Poll: 8-in-10 back voter ID

June 4, 2015


Despite Democratic charges that conservative states and politicians are engaging in discrimination by demanding that voters show identification, more than three-quarters of likely voters believe photo ID laws are needed.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll out Wednesday found support for photo ID laws at 76 percent, nearly exactly the 78 percent support registered in 2006 when the latest movement to scrap the laws kicked off.

President Obama and several top Democrats have accused Republicans of attempting to keep minorities from the polls with the photo requirement, but even their own party faithful don’t agree.

Rasmussen found that 58 percent of Democrats believe a photo ID must be shown before voting.

  • tom2

    Now if we can just get five justices to agree. If not, any requirement for any kind of ID may be deemed racist, oppressive, un-American, unfair, inhumane, unjustified. Honest Officer Obie. I heard it at the Supreme Court.

  • Allan Richardson

    Everybody is in favor of requiring “some ID” generically, as long as they know THEY can get it easily and the requirements do not change so that they cannot. The stories and folklore about “rigging the votes” are NOT TRUE. The very small number of people who have tried to vote multiple times or fraudulently have been found to be almost always either registered in error without coordinating with the elections office in their previous residence, or voting in the wrong precinct, OR CONSERVATIVES TESTING THE SYSTEM.

    It is much easier and more cost efficient to rig the vote AFTER the votes are cast than to persuade thousands of ineligible people to risk THEIR OWN felony convictions at the same time to vote for you, and/or transport “busloads to multiple voting locations.” There ARE party and other organizations which, using PRIVATELY DONATED funds, LEGALLY accounted for under election laws, give people rides to the polls, but guess what? You still have the RIGHT to vote even if you cannot afford your own transportation! So these people are simply helping LEGAL voters cast the ONE vote they have a RIGHT to cast.

    What about people who have enough ID to do ordinary things in life (if they can afford to do them: using a credit card is a DREAM for many people, as is DRIVING, much less OWNING and REGISTERING a car, for many others), but suddenly that is NOT ENOUGH for voting. People who have been voting for decades, everybody KNOWS they are American born citizens, but they did not get their births registered (poor, elderly African Americans are often in this situation), but alternative ID was established when they first reached voting age, using family Bibles, testimony from relatives, etc. Even those who write laws taking the vote away from these people KNOW they are legally entitled to vote, and have been for their entire adult lives. But they write laws ON PURPOSE which require a NEW photo ID, from a NEWLY PRINTED OFFICIAL birth certificate (the kind which were NOT issued when they first applied for one, IF they could get one then), possibly from another STATE, and then cutting back the hours of the agencies which issue those documents, closing the most conveniently located ones for people without cars (or cannot drive), and increasing the fees.

    We all have freedom of speech, right? Does anyone have to get a photo ID to SAY WHAT THEY BELIEVE, or else be put in jail for not being “registered” to speak? Does anyone have to get a photo ID showing their chosen religion in order to go to church or temple? And go back and change their religious affiliation in order to go to a different one? Then WHY is the RIGHT to vote dependent upon several separate hoops to jump through, getting a new copy of your birth certificate, a new photo ID showing residence and citizenship (and incidentally, for most of us, the ability to drive a car), and putting your NAME on a list kept at the county courthouse, and updating that list periodically?

    What Kelly and the previous posters really mean is that “certain” people should never have been GIVEN the right to vote, and since they may not vote the way Kelly approves, they should have it taken away. Kelly should PRAY that there is never a government which believes KELLY should not be allowed to vote! Oh wait, then Kelly will get a gun and overthrow that government! So maybe the people unjustly denied the vote by conservatives in power like Kelly have THE SAME RIGHT TO ABOLISH that government that conservatives claim they should have if THEIR rights are abridged. This could lead to corporate bought politicians being taken out of office by “Second Amendment” means, and possibly a violent revolution.

    Quit listening to the corporate and theocratic lies and find out what REALLY is going on: we are on the path to FEUDALISM, where you and I are slaves of some corporate connected “lords” and have no rights and damn little to live on, no matter how hard we work. If you vote Republican, you are voting to make the Hunger Games happen to your children and grandchildren.

  • deanna

    I know of some voters that have bragged about voting more than once and also voting in different areas where they do not even live and give addresses that do not even exist – some have even voted in different towns – some do not even have a drivers license and this list goes on and on – this is one big problem which should be taken care of;

  • Mike J. Hrivnak

    How else can the democrats have the illegals vote, if they don’t fight voter I.D.?

  • Webb

    Voter ID For All…Without Fail!!

  • John VanderKelen

    Those without morals think nothing of stuffing the ballot box. There are instances where this has already been done. The Founding Fathers believed in accountability knowing the evil tendencies of mankind.

  • Kelly Jarboe

    Without Voter ID it is easy to rig the votes in the favor of the worst candidate which is what happened in the last two Presidential elections. Had Voter ID been in force the outcome would have been much different.

  • reagangs

    Well, let’s see …. I have to show my photo ID whenever I: use my Visa credit card most anywhere, whenever I have transactions at my bank, renew my auto registration, visit the local VA (my VA ID card has my photo), enter my grand sons school office to pick him up, visit the local SS office and whenever voting in the State of Texas. It’s pretty simple, not in the least bit intrusive, not a hindrance, just pull out my wallet and produce my drivers license photo ID. There are several places that can produce FREE photo IDs and with some cities having FREE buss passes for those that need them, this shouldn’t be an issue. But, hey …. the demowits mantra is: vote early and often, in as many precincts as possible, using friends, Disney characters, dead, incarcerated and alive relatives as possible, even bussing in union thugs, using the BPP to apply intimation tactics. It’s obvious that the DNC and other radical liberal funds were used to buy votes from the street corners in areas that don’t require photo IDs. That’s why they are always broke and seeking donations. That’s why Obummer became president. Oh, and his vague Hopey and Changey thing promising things he knew he couldn’t keep. We call that the “bait and switch” routine. The sheeple were reeled in, hook, line and sinker. Some of us were not fooled by this fool and his minions, puppets being led by the Puppet Masters like old Georgie Soros and the EU elite commies.


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