Republicans look to deliver blow against ObamaCare tax

July 4, 2015

download (3)Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding ObamaCare subsidies, opponents of the law remain poised to strike a key blow against another component of the health care overhaul in a matter of months.

Republicans, with help from Democrats, have gained momentum in their long-running effort to repeal the law’s controversial 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices.

The House voted 280-140 to nix the tax, which went into effect in 2013, in June; the debate heads next to the Senate. While Republicans have tried dozens of times to unravel all or parts of the law through repeal legislation, this bill has bipartisan backing — and, with a potential veto showdown on the horizon, supporters may even have a veto-proof majority.

  • Webb

    Depending On Republicans…Good Luck!
    We Put Them In Charge Of The Senate in 2014…Feel Any Different Yet?

  • Chuck

    We would like to impeach him, but can’t. It takes a two thirds majority in the Senate to convict and the votes are not there. The Democrats will balk even thought they know this impostor is guilty of many high crimes and misdemeanors. Blame the Demo, not the Repubs and even his legislation cannot be stopped for we do not have a veto proof majority. Best course is not to let the legislation ever come up for a vote. But then, the Emperor simply issues an Executive Order and does what he wants. We can only hope all the damage he has done and is doing will not bring this nation to it’s knees in the next eighteen months.

  • Philip Allen

    in regards to Randy Lewis…Yes the majority of Republicans lied to us. I thought you were smart to understand but when the Republicans said if we put them in the Senate (in other words the Republicans would control the Senate talking about the 2014 elections which not they do) they would hold the President Obama accountable talking about Obamacare and immigration and by going around Congress using executive orders to make laws. They have given nearly everything Obama ask for. They haven’t held him accountable on Obamacare, they haven’t held him accountable on immigration, haven’t held him accountable on violating the constitution on making laws which he cannot do only Congress can make laws. They gave him Obamatrade and extended the Patriot Act/USA Freedom Act…all which I consider bad for the country because it takes away our liberties and freedoms. If extend the Patriot/Freedom Act was so important then why did our president leave the southern borders open (Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California). Why did our president release many Gitmo Terrorist, and now trying to make a deal with a terrorist country Iran a sponsor of terrorism and a country that wants to destroy the United States. Why have the Republicans that promised that they would hold the President accountable have not done so. Our President should be tried for treason and put in prison for aiding and abetting the enemy. I did not say the Republicans would hold the President accountable but politicians like John Boehner Speaker Of The House, Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader and many in the Republican Party did. While not every Republican promised this the majority did…because they did not fulfill their promise to hold the President accountable they are liars. If you believe the majority of Republicans told the truth about holding the President Accountable then you belong in the “Moran Hall Of Fame Randy Lewis. For President in 2016 I’m looking for someone who will say what they mean and mean what they say,,,in other words tell the truth and no it doesn’t rule out me voting Republican but will be looking for a leader that can tell the truth which their are many running that will lie or say anything to get elected, one like is in the White House now. Again need I say more? Ps have tried to make it as plain as I can.

  • Mike N

    It will be hard to get anything done with this President; however, with the elections coming up next year there may be some hope.

    • obama

      Yes. Elect a Republican and continue your conservative destruction of America.

      • Webb

        Death, Dumb and Blind…
        Enjoying The Path of Destruction For America…By Progressive Democrats!

      • Mike N

        I have to agree with your liberal choice if you like international strife, economic disaster, racial divide, government control, homosexuality, godliness, big government. Personally I want the government out of my life and let me be responsible for myself. What conservative destruction do you fear?. Obama has pretty much taken care of all the destruction available. There is not much left for the Republicans.

  • jerry young

    what about a blow to the tax(fine) for not having obamacare? when you have force people by imposing a fine for not buying something that something must not be in the best interest of the people, I find it doubtful the republicans or anyone else for that matter will do anything that is truly in the best interest of the American people unless there is something in it for them, line the pockets of the fat cats and you get results, all we hear are promises but only seem to get failures

    • obama

      Obviously you have no concept of how insurance works. Without a vast number of insured, there is no way to pay for the claims of those that need it today. You have mandated car insurance don’t you? I don’t see you bitching about that.

      • Webb

        We are not our Brothers Keeper…you have no concept of how
        Freedom works!!

      • jerry young

        yes I do bitch about mandated car ins. that’s a different post and I’m not fined for not having car ins. even if I don’t use it, and yes I understand how ins. works and I also understand that its a con job for the majority of people that pay and never use it, I also know they cry and whine about how they need more people to have ins. to pay for others but check their bank accounts and see how rich the fat insuance co owners are from the money that people pay and never see a dime of, how about they share the wealth, if you don’t use it you should be given a rebate of I don’t know lets say 75% of your premiums back, I also know you should choose a better name there’s no way in hell you are obama, that name is a disgrace to America

        • KentS

          I know someone who hasn’t had car insurance for decades. They have never been in an accident, never been pulled over. They’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars. They are taking a risk every day, but hey, that’s their choice. The insurance industry is nothing more than huge ponzi scheme set up to benefit key institutions and the one percenters that run them.

  • stephen

    Republican leadership must be called daily. Make them perform else they will act more left than the dems. Why isnt obama impeached. While aren reps stop every piece of legislation he supports??

    • The duck

      Not enough Republican Conservatives in the Senate. If we can make the conservatives running for the presidential nomination stop campaigning and do their job and stay in office there are enough non-office holders running to get the job done in 2016.

  • Webb

    Yea, Yea, Yea…When?

  • Philip Allen

    If Republicans issue a blow against Obamacare Tax like they have everything else such as holding President Obama accountable etc. The American is in deep trouble. The Republicans are always saying one thing and doing just the opposite, Example the Republicans said if we gave them the majority in the Senate they would hold President Obama accountable. Well they lied just like they will be lying about dealing a blow against the Obamacare Tax. One thing most Republicans are good at lying. I won’t believe it till I see it. Need I Say More?

    • Abel

      You are right! The House and the Senate are so entrenched with RINOs that have been planted there by the Democrats that both houses are now filled with corrupt liberal extremist democratic socialists/communists following the united nations agenda 21 to scuttle the United States (the disUnited States would be more appropriate currently) and turn it into a third world dictatorship. All of his “crises” are distractions to divide the country and keep the sheeple from noticing what Obama and his coup are actually doing to destroy us. They have infiltrated nearly everything including the government. He really is a “Professional Community Agitator” and damned good at his profession; Saul Alinsky would be so proud. They have Lady Liberty over a barrel and her gown over her shoulders with Obama standing ready at her rear! Rape is nearly inevitable. They are “Entertaining” us into oblivion and the sheeple can’t or won’t see it because they are being “kept fat dumb and happy.” Albert Einstein once said: “The only difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” and he appears to be correct. Obama may be smart but he’s no genius; the majority of sheeple are just not as far up the stupid chain as he is, so they think he is a genius. A good many thinking people know what he is, but don’t seem to care enough to put a stop to his terrorism because that’s what their schooling has put into their minds; most now accept his idiotology. Our biggest mistake was not watching what our educational system was, and still is, doing to the minds of our children. However, there are still a lot of patriots around who could, if they would, pull us out of this swirling cesspool Obama and others clear back to Woodrow Wilson have stirred up. The Communists are coming hell, they are here! Here’s hoping for the full recovery of a once great Republic, the United States of America!

    • Randy Lewis

      Sir, do you really want to bring up the word lying and tell us that lying is what Republicans do? No, you don’t need to say more, you have already achieved the ‘Moron Hall of Fame’, no further comments are needed from you to determine the purpose of your comment. You want people to believe that the world’s most famous and consistent liar, Obama, is somehow overshadowed by Republican liars. I will leave it up to those of us that have a brain, to investigate and see which theory is correct. Do you think our world today is a creation of or a resultant catastrophe of Republican lies? I think we can, without question, determine from the investigative results that Obama’s lies have created this fucking mess. So, save your unfounded bullshit for one of your progressive butt buddies. You are an idiot!

      • monacall

        Randy I don’t think you quite understand what is happening here. The republicans control both house and senate….. what have they done? They have controlled the house ever sense 2010. The house controls the money!!! These axx holes (and I am a republican) could have just not funded obozocare! But they choice to fund it. WHY? Because they are in the back pockets of obozo. Bonner is, that is so evident. And McConnell to…. so they sold us down the river. Both parties are taking America and destroying it.
        The republicans could and should be stopping this treasonous president, but are they? NO, even though they have all the evidence in the world to try him as a traitor. Or in impeach him, even though I don’t see how you can impeach an impostor. THEY STILL DO NOTHING….. so yes I blame them more than I do the democrats. They are the ones that sold us down the river with THEIR LIES!!! if we get control BS. When they kept bonnnnner in the speaker chair I knew right then and there we were screwed. IM SICK of it. These people aren’t doing anything and HAVENT done a damn thing to stop this madness…. and they ALL NEED TO GO…. every damn one of them….GONE!!!

      • obama

        If you keep watching Fox and listening to Rush you will never be able to get to the truth.

        • Webb

          Seriously, from Obama And His Henchmen, The Progressives…


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