to come next DEPRESSION. To back this argument up as well, please note the recent bills not passed in congress and it did make the news folks but few realized the significance. Woopie we get to bail em out again and fund those bonuses, (bone us). The bill that would have stopped the bailouts never passed congress after 2008. The senate killed it. Gee I wonder why??? NOT! Since deregulation, the cycle has begun and we are the ones who pay in every way. Now the big boys are breaking the middle class. Then the free rides end cause the NWO crowd will NOT fund the freeloaders and they will work the rest of us like Mexico does. Watch the documentary on Netflix if you have any doubts and prepare for the next TOO BIG to fail mess particularly if Hillary or Bernie wins.

  • Richard Schwartz

    I have a real problem with the Mexicans. Why does his country transport people from central america across his state? Who pays for the railroad and feeding these people. Why don’t they settle in mexico? Who makes money from these crossings? Why don’t the Americans asking why. When is the last time you got free transport and food? Where did the go to the rest rooms.? Where is Mexico’s responsibility? With friends like this who the hell needs enemies? I smell our president!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1265

      you smell your own ass.

  • Robert McFate

    Seems that there are many foreign governments that are scared that Trump will get elected and do what he says he’ll do. Thought they are laws that are suppose to prevent foreigner from being involved in our elections!!

  • onefour

    Well, well so he thinks we are all lazy and drunks. Maybe he’d better take a better look at the cross section of Americans that support Trump. He’ll find voters from all walks of life and all stripes that are sick and tired of the Pelosis and McCains, yes, lets include both parties in here, of this country and what they have done and are still doing to our country.

    • SDofAZ

      So true and Ward in AZ is the competition. Vote for Ward and put McCain in retirement. Time he left DC. Flakey is next in 2018, Do this in every state, clean our the rinos and the dem wit lemmings.

  • Tammy Dorsey Berthaut

    Why is he sticking his nose into our government? Because Mexico is profiting and they dont want the money to stop. Wake up folks! We need Trump just like in the 80’s we needed Regan. For those of you not old enough to remember these are pretty much the same things said about Regan and he won and he turned us around. If Clinton wins we are doomed,

    • SDofAZ

      Trump will redo NAFTA besides shutting down the open border and deporting his and the rest of South American’s illegal aliens. Nafta has not worked as promised to the US Legal citizens. Does anyone think the citizen’s of Mexico life style has improved in Mexico since Nafta began several decades ago? That was the deal but it did not happen. The oligarchy in Mexico has profited greatly. This ex pres being one of them. The dems and rinos know this and have profited as well by steering us into this treaty in the first place. All know it and are fighting not just Trump but the US legal citizens who are NOW pushing back mightily. KEEP IT UP!! Damn traitors all.

  • djm4706

    Mr. Fox obviously in on the drugs his country is running into the USA. Talk about “drunk TV watchers,” he is out of it. AND spending time with the biggest idiot in America, the NAN, shows how astute he is! AND Hitlery equated to Margaret Thatcher! Give me a break. He really is strung out on his own drugs. Trump is our only hope!

  • Richard Schwartz

    Give me a break. Us poor folks have been lied to swindled and screwed. Put your pans and screaming and go for it.

  • Smitch

    Fox, keep your grease stained taco bending corrupt ass out of our election! Do you understando bean-stain?

  • po’ed in az

    #1. “He complained that that Mexico buys billions of dollars of items from the United States that create 10 million American jobs, but Trump supporters still “don’t respect us.”

    Mexico proper doesn’t buy crap from us – the only money from Mexico that is spent here is from the illegals that are here working that send their paychecks to Mexico which is exactly what Mr. Trump has said he will address through the banking system. Maybe we should also cut off the billions in aid we waste there every year and see just how much money Mexico spends in the U.S.

    #2. “We need to wake up that citizen. We need them to take them away from the TV and drinking beer, to working hard, to getting the skills, to getting knowledge, and they will come along, like everybody else.”

    Really? Like all of those that choose to break our laws to enter the United States Illegally? Are those the skills and knowledge you speak of Mr. Fox? If it weren’t for beer and TV Mexico would have to find a new national pastime!

    The bottom line here is this, if, as Mr. Fox suggests, Mexico could provide the skills and knowledge he claims we need, why are so many of his people willing to break the law to cross our borders illegally?

    Of course the Democrats don’t see it as a problem, they look at it as growing their voter base. So now we have Clinton that is using funds from and is housing her campaign headquarters at the Clinton Foundation that accepts financial donations in the millions of dollars from governments that don’t like us and Pelosi drumming up support directly from another country that doesn’t like us much. These are people we should trust to “lead” our country into the future? Does anybody else see the problem here?

  • champion2211

    I see everyday where the hispanic’s go out after work and drink and drink. Some drunk and some not and especially on the weekends they get drunk and normally spend all their money that they made all week. You don’t see a lot of the other races doing that? Fox didn;t do anything while he was Presidente other than fill his pockets while the general population suffered. He created nothing to help anyone except himself. Now if he go along with Pelosi of which I think is the most stupidest person on planet earth he has another thing coming. She is brain dead so he doesn’t have a lot of help.

  • WeirOnlyHuman

    I guess if you disagree with people illegally invading your country you’re a lazy drunk. Now we have a foreign ex-president joining with the Democrat candidate for President as he insults the American electorate. This guy must be snorting some of the drugs before the cartels ship them across the border.

  • SDofAZ

    Wow, the Mexican ex president siding with Hillary. Guaranteed that his endorsement and ideas will tick of the hispanics in America. He and his ilk down south are the reason they left Mexico and why illegal alien hordes are pouring over our borders now. Big business down there is the cartel or the fields or the slave labor for NAFTA. Yup, Nancy, listen to the putz! He is full of ideas about our politics and we love it when our elected officials seek advice from Mexico. That is so intelligent it makes me laugh.

  • ajareins

    So one of our ‘leaders’ is conspiring with foreigners to criticize americans citizens and disparage us!!! Pelosi is a $&:@. Yeah like anything these two dirtbags conjure up is going to impress us. TRUMP 2016!!!

    • Anthony

      Pelosi have always been on the Mexican side I just wish she would get on a Donkey and cross the Rio Grande away from USA. TRUMP 2016

  • Lily Haley

    Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher.
    Seems treasonous of Pelosi involving a foreigner with our presidential election.

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Yes, we know she’s a traitor. Patience Lily, she’s near her end. Just pray the RNC/GOP doesn’t cheat to put someone other than Trump in office! She’s not the only traitor there.

    • 1265

      obviously you cant define treason little girl!

  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon

    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is a pro Republican who sold Mexico to US, bigger than Santa Ana. Pelosi is allied to this Devil.

    • SDofAZ

      Wonderful and I know there are a ton more who feel exactly as you do. A good documentary on this is on netflix. Watch it.

      Chomsky, an intellectual discusses our political culture in Requiem for the American Dream on Netflix. He has clearly explained the NWO agenda and the current political climate of this country and around the world pretty well in a series of shorts on the transfer of wealth and power. It explains the open borders, etc. and very well. And he identifies the big business culprits and their cohorts, our purchased politicians. I would suggest a look at it to anyone that does not already understand what has happened to bring about this current power struggle between the congress and our political parties and the people of this supposed democracy.

      The rich in Mexico do nothing for the rest of the citizens. The only employment in Mexico is the Cartel, the fields, or the slave labor for NAFTA. And after watching the documentary, this will be clearly understood. The balance of power in Mexico is absolutely in favor of the super rich and what the US is headed to if we do not stop this agenda.

      • David Tierney

        Thanks for this info, I will be checking it out later today.

        • SDofAZ

          Do so and the old guy has nailed them all including the too big to fail like Goldman, etc…

  • Steve Gifford

    If Vicente Fox and Nancy Pelosi are the team for the dems, that is the biggest incentive to get rid of the democrats and elect Trump I ever heard. The “millions” of dollars that Mexico pumps into America is dwarfed by what they return to Mexico in aid, fighting crime in Los Angeles because of illegal immigrants and their taking jobs and then adding their vote for Democrats, because that is the party of giving away all our tax dollars to illegal beggars. Think about this the dems are using a former president from Mexico where conditions are so bad that thousand leave to come to America to rob and plunder and bring drugs. If Vicente Fox convinces you to vote for Hillary then you are not only stupid but evil as well.

    • skipsart

      The only thing Mexico pumps into the American economy is illicit drugs and illegal thugs.

      • Anthony

        don’t forget the Bed Bugs

    • Quester59

      That goes without saying, since none of the buggers have legit or LEGAL RIGHT TO VOTE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

    • SDofAZ

      In Mexico the jobs are cartel, field workers, or Nafta. Nafta is virtually slave labor and so are the others. So the man is right, he did a grand job in Mexico keeping the status quo. And that is exactly what the fools in this country are trying to do to the US legal citizens. This will only be resolved when the legal citizens push back hard. Trump represents some of that push back. We really have no choice. If this dem wit dem agenda BO has administered goes on further, it will only be another Germany fiasco soon. Is everyone ready for the flirting game between moslimes and young US women? That is Merkel’s latest try. I am stunned the Germans are tolerating the NWO agenda.

      Here we must continue with Trump who represents a yugh push back by the legal voting population of this country. Then we must continue with the removal of all the trash in DC. Everyone knows in their states who the rinos and dem lemmings are by now. VOTE EM OUT! We have MUCH MORE to do folks.

  • Elizabeth Davis

    Pelosi has the same crazy look that Charles Manson had maybe she should give some of her millions away to the illegals

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    So, he is becoming a fan of the Hilda-Beast, and he and Pelosi are plotting to get rid of Trump. This is good to know. How does that saying go, vengeance is a dish best served cold.
    Keep up this stuff. Then that wall will go up, and Pelosi’s days are numbered.

    • David Tierney

      Should have put the wall up while Prlosi was in Mexico refused her re-entry to the U.S. What an idiot and a tool.

  • ihatelibs


  • ihatelibs


  • James G. Mothes

    That is all we need is more foreign money and influence trying to effect the outcome of our elections. He did such a great job of running his country!

    • 1265

      Rump ran his company into bankruptcy 4 times!

  • 7papa7

    If he is comparing the hildabeast with the superb lady Margret Thatcher he is crazy than I thought. Mrs. Thatcher was the best thing to happen to England in the past 75 years, the hildabeast is the worst thing to happen to America since 1776. Besides his gross stupidity he needs to get the hell out of our politics and if the hildabeast and any integrity at all she would tell him that our politics is an American issue and NOT mexico’s.

    • AHP1081

      If the dems get their way it won’t be an American problem for very much longer. With some 30 million illegal aliens already here and many registered to vote??? Maybe 10 more years maximum.

      • 7papa7

        I hate to discourage you but you can throw in a great deal of liberals.

  • David Stewart

    Yes, he must buy those billions worth of goods in order to create labor demands for his starving subjects he sends north for employnent!

    • champion2211

      Yea Fox sounds a lot like NK in his thinking.

    • Marlene Silva

      Hey is anyone tired of eating Mexico grown food instead of American food products. We take a chance of contamination. I live in CA & it’s a issue.

      • ivca56

        yes–hard to find anything grown here anymore…

        • Quester59

          your correct, however, I would like to see one American company move to Mexico, after all of these years of Poisoning our foods with G.M.O. contamination. Lets send MONSANTO IND. to Mexico, let them deal with it!

          • Steve Gifford

            Maybe we could ship some Flint Michigan water while we’re at it.

          • Quester59

            Why do that when we could take some radio active water from west Houston, with better results.

    • Charles Reed

      And if they are buying all these BILLION ,Why is out trade balance is 58 Billion negative . We send them a couple of billion in trade and they flood us will 58 billions more than we send them, we need FAIR trade, NOT stupid trade, and we don’t need there illegal drugs here.


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