Ryan moves stir White House talk

March 28, 2016

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) could be in prime position to run for president in 2020 if Donald Trump leads the GOP to a monumental collapse in November.

With his youth and sunny, Reaganesque message, Ryan could be a formidable White House candidate in four years’ time, when the Republican Party may be searching for a safer standard-bearer after the roller coaster ride of 2016.

“I honestly don’t think Paul ever wants to run for president,” said Washington veteran Cesar Conda, who helped Ryan land his first full-time staffer job on Capitol Hill in 1992. “But four years is a long time, and Hillary Clinton could do a so much damage to the country that he might reconsider.”

Many in the party had hoped that Ryan, Mitt Romney’s 2012 vice presidential running mate, would jump in this cycle. But he took a pass, only to watch as Trump, the New York billionaire and reality TV star, dispatched the field one by one.

In hindsight, it was a smart move for Ryan to sit out the race. The new Speaker has managed to steer clear of the mudslinging and petty personal attacks that have defined the race while using his bully pulpit to offer a positive, forward-looking vision for the party and nation.

  • Timothy

    All rinnos alike they lie … I would not vote him to save anybody’s life he lies like they all do ………
    ………………Trump the only chance we got. Wisconsin don’t be fooled by donors media they will do us all harm And then laugh at us Trump 16 ……..Rnc is on drugs they have no brains could build big party they will give it away Trump 16………

  • Jm

    Ryan did such a great job with Romney and since then in Congress, why would anybody doubt he would be a big winner with wide support of all Republicans.

  • ADRoberts

    After what he did with the budget, giving Obama everything, NOT A CHANCE.


    Paul Ryan thinks that if he tries to run for President. Fat chance. Nobody will vote for stinkin RINOS like him, Lyndsay Graham, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush, Marco, Rubio, John Kasich. F.U. all who betray the True Conservative Republican cause. Ted Cruz or Donald Trump2016

  • Robert Young

    Ryan is way too liberal for me. We don’t need more RINOS.


    Paul Ryan is a FREAKING WIMP !!!!!

  • libertybells2

    Sure Ryan said he did not want the speakers job. Last week he says no way about running for POTUS. The guy is a liar and one of the entrenched establishment.

  • cutterguy

    the repubs are not listening. they are going to mess up and neglect the will of the people again! they are no better than the dumocrats.

  • Steve Gifford

    I am wondering if Paul Ryan might run as a democrat he already is on their side.

  • raffaelecafagna

    Ryan the rino

  • Peatro Giorgio

    Yea sure Ryan would hand the Republican party its fifth Lose 1st Loss George Bush sir. for reelection Followed b #2. Bob the rino Dole #3. John the lying loser rat rino McCain #4. an next up wimp ass Romney. Ryan would certainly never ever win the nomination; let alone the general election. For God’s sake ! That treasonous piece of shit Ryan ; has bent over backwards to approve every single desire of the Obama administration.

    • Buck

      Peatro I think I’m gonna take a break. For awhile. The WND keeps removing my post really gets aggravating below is the last one the took off. Something as minor as this with all the foul stuff they do allow.

      Trump on Savage to set record straight on National Enquirer scandal
      Buck THE RED DRAGON 5 hours ago
      Josh Duger????

      • ourzoo10

        I have had the same problem….yet they let all those ‘job ads’ and trolls get by.

        • Buck

          Also having trouble posting have to log in for ever post. Don’t know if they can do that to me or not but it wasn’t that way 48 hours ago

          • ourzoo10

            I got cut off the other day, and all i did was tell people the law regarding that little Indian girl, yet they let these trolls get by with absolute vulgarity.

          • Buck

            My problem posting is on all this sites with discus . I have post that are still pending from a couple of months ago. I think that they have some people moderating on WND that don’t like any one who disagree with them. I seldom have trouble with other sites.

  • muthamedia

    I hope Ryan gets a real conservative primary challenge and LOSES@

  • Ralphew

    Rino turncoat can stick it we don’t need his kind, he and romney both filed papers with FEC to run at the convention come July

  • po’ed in az

    Are we talking about the same Paul Ryan that said allowing more illegals in would be a benefit in the form of more tax revenue? The same Paul Ryan that upon gaining the Speakership, immediately caved to Obamas flawed/failure of a budget?
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m thinking NO!

  • sue lenhart

    he’d better change his record, and keep it consistent, in a hurry if he wants to win my vote, on a lot of issues.

  • dirkshomebiz

    Actually we don’t want someone that acts and thinks like bohner.

  • Timothy

    Vote Trump you think any body In gop going to bring back jobs or make better trade deals you Think Dippycrats not going to it they had 7years done nothing run us more in debt Trump the only one got. Chance. Vote Trump…………..curz not going to do nothing.. He’s to busy crying About his wilfe. You and Rubio started it all quit crying. Move on trump did not do it. If you can’t handle the heat get out of The kitchen. Stop crying More likely donors did it to you they hate you just as much you won’t bring jobs back the people are sick of you crying ..the rest gop will not do it. Donors bought them off If somebody else gets it will be same o same o. Why you think they are fighting so hard against Trump but he still here . Go Trump Wisconsin don’t let donors win. We need change bad time to stand up and vote Trump .

    • gonefishin27

      You might want to proof read what you have written before pushing the send button. You make no sense what so ever. #NEVERTRUMP

      • raffaelecafagna

        go fishin , is good for you

    • libertybells2

      is English your second language? Are you a legal immigrant?

  • Colo43

    No More Rino’s- period !

    • Michael

      Vote to replace them all- term limits by voters.

      • Timothy

        Agree most political people in office are bought and payed for they been there to long .. Mitch in ky is one needs to go the 16 that lost still crying now the got the rest of them crying for them curz grabbing at air Kasich sunk said cops are idiots Paul Ryan baby to He did not get mommy like bush did he went got more donors just as bad Vote Trump

  • gerald Hughes

    If Ryan wants to be president, he had better flip flop over to the liberal dem bloodsuckers, he has no chance as a republican.

    • Timothy

      Paul even think he going run God help us

    • 7papa7

      He will get my vote the same time trump does–NEVER.

      • daveveselenak

        that’s smart, vote for the communist!

      • Timothy

        Trump will get my vote be four Cruz the donor baby will and all the bush baby’s his donors and there money fighting against Trump. You people letting them buy and hire protesters to cause trouble you must blind to what there doing lies cheating must be ok with you to lie .. we got them in there now sounds like ok with you . Go trump. Go vote Wisconsin don’t be fooled by donors .. Donor run media. Vote Trump. Time to stand up for your country.

    • Phil Esposito

      Gerald- You got that right. After that budget fiasco giving Obozo everything he wanted, I would never vote for him.

    • Michael

      I sure won’t vote for Ryan and can’t wait for his sorry a?? to be booted out.


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