Rubio all-in for Trump, sorry for personal attacks

May 30, 2016

Former Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday that he fully supports former rival Donald Trump’s White House bid, apologized for his personal attacks in the bruising primary and hinting that he’d even speak for Trump at the July nominating convention.

“I want to be helpful,” the Florida senator said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Rubio argued that supporting Trump, now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, is the only way to keep Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton from becoming president, regardless of some of his scorched-earth campaign rhetoric.

“Despite all my differences with Donald Trump, I have a better chance to get a conservative-nominated Supreme Court with him than I ever will with Hillary Clinton,” he said.

  • justinwachin

    Marco is right. The choice is which party’s nominee is more likely to advance our values and agenda. Although I’m not a Donald Trump fan, our nation’s chances are far better with him than with Hillary Clinton.

    I don’t think Marco needs to apologize for anything. He is young enough that he has several more election cycles left in him. In 2024 he may be the Republican nominee.

  • snowyriver

    Rubio endorsment means very little. Any person that thinks being an anchor baby for two Cuban citizen parents makes you eligible for the office of president??????

  • ADRoberts

    From the start, it was obvious that Rubio had no morality or principles. He is still playing the game. He is working for POWER.
    And his lack of ethics and honesty proves he should only be allowed to collect trash.

  • Rubio may very well be Mr. Trump’s VP choice.

    • Donnie Buchanan


  • Sal Belardo

    When all the candidates get over the loss to Trump they will all get on the Trump Train! The alternative is another 4 years of Obama’s failed policies, apologies around the world, high unemployment and deeper in debt!

    • ADRoberts

      You are a sucker. The elite now have TWO liberals in the race. No conservative at all. And as proof, I offer the FACT that Trump promises to make jobs for Americans but REFUSES to bring back a single company of HIS from Mexico or China.
      He lies.

      • Sal Belardo

        So who are you going to vote for? The Lying Scumbag Hillary? Obama has taken us into Third Worldism and Hillary will continue the Socialist Agenda. So Who’s the sucker?

        • ADRoberts

          Right now, I am WAITING.
          There is word that those who are NOT satisfied are going to put out an INDEPENDENT candidate.
          I am tired of “lesser of two evils”
          I will do what I believe is right in the sight of God.
          And it will probably be that INDEPENDENT candidate or a WRITE IN FOR CRUZ.

        • ADRoberts

          But admit it. You don’t really care who I vote for. You are just trying to justify your vote for the TROJAN HORSE.

      • Donnie Buchanan

        There are many things that he hasn’t done YET. The choice is The Trump or The Tramp.

        • ADRoberts

          The latest poll says that 47% of American are still looking for another option.
          And I understand that someone out there is PROMISING AN Independent candidate.
          47% of Americans voting for that Independent WILL win the election.
          They say that they cannot register in Texas. But IF Murkowski can win a Senate seat with WRITE IN ballots, I can and will be WRITING in a vote.
          II Chronicles. 7:14.
          Trust in God.
          Do what is right.
          Stop voting for the LESSER OF TWO EVILS.

          • Donnie Buchanan

            Do you remember that God called Pharaoh His “servant”?

          • ADRoberts

            NO. But if you ever come to a real acceptance of God as TRULY GOD, you will understand that in the hardness of his heart, Pharaoh WAS doing God’s will.
            Just as I thought. I googled it. And there appears to be NO PLACE that Pharaoh was called that.
            So IF you have a chapter and verse, spit it out. Otherwise, I assume that since you did not give a reference, YOU DON’T HAVE ONE. Maybe you got that from some “preacher” who also did not know the Bible.


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