1776 Coalition :: Republican health care bill: What’s in it?

Republican health care bill: What’s in it?

May 4, 2017

House Republicans plan to vote Thursday on the latest version of the American Health Care Act – their answer to ObamaCare.

The bill has gone through some changes since an earlier version was pulled from the floor in March in the face of flagging support.

Here’s what’s the bill does:

-Ends tax penalties, under the original Affordable Care Act, for individuals who don’t buy insurance coverage and larger employers who don’t offer coverage. Instead, insurers would apply a 30 percent surcharge to customers who’ve let coverage lapse for more than 63 days in the past year.

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  • maxx says:

    The government has absolutely no constitutional authority to be involved in health care and health insurance except maybe to put in penalties for “price gouging” which they can get involved in due to wording found in the Commerce Clause related to interstate commerce.

    1. gvette says:

      Exactly. No where in the constitution does it say they have a right to make you buy anything.This was all about control. Remember who started it. Onigger. History: The first thing Hitler did, was government controlled healthcare.

  • Cliff Barton says:

    This bill takes the tax penalty away and then gives the insurance company’s the right to charge you if you let your insurance coverage laps for more than 30 days. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Have coverage or else.

  • Bob says:

    What’s in the Health Care Bill? Easy question – “Huge Tax Cuts for the RICH and CORPORATIONS!! Mean while, “Screw the little guy.”

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  • bobnstuff says:

    What ever happened to repealing and replacing. Just who is this a victory for since it has nothing Trump promised. If Trump was to fulfill his campaign promise we would have a new and better healthcare program that was affordable for everyone and would provide insurance for anyone who wanted it. Does this look anything like that?

    1. maxx says:

      The government under Obama or Trump has no constitutional authority to interfere in commerce. Communists/socialist like the democrat party made health care and health insurance a government law controlled issue which is not even legal. But that’s what socialists/communists do. In a Constitutional Republic the federal government is controlled by the people. Under socialism/communism the people are controlled by the government/State. That is what the democrats are pushing us toward. That is sedition, inch by inch.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        So where on earth did you study history? One of the main reasons for our constitution is commerce and the regulating of it. Also in a Constitutional Republic we elect people to regulate and control our country. I think you my want to go back to school and stay awake in history and civics classes this time. Also you might want to notice that all these debates are happening in Congress where the laws are made and not coming from the White House. Just so you know Democracy is a type of governing system and socialism/communism is an economic system and you can have one with the other. From the very beginning of our country we have had socialistic institutions as part of our government.

        1. gvette says:

          Nowhere in the constitution, do it say government can mare you buy anything. Oh, and show me the part where it says the government is responsible for your healthcare. Oh, and Bob, as you like history so much, the first thing Hitler did was create government healthcare.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            It’s a tax, at least that’s what the SCOTUS said and the government can pass taxes. Since you seem not to know this not only did Hitler but every other government in the industries world create government healthcare except the United States. We pay more then any other country and get less. How do you like having third world nations getting better healthcare then the US?

          2. gvette says:

            LMAO…good one Bob. socialist countrys. They called it a tax, to force you to buy something you might not want.That’s why people left England, and founded the new world. To get away from that crap. I guess you didn’t learn that in school.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Once again you should learn a little history. It wasn’t taxes but taxes without representation. And the truth is our founding fathers wanted to settle past the Allegheny mountains and the British government wouldn’t let them. Also the reason we got our constitution was that the articles of confederation didn’t have enough taxing power.

          4. gvette says:

            Part of the problem, were the sell outs in that group, Bob. We don’t have representation now, Bob!

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Speak for yourself I vote and I get involved with my government. They may not always do as I tell them but we have interaction and I think they even listen.

          6. gvette says:

            You keep believing that Bob. They only know you at election time, and tax time. I like you, call, and talk with them. They still do what they want.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            I can and have called my representatives and they take my calls. Being a member of my local republican committee does help some. You are right they still do what they want but they also know they are being watched. I do love the song and dance when you confront them on a vote. I got a email today from my house member trying to defend his vote on the healthcare bill. I’m beginning to think it’s time to find a moderate candidate to run against him in the primary. Who ever wins the primary in my district will win the office. We don’t elect democrats.

          8. gvette says:

            LOL…I guess you don’t live in NY state. I’m about ten miles south of Lake Ontario. It’s one of the few areas that is pretty much republican.

          9. dmttbt says:

            I am sorry that you have been having to correspond with bobnstuff. He is someone with an opinion about everything and knowledge of nothing.
            I had a neighbor from Canada and he told me about the health care plan they have, the one we have tried to duplicate and he says the people in Canada were coming to the united states for health care because they could not get care in Canada and the ones who did were not happy.

          10. gvette says:

            Bob is actually a republican. He is a little tough.
            As for Canada. I lived 63 years of my life in central NY, about ten miles south of Lake Ontario. 30 miles south of that, is Syracuse NY, with a lot of great hospitals on it. It was always funny to see, and talk with the Canadians that came over the border, to get work done in Syracuse. There system, doesn’t work.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            My district is just east of Pittsburgh and we are about as gerrymandered as you can get. There are places that the district isn’t even a mile wide but it’s about 50 miles long. The municipality I live in is the republican stronghold of Westmoreland county. When I sold my last business my wife decided I need a out side interest so I got involved with the local Republican party. I ended up being elected as Ward Chairman. I’m told the Democrats have a lot more fun. I’ve been up in your part of the country, It’s beautiful up there.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The plan is so good, Congress will use it now!………………NOT!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Congress only passes laws for others.

      1. gvette says:

        Remember Bob, congress was exempt from Onigger care also.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          The ACA did not exempt congress and in fact Ted Cruz got his insurance from the ACA when his wife lost her coverage. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

          1. gvette says:

            Members of Congress, and their staffers, have to buy their health insurance on the exchanges along with millions of other Americans, although they do follow some special rules.

            Congress and their staffers are on a SHOP plan (an ObamaCare plan for employers). This allows them to retain their tax-payer provided “employer” contribution while still technically being on the exchange.

            In other words, they certainly do get special treatment, but the grand result is they still have to pay a portion of their premiums and they are still on the same ObamaCare plans as the rest of us.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            They are like most employees in our country the get help paying for their insurance from their employer but they have to go to the ACA to get it. My guess is you didn’t get your insurance from the exchange since a very small percentage do.

          3. gvette says:

            I didn’t need to.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            Most people didn’t. I will say I found out that my employer was ripping me off on my insurance. I could get a better policy on the web sight paying full price then I was getting from my employer.

          5. gvette says:

            LOL…well Bob, I was the business owner. See, you’re a gutless wonder that couldn’t do it on your own. You have to suck off others. Like the rest of your worthless party.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            I’ve own four different businesses over the years and am now retired. We had group plans back then so my employees had health insurance. I always took good care of my employees. That was before the ACA. I sold my last company in 1999 and have been just kicking around since. I have since gotten company insurance from a number of different employers.

          7. gvette says:

            I guess that’s a good thing. After 32 years of being my own boss, I’d never go back to working for anyone else. If it works for you, great!

          8. bobnstuff says:

            I had no problem going to work for others, I didn’t care if I got fired. My problem was they kept trying to promote me. After 35 years of being the boss I just wanted to take it easy. I have had a ball. I have been lucky and gotten some pretty good bosses who understand where I’m coming from. After all those years I have become a really good salesman and as long as I keep the departments numbers up I’m a God. When I went part time my bosses cried. It’s been great. I do miss being in business but my wife would divorce me if I went back.

          9. gvette says:

            As long as you’re enjoying yourself, that’s all that matters!

          10. bobnstuff says:

            Life is to short not to have fun. I have a ball. I’m well known at work as a problem solver, I love it. I watch my dad work a job he hated for 42 year. I swore I would never do that and I haven’t. I loved being a business owner, the best part was no one could say I couldn’t try something. After 35 years and four different businesses I sold my last one and just kicked around doing this and that. Life is good.

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