Railing Against ‘Crony Capitalism,’ Carly Fiorina Makes Her Case

by Joel Gehrke  |  published on May 4, 2015


Carly Fiorina made the case for her prospective presidential candidacy on Saturday, just days before she’s expected to officially jump into the race, telling a room full of conservative activists and writers that she has the policy background and the political skills to beat Hillary Clinton in a general election.

“Hillary Clinton may be a vulnerable candidate, in many ways, but we should not underestimate her,” Fiorina said at the National Review Institute Ideas Summit. “We have to have a nominee who can take punches, but we [also] have to have a nominee who will throw punches.”

Fiorina’s political ambitions have met with derision among political experts, given that the only people to serve as president without holding prior elected office were war heroes. Fiorina argued that her experience rising from the secretarial pool to CEO at Hewlett Packard makes her a true outsider who can direct the general disgust voters feel toward Washington, D.C. — and toward crony capitalism in particular — at Hillary Clinton.

  • Donald Mccormick

    I agree with Carly Fiorina in at least ONE area of her speech. We NEED people in our government that can TAKE punches and also THROW their own punches, because we SEEM to have a CONGRESS FULL of SHEEP that can NOT do much of their OWN thinking and just FOLLOW the President.

    ALL of our government officials just SEEM to be CORRUPT because they do NOT SEEM to LISTEN to the public AND SEEM to ONLY listen to the LOBBYISTS. The LOBBYISTS have its place but they have become so AGRESSIVE that they seem to OUTRANK the congressmen in our government with their POWER to change a bill.

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