Republicans losing faith in election process, poll finds

by Cox Media Group  |  published on March 27, 2016

Republican voters are becoming increasingly cynical about the way the election process works in America, a Gallup Poll released Friday indicates.

Of the 1,012 people surveyed from any party, only 30 percent said the process was working the way it should, down from 37 percent who said the same thing in January.

The difference was more stark for GOP voters. Gallup found 30 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents thought the process was working, down from 46 percent who believed in the system in January.

The views of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents were only slightly higher, at 32 percent approval, and had not changed significantly in recent months, according to Gallup.

The numbers came from telephone interviews conducted March 16-17 with a random sample of adults living across the nation.

  • The Redhawk

    NOW if REAL Democrats ( NO not the Progressive Idiots), true GOP, Libertarians and TRUE conservatives will JOIN up in total DISGUST and Form a NEW Party of American PATRIOTS ….Who knows… THE REPUBLIC just may be SAVED…

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