Search is on for a third-party candidate to take down Trump

May 8, 2016

Conservative activists who want a third-party alternative to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face one big obstacle: finding the right candidate.

Former Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) would be a unifying figure for conservatives, but his health is in question after a battle with cancer.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), who helped kick off the push for a third-party pro-Constitution candidate in February, has taken himself out of the running, citing obligations to his family.

“The answer is no. Senator Sasse has been clear when asked this before: he has three little kids and the only callings he wants — raising them and serving Nebraskans,” said his spokesman James Wegmann.

  • Elizabeth Valentino


  • Francis

    As we all know, 1237 is required to become the nominee. Without that number, a candidate is not the nominee. Donald Trump does not have that number yet, therefore he’s not the nominee, contrary to what so many Trump people claim. Even though Ted Cruz has “suspended” his campaign, he can reactivate it, depending on how the rest of the primaries go and the convention. Right now, Ted has more delegates than Trump does. As far as I know, Ted’s crew still is in place and working behind the scenes. Plus Ted’s silence right now speaks volumes. Undoubtedly, Ted is planning his strategy, while Trump continues to lie and act like a deranged maniac. Trump is alienating supporters and driving them away. Trump will implode over time. This entire presidential race has been unprecedented. There’s still quite a bit of time before the convention, and then we have time before the general election. Anything can happen. If no one reaches 1237, which can happen, contrary to what Trump people claim, then this will go to a contested convention, and Ted is favored to win on the second ballot.

    • Elizabeth LeNormand Ragas

      By Cruz sneaking and lying he is showing his true colors—A Snake in the Grass!!!!!!



  • CharlieSeattle

    …Conservative activists who want a third-party alternative to Donald Trump?


    Alexander Bolton and Jonathan Easley are confusing e/GOP RINOS’s with conservatives…………….again!

    Senator Jeff Sessions is a true patriotic conservative and he endorsed Trump!

    …………….Get your fukin labels straight or go back to writing obituaries.

  • I don’t like using words like stupid or ignorant, but when there is no other choice … well here it is … the Republican Party and those stupid, ignorant, pucianamous Republicans who have given obama everything he has wanted, taken no action against him, stopped funding his ridiculous activities, are nothing less than stupid, ignorant, fools. One may not like certain things about Trump, but on his worst day, he would be an infinitesimal problem compared to the disaster of Hillary or Sanders. Should they attempt a third party, they will lose to Hillary (if she isn’t in prison, where she should be), or Sanders, thus the Republican Party might just as well disband what will be left. NOTE to the IGNORANT; those senators, congressmen and other who are ignorant enough to say that, “…if Trump is elected I’ll vote for Hillary, or I won’t vote,” fall into the category of puerile, stupid, ignorant FOOLS, cutting off your noses to spite your faces. You fools would rather see Hillary or Sanders continue to tear this country apart than to see Trump try and save it. I know people who dislike Trump because he appears rude and ill spoken, personal prejudice … how utterly ignorant, those of you high minded, or elite, with your desire for a quiet, well spoken, Reagan … there isn’t one available, but there is Trump who can win the election and keep Hillary or Sanders form continuing to turn America into a Socialists/Communists totalitarian government … THAT IS YOUR CHOICE, STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE AND PREDUJUST, OR TO YOUR MINDS WHAT SHOULD BE THE LESSOR OF TWO EVILS. TO MANY MORE PEOPLE, TRUMP REPRESENTS THE CHANGE obama PROMISED, THE TEARING DOWN OF A CORRUPT, TOTALITARIAN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT FROM BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS (FROM WHOM WE EXPECT SUCH DASTARDLY, DUPLICITOUS GOVERNMENT): WHEN I HEAR THAT SOME FOOL REPUBLICAN, TEA PARTY, CONSERVATIVE , OR INDEPENDENT WOULD RATHER VOTE FOR HILLARY OR SANDERS RATHER THAN TRUMP ALL I SEE IS TRAITOR TO AMERICA. A SCUMBAG, LOWLIFE, FOOL WHO CARE NOTHING ABOUT OUR AMERICAN ENDEMIC, OR VERY ETHOS AS AMERICANS … AND YES, I’M SHOUTING, I’M A KOREAN VET, MY BROTHER DIED AS A RESULT OF THE KOREAN WAR, THE BLOOD OF MILLIONS OF AMERICAN SERVICEMEN HAS BEEN SPILLED TO KEEP AMERICAN OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE obamas, hillary’s and sanders’ OF THIS WORLD; THEY DIED TO PROTECT US FROM THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT WHICH IS NOW OUR AMERICA AND AMERICANS GOVERNMENT, THE ONE WE ARE NOW SUBJECT TOO … THANK GOD AND OUR FOUNDING FATHERS FOR THE SECOND AMENDMENT, BECAUSE WE AS REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS, MAY HAVE TO ONCE AGAIN PICK UP OUR ARMS TO PROTECT OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. It is said, and true, that every great nation destroys itself from within, if you can’t see that is what is happening to our country, you are merely one of the fools.

  • Duane L Petersen

    A 3rd party will take down Trump and put Hillary in the White House and within 8 years we will have a completely communist Supreme Court and we will not have a 2nd amendment. You people that “think” a 3rd party is the answer had better get you heads out of you butts and elect the Republican no matter who it is. This is the same “thinking” that got us 8 years of Obamass.
    By The Way I did not vote for Trump as He had a lot of negatives that were to much like Obamass when he ran the first time which was the same as Carter in 1976. It is the old saying vote for the devil you know or the one you don’t know well Hillary is the devil we know and everything we know about her makes her the devil’s boss as she is nothing but evil.

    • Elizabeth LeNormand Ragas

      No, we won’t be communists! We (America) will be A MUSLIM nation! Like England and Sweden! They are Barbarians/rapists/murderers (Yes, I know not all of them but check out what is happening in Europe!). Vote for anyone but Trump and kiss christianity good bye!

      • Duane L Petersen

        I am not saying the country will be communist but that Hillary will appoint communist justices to the Supreme Court and all the constitution will be up for grabs ass the will be at least 3 justices appointed in the next 8 years and that is not counting Scalia’s post. Which will make at least 4 and that would be a disaster. You have to remember that every year the Supreme court has an Article % convention and it only takes one justice to change the constitution.
        We would be a lot better off with an actual article 5 convention by the states Here are a few of the amendments that could be ran by the states for the 3/4 majority that is required.

        There is a way to stop this and here is one way to stop this BS and that would be a

        The AG of the states should elect an AG that is only answerable to the states and has unlimited subpoena powers for any federal agency, department, or office including the presidents. This AG has a mandate to look into any and all areas of government misconduct. If any employee of the government pleads the 5th amendment they will have all security clearances will automatically be revoked and restricted from any meetings that discusses any government business. This AG would also have the right to investigate any and all federal bookkeeping and be authorized to audit any branch of government and anyone that throws up roadblocks to that audit is to be fired immediately with no recourse with complete loss of all rights to pensions and any other government benefits.
        Another amendment could be that no amendment can overturn any other amendment unless that amendment specifically quotes the other amendment and revokes it and the Supreme Court could not overturn any amendment through any ruling. Only the congress or the states through an article 5 convention could revoke an amendment in actuality or in practice or for practical purposes.
        There could be an amendment through the article 5 convention that says something like. The only international agreements that are binding are those that have been passed by the Senate and House by a 3/4 majority and has to be released to the public at least 6 months before being passed. No agreement is valid if only signed by the president they have no authority to bind the country in any way.
        There needs to be a modern Committees of Correspondence in every state to put together the paperwork and the legislatures that will push the call to bring about the convention. Incase there is someone out there that doesn’t know what the Committees of Correspondence were what brought about the revolution in 1776. But we can do it without any bloodshed or violence but it is going to take a team effort to get the congress to call the convention.

        There is one sure way to stop this totalitarian usurpation of power and that is to call for an article 5 convention and have this amendment be one of the first to be ratified.
        There is one amendment that would stop this in it’s tracks and that would only be passed in a Article V convention as the congress does not have the intestinal fortitude to enact it. That amendment would give the states the power to impeach any federal elected, appointed, or hired person with 60% of the states voting to impeach this would include the Supreme Court Justices and all other federal judges. It would also give the states the power to repeal any law, court ruling including the Supreme Court, agency rule, within 3 years of ruling or passage and the states would have 15 years after passage of this amendment to repeal any law, ruling including the Supreme court decisions, or agency, ever passed. These can be enacted by the state legislatures or by referendum of 55% of the people or a combination of referenda and or legislatures of the different states or a 51% vote of the legislatures of 60% of the total states.
        The only problem with this is that state legislators would almost have to become full time or the time restrictions
        would have to be longer.
        The next amendment would be a term limit amendment that would restrict the House to 12 years and the Senate to 12 years or a combination of the 2 to 18 years and would restrict the employment of any former congressperson for 12 years from having any contact with the new congress through any means or any intermediary except if running for president. This would also outlaw the unionization of any governmental employee that is also in the civil service as they do not need dual representation.
        These ex congresspeople would not be eligible to work in any agency or department of the government for life.

  • afanaglenn

    A third party run established by republicans is nothing more than a way to get Hillary elected and crush the republican elections, not only as president candidates but also all republicans running for congress. These creatins like Coburn are democrats disguised as republicans. Not only do they not want a republican president but also turn congress over to the democrats. Their goal is to eliminate the republican party and republican control of congress.

  • Holy Joe

    A third party, or falsely selected Republican candidate assures a Clinton Victory in Spades – I expect the dim wit RINO’s like Ryan and McConnell will try to run a new Ross Perot once again. Try to remember how that worked out the last time. ? Remember that Mitt Romney was defeated by a failed faux Citizen and President in 2012. He is done for, as would be anyone else, he , or they may care to select. But Republicans voting for a rigged Nominee will ensure the highly dubious and very regrettable return of the Clintons. .

  • Triple J Jackson

    I’m really ashamed of the GOP. I will vote TRUMP and if they keep this up I’m done no more contributions no more support from me at all.

  • Todd

    A conservative, third party effort will sweep Hillary into office. It’s a fool’s errand or, a plot by so-called conservatives who prefer Hillary to Trump.Theyre traitors to the cause and the country, if they do this.

  • stymie222

    Further proof that the establishment refuses to let go of their lying, deceiving, self serving kingdoms they have created.

    • Rodney Steward

      Money and Power, and when they take the guns, be no stopping their power then!

      • afanaglenn


  • Rodney Steward

    This move will finish off the GOP, but really they’ve been gone for a while, it’s really the party of one!

  • afanaglenn

    This is just further proof that we are subject to one party rule and a tyrannical government. There is no republican party anymore. They are all democrats, all Obama pledges. The democrats have succeeded in destroying America even to the extent of telling everyone what bathroom they can use or who their kids can shower with.

    • noved

      Trump is a big disgrace, not good for America..

      • Elizabeth LeNormand Ragas

        And you think Killary is better? You better pay attention to England. Look at the situation they are in and won’t ever get out of! If Killary gets to be president that’s what we are going to be ! Just like England,!!

        • Holy Joe

          I believe London now has a Muslim Mayor, good bye to freedom, hello to Londonstan and the legalization of Sharia in London’s Local Courts. The British Government as lead by Dave ;Boy’ Cameron is extremely stupid and politically ignorant of what is going
          on with the advance of Islam in the West. But we have a Muslim President already, don’t we ?

          • Elizabeth LeNormand Ragas

            Yes and he is trying with all his might to do as much damage to America before his term is over. I believe he IS a Muslim and has an agenda to turn America into another England and Sweden.

      • robmanwiller

        Certified moron just checked in. C’ya troll, you lose!!!!!!!!

      • Elizabeth LeNormand Ragas

        And you think Killary ISN’T??? Look at his plan it’s a Hell of a lot better that Killary or BummbleBernie! Trump is the only candidate that will stop America from becoming another Muslim country like England has become.

  • John

    All of the candidates for this republican nomination were supposed to sign an agreement that they support the winner. That was when RINO’s thought they could beat Trump, and he would not be allowed to be a third party candidate. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it’s supposed to be OK for RINO’s to come up with a third party candidate. Those that open their mouth now should never be voted for or approved for any republican office, or recognized for any political opinion!

    • Elizabeth Valentino


  • Smitch

    Ben Sasse, your fucking with the wrong people! Get the point?

  • djm4706

    If a serious third party candidate is chosen by the Republican’ts, it will be the end of the party and the end of democracy as we know it. The democraps will take over, we will become the most evil and corrupt nation in history and there will be NO recovery. If we have 4 to 8 more years of Hitlery, it’s over for America. Conservatives, which I am one, must swallow our pride and support the cleanest dirty shirt and comply with the wishes of the people. The people who voted for Trump are not stupid, they want change from the absolute septic tank politics and leadership we’ve had for too long.

    • Holy Joe

      I for one will re-Register as an Independent.

    • Elizabeth Valentino


  • Blythe Wilson

    One thing Trump stated is correct: it is the Republician Party not the Conservative Party. The conservatives have had a choke hold on the party for years and it refreshing to see that someone with a broader range of views (more “middle of the road” although be it not necessarily in the middle)?) has been able to bring out many voters, that are tired of the stalemate that is stetmic in government, that would normally remain on the side lines. I wish many of those politicians that are threatening to boycott the convention would realize and remember that they were elected to REPRESENT the people and the people have spoken. They were not appointed emperor or anointed King they were and are supposed to be representatives of the people.

    • po’ed in az

      I just have to wonder Blythe, what has been even close to conservative coming from DC? Our Republican Congress and Senate have given Obama and his ilk everything they’ve wanted! Sure they might stand up and bark no for a minute and then cave like a bunch of scared little schoolgirls!

    • Holy Joe

      How come ? The Conservatives have had no say in the Republican Party at all since 2008. Their majority is compose of RINO’s only, who openly side with every trick Obama pulls..

  • 7papa7

    There is no need to start a third party. If you are interested in solid hard core conservatives then support the Constitution Party. You will not find more of a conservative leaning as exists there.

    • robmanwiller

      i.e. the TEA Party. ‘Nuff said.

      • 7papa7

        The tea party supports individuals and issues NOT political parties.

        • robmanwiller

          No duh!!!!! We ARE a party, just not recognized by the Washington cabal, which has become a one-party system, never listening to, but cheating “We, the people…”. If you’ve ever been to more than one meeting or any meeting at all, you would know this.

  • Mike Tanco

    A third party kills the election and puts a Democrat back into the White House. The Republicans need to stop worrying about their corruption for money and keep the Democrats out of the White House. Hasn’t it been bad enough and embarrassing enough the last 8 years?

    • Elizabeth Valentino


  • Steve Gifford

    Anyone involved in orchestrating or involved in running to only defeat Trump will be signing their political demise. The people have voted and if someone gets passed Trump will only do it with voter fraud or will have to fabricate lies about Trump much like Harry Reid did to Romney. If Reid wasn’t already retiring he would not have been reelected. Let that be a lesson to anyone trying to steal this election if you want a political future you need to stop fighting for establishment politics and jump in the restoring America to greatness train.


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