Reince Priebus: ‘Very difficult’ to win Senate races if top of ticket struggles

May 17, 2016

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on Monday it’s “very difficult” to win Senate races without doing well at the top of the ticket, and hinted that a joint fundraising agreement between the RNC and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s presidential campaign could soon be announced.

Mr. Priebus had been asked about his confidence level in seven U.S. Senate races that figure to be competitive this year, which include seats Republicans are defending in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as the seat of retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid that the GOP is trying to win in Nevada.

The chairman told radio host Hugh Hewitt the RNC is “heavily invested” in the “infrastructure and plumbing” of all those races and that the RNC is far ahead of where they were four years ago in areas such as ground game and data.

“And we’re going to be committed in those states,” Mr. Priebus said.

  • LeonS9671

    Reince thinks we’re all idiots. Reince needs to be replaced, plain and simple. Trim the fat – and that starts with Reince.

  • nobuttkissr

    Are the struggles between incumbent RINOs against non establishment Republicans? I can only hope.

  • Jim Terio

    At least Mr. Priebus is facing the reality that if the GOP does not back it’s candidates, at all level, winning will be a problem. The utter stupidity of many GOP and so-called conservatives is mind boggling. Are they brain dead? Dissension in the GOP only adds fuel to the liberal-progressive-Marxist-Democrat machine. They may be vile creatures trying to destroy the USA, but at least all of the slimy slugs march in the same direction.

    Watching McCain’s and Romney’s pathetic campaigns was painful; watching the current GOP barf-fest is disgusting. GET IT TOGETHER, GOP, or you are done, toast, finito, gone!

  • texaschar

    well we need to get rid of the senate, they don’t do what the American people want and pay them for.

  • terry

    I struggle to know who to trust in government. Let’s face it they are not stopping the dictator in braking or. Not fallowing are laws! I support Trump all the way .

  • Retired

    Why won’t Priebus come right out and support Trump if he is so worried?

  • Bill Hartman

    “Very difficult to win Senate races if top of ticket struggles”? Huh? What alternate reality does this guy live in? The last two presidential elections, the top of the ticket struggled. The accurate word is “lost”. But gains were made in the Senate. This is just political theater.

  • Robert Wilson

    Reince; become a democrat or take a Republican course 101.

  • gf

    The reality is that, Donald J. Trump, will need the control, that the GOP majority has. Maybe, he can instill some backbone, into the, “do nothings”. Also, do not forget, there is still a Supreme Court Justice, at stake.

  • Jack Burns

    Sassy Ben in Nebraska will be a one hit wonder. The man is daft.

  • Jack Burns

    Who really cares about some of these Republican Senators? Their approval rating is 14%, so who needs them back?

  • bobnstuff

    Until Congress decides to start working together it will make little difference who is elected. The Republicans seem to have forgotten how to govern and can only hold meaningless hearings. The Democrats will do nothing because they are afraid that the Republicans might get mad at them. It seems like the far right is getting power in the Republican party and are pledged to not work with Democrats. Without give and take our government is dead in the water and we the people suffer. Even things that everyone agrees on don’t get done. You have Republicans voting against their own bills. This isn’t how our government was meant to work.

  • Joan Davenport

    My question is “why does the RNC even care about winning these senate races”???? What do they plan to do if they win? They won the senate in 2014 and haven’t done a darn thing that would indicate they are in charge!!!!

    • grandmary42

      I agree but maybe it’s better to not have the Dems there.

      • Robert Wilson

        The SLEEPER dems have infiltrated the RNC.

        • Eleanor Cummings

          And hose RINOS are oath breakers and need to be voted out of office ASAP.

    • Robert Wilson


    • Retired

      Our so called President holds the veto pen.

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Some hinge I was wondering. They collect fat paychecks for doing nothing.


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