SiriusXM Announces Suspension of Glenn Beck over Brad Thor Interview Comments

by Breitbart News  |  published on May 31, 2016

SiriusXM hosts Stephen K. Bannon and David Webb announced on Breitbart News Daily that SiriusXM has suspended Glenn Beck and Webb will temporarily take over Beck’s 9AM to noon Eastern time slot on SiriusXM’s Patriot Channel 125.

SiriusXM issued the following statement:

SiriusXM encourages a diversity of discourse and opinion on our talk programs. However, comments recently made by a guest on the independently produced Glenn Beck Program, in our judgement, may be reasonably construed by some to have been advocating harm against an individual currently running for office, which we cannot and will not condone. For that reason, we have suspended The Glenn Beck Program from our Patriot channel for the coming week and are evaluating its place in our lineup going forward. SiriusXM is committed to a spirited, robust, yet responsible political conversation and believes this action reflects those values.

  • uhptony

    Beck should never be allowed back on the air. I listened to him a long time ago but then he “got religion” that is Mormanism and from that day forward he began to change and become less conservative and more in line with the Washington elites.

  • David Hummel

    I think the mutant on the front of the rebel leader on total recall looks like he could be a twin to Beck if he had hair.

  • itsfun

    A born again Christian calling for murder! Me thinks Beck has no idea what a Christian is or stands for. I hope the man is not drinking again.

  • HadEnough

    Thank you Mr. Bannon and Mr. Webb, for bringing these two criminals down a notch or two. It’s nothing funny about these two criminals plotting deadly harm against Mr. Trump.

  • Bill

    Bye, bye Mr. Horses a$$. No one will miss beck.!!!

  • juniemoon

    Glad to hear it. Beck has lost his mind and Thor made a veiled threat against Trump. And then they both laughed. I see nothing funny about veiled threats against the GOP nominee. Will no longer buy sob Thor’s books. Go to hell, Thor!!

  • Smart Southerner

    GOOD! I think Beck has gone off the deep end.

  • wiseone2

    “His ass is mine, sayeth the Lord!”

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