Rubio mocks Clinton’s campaign launch in new ad

by Mark Hensch | The Hill  |  published on June 14, 2015

Barely hours after Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch in New York on Saturday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) used footage from the event for an ad that mocks Clinton as a politician of the past.

The video begins with footage of Clinton taking shots at the Republican presidential field.

“There may be some new voices in the Republican choir,” she said of the GOP’s 2016 field. “But they’re all singing the same old song – A song called ‘Yesterday.’ ”

“You know the one – ‘All our troubles are here to stay, and we need a place to hide away,’ ” Hillary Clinton quipped. “They believe in yesterday.”

  • The redhawk

    the HRC Banner that Represents the Clinton SOW actually Stand for:
    H eavy
    R evolting
    C RAP……………..

  • rmagnano

    I’ve got one for Hillary lovers. Though she was a Senator, she did accomplish some social laws pertaining to woman & children. Then she was appointed to Secretary of State and failed to authorize protection for our Embassies in the Middle East though requested by them on several occasions. Then she perpetuated a false account of the destruction and murder of the Benghazi Embassy and staff. This to me sounds like she qualifies for candidate for the
    Out House.

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