Report: Bush PAC Donors Angry as Mike Murphy Walks Away with $14M After Blowing $100M

February 23, 2016

Mirroring the donor-backlash against Karl Rove after his American Crossroad/Crossroads GPS super PACs raised upwards of $300 million and produced a dismal 2012 success rate, Mike Murphy, the man in charge of the Jeb Bush Right to Rise USA super PAC is now in the crosshairs. Right to Rise’s dismal results became painfully obvious when Bush dropped out of the race Saturday night after only three primary contests.

CNN reports that donors are not happy:

In the armchair quarterbacking following Bush’s departure from the race Saturday night, Murphy is facing countless questions about the efficacy of the PAC spending tens of millions of dollars on a candidacy that floundered months ago and never rebounded.

Murphy said in an email Monday, “Out of more than 11,000 donors only a handful have complained.”

  • David

    To Peggy Hall,

    You’ve been very busy. Go for it.

    Your comment to me about not being Canada. My point, perhaps I should have clarified, was our governments interference and their failure to govern.

    Some comments are way out there, but people have the right to express them in a civil manner. Of course I don’t necessarily agree with all of them and I don’t except everyone to agree with all my comments.

    I don’t know what to say. It’s just insanity what has happened in the last seven plus years. Perhaps people will think I am insane to say that I think Obama was groomed and elected to destroy this country. I do not think we will again see the wonderful country we once knew. I do pray that I am incorrect.

    I am also puzzled by the fact that an incoming president takes an oath to defend the constitution and the current president has done everything to destroy the constitution and without any consequences that I am aware of.

  • David

    Right or wrong here’s how I feel. For years the Oval Office, the Senate and the House of Rep. have been pissing on the American people and telling us it’s raining.

    I am leaning toward Mr. Trump. Can he do the job? I don’t know? What I do know is that it is piss and Trump doesn’t claim it’s rain.
    The current system, and Hillary is part of it, is corrupt and goes not work.

    I don’t know why the love for Hillary. What worries me is that for some it could be no more than she is a woman.

    100 Senators and 500+ in the House and they can’t stop the man in the oval office from doubling the national debt, taking away constitutional rights…

    It’s time to give someone out of the current government the chance although I think it is hopeless.

    I read that in Canada that the government has nothing to do with Social Security and it is doing quite well. Here the government steals from Social Security and the Supreme Court rules that senior citizens are not entitled to Social Security.

    And lastly, don’t think for a minute that the man in the Oval office gives a damn about us.

    • Peggy Hall

      I am not worried about Trump doing the job. He cannot be worse than what we have. What I am worried about is our Constitution. Obama has shredded it. And if Trump, who is another egotistical elitist continues the job, America as we know her is GONE. And just another country with slaves.

    • Peggy Hall

      And by the way, we are not Canada and why would anyone want to be?

      You would be a fool to think the vast majority of politicians give one poop about us. There are only a couple that even care about the country let alone us. But they will be fine. They have stolen our land (and all the resources under the grass) to keep them living high. We have over 300 years of natural gas. Can you imagine about 300 people living on that?

    • Sandy129

      I agree with much of what you said. I had an email friend in Canada and lost touch as emails changed on my part and hers I guess but she said they have a single payer healthcare system and income tax is 45 percent and is okay with it saying its worth it. Then I have to wonder why so many Canadians come here for health care? I understand from some its the long waiting line. It may be acceptable and worth it to some Canadians but not all. They just elected a liberal so who knows where they are at or headed now. Donald can’t do any worse than what we have. Why our reps haven’t enough spine to stop the one in the Oval Office is beyond me. They may get to earn their money if Donald does as he says. That could be good…

  • dan k.

    Jail Obama for treason, wake up Americans!!

    • Peggy Hall

      Dan, duh. We are awake. Tell the freaking traitor politicians.

  • dan k.

    Is Obama mentally ill??

    • Peggy Hall

      I think so.

  • Ken says

    WOOPS!! the word has leaked out that JUST running for office is a very profitable way to line your pockets and your friends pockets too.

  • Webb

    The cost of doing political business…especially when there has been Bush Fatigue…

    • Liberty Belle

      Bush fatigue and “Establishment” fatigue. The people have spoken….Trump will be the Republican Candidate!

      • Peggy Hall

        NO, you do not speak for me.

        • JoeGway

          Yes Trump will be the candidate and putting your fingers into your ears and singing ‘lalalala’ isn’t going to change it. Remember denial is a river in Egypt

          • Peggy Hall

            Joe, you would not know me if you fell over me. You have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ME AS PUTTING MY FINGERS IN MY EARS. At least I am not part of the yes we can crowd from the right. You people sound like the obama dunces. And guess what? Mr. Trump has WAY TOO MANY NEGATIVES to be elected. Hillary’s commies will shred him. So, this will be JUST ONE MORE ELECTION THE GOP LOSES. Congratulations. You and people like you are killing America.

          • JoeGway

            Lalalalala……pathetic little girl.

          • Peggy Hall

            Grow up please.

    • Peggy Hall

      MAYBE. But it is time for that cost to change. Especially when they have nothing to show for it.

      • I Seigel

        It IS time for that cost to change! Once Obama’s nominee to the SC is approved, Citizens United will be overturned and some sanity will return to the political process.

        • Peggy Hall

          Hey, when did you turn comnie?

          • I Seigel

            On Dec 9, 2004. I remember it very well. It was the day after Rumsfeld said to our troops in Kuwait , “As you know, you go to war with the Army you have. They’re not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” And it took years for the troops to get the body armor and armored vehicles they needed to fight in Iraq. But hey, what’s a few thousand amputees and cripples in the big scheme of things. They dug Saddam out of a rathole. Yay! And now look where we are.
            Probably one of the biggest con jobs every perpetrated on the American people.


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